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After a few years...please assess me
  • ulurumanuluruman
    Posts: 2
    About three years ago I got the MGX. It occasionally produced some nice feelings, but at least 1/3 sessions absolutely nothing would happen. Still, when something DID happen, it got better and better, so I felt I was progressing.

    A year ago or so I got the Progasm, thinking another model might be beneficial. I was right - immediately I had better luck with the Progasm, and with a few early exceptions I think every single session with it has produced at least mild pleasure.

    The last several months, things have 'ramped up' with the Progasm. I have gentle involuntaries every time I use it - the device kind of shifts around on its own. Once in a while, the Progasm really seems to 'take charge' and suddenly goes much deeper. There are wonderful tingly sensations in my groin area, there is a strong 'burning ember' sensation in my prostate, and I feel a slow-burning, full-body orgasm feeling. It's not really a full-blown orgasm, just 2 minutes or so of subtle yet intense, pulsing pleasure throughout my body. Verrrry nice, but not quite mind-blowing. I do have a hint of a 'joyful' feeling in my chest, like I'm on the verge of bursting into some kind of emotional bliss, but I never quite go over the edge. Once this happens, I usually can't reproduce it in the same session. This happens probably 1 out of 3 sessions.

    What is this I'm it the front end of a super-o, or an anal orgasm, or something else? Any hints on how to go further? I really feel I'm approaching something grand, more so than ever before.
  • It sounds to me like you've still got many new dimensions of pleasure to explore.

    One way I've found to get superlative orgasms is to "antagonize" my Progasm. This strategy is analogous to edging with a conventional penile orgasm, prolonging the stimulation for maximum charge. During a typical Aneros session I simply focus on relaxing my body, letting my pubic muscles do as they will. This method usually gets me to Super-O within 20 minutes. But when I try to antagonize or counteract the movements of the Progasm, I seem to release extraordinary amounts of energy and pleasure. When my pubic region is pulsing with involuntary contractions, rather than allowing them to happen or consciously reinforcing the contractions, I try to stop them. Sometimes they're so powerful I can't slow them down. But other times I can bring the contractions into a smoother, subtler, more enduring rhythm. I do everything I can to hold back the Super-O, until it finally bursts open like a broken dam. Practice this technique and I promise it will blow your mind.

    When you hit a plateau of pleasure like you describe, 2 or 3 minutes long, manifesting as a standing pleasure wave or a minor Super-O, don't stop there. Think of it as a launching pad to the next orgasm. See if you can coax out some subtle involuntaries even while you're enjoying the pleasure at hand. With practice, you should find you can link one orgasm to the next to the next, without any refractory period. This kind of linking is another excellent way to achieve superlative Super-Os, since each linked orgasm is usually better than the one before it. If I feel like I've reached the most intense, most mind-blowing pleasure conceivable, I tell myself, "This is just the glitter at the bottom of the ladder," and I press onward. There is always another rung because this ladder goes to the moon! I believe there is no ceiling to the Aneros experience. At least, not until you're experiencing full-body orgasms 24/7/365. Maybe not even then.

    Along those lines, I would caution everyone against what must be a very common trap on the Aneros journey: the desire to reproduce previous forms of pleasure. If you find a particular stroke or pace or angle that really trips your trigger, it's tempting to cling to that technique and milk it session after session after session. Instead, tell yourself that each session is brand new, and open yourself to pleasures and positions that you've never conceived or experienced. Don't get stuck contemplating glitter when the ladder to heaven is within your grasp.

    Meditation and deep relaxation have broken down so many barriers in my own Aneros journey, I must recommend them to anybody who wants to reach the next level. Meditation has put me deeply in touch with my body, allowing me to discover and release tensions I never knew I held, bringing me closer to ultimate relaxation. Only from the deepest states of relaxation can the subtlest, most complex involuntaries arise; only from these involuntaries will the most beautiful orgasms bloom. There are countless effective methods of meditation, but for the beginner I suggest a tried and true non-conceptual method like shamatha (peaceful abiding). I can think of no better introductory text than Chogyam Trungpa's "The Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation." I'll wager that five minutes a day of sitting meditation would accelerate anybody's Aneros journey.

    I have also found several yoga poses (asanas) that aid in deep relaxation and grounding. The most notable would be corpse pose (savasana). I also like plow pose (halasana) and child's pose (salasana) for releasing tension in the sacrum (lower back). Since these are all basic poses, any yoga instructor should be able to advise you on their finer points. Kundalini yoga is a branch of yoga that places special emphasis on developing and harnessing the body's internal energy, known as kundalini, the same energy stimulated by a Super-O. Basic kundalini exercises will increase the strength and flexibility of your spine, prerequisites for the most intense orgasms. Kundalini teachers can be tough to find, but good introductory videos can be found online; I posted a link here yesterday.

    Lastly I might suggest herbal assistance. Though it's not everybody's bag, a little ganja plus Aneros always equals magical new heights. A nice aphrodisiac tea infused with damiana or yohimbe bark powder, or a relaxing tea of kava kava, chamomile, or lemon balm may help shift your consciousness just enough to tip you over the edge.

    My prayers go out to you, brother. May you realize the limitless possibilities of self. /jack
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
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