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please help!!!
  • mrmh13mrmh13
    Posts: 1
    i just bought my first Aneros and it came with the Rectal Syringe and i have no idea how to use it can someone please help me out and let me know exactly how to use it and what liquid i can use???
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Im assuming you mean the higginson's syringe...the long tube thingy with a big bulb in the middle.

    Use warm water. Not hot, but warm. Put the water in a container of some sort, enough to hold about 4 cups worth. Squeeze the bulb and hold it. Place the back end (not the pointy side) of the syringe into the water. Release the bulb. The vacuum you created when squeezing will pull water into the syringe. After it fills, you insert the point end into your ass. Use some lube on the end of the syringe so you don't hurt yourself. Squeeze about one hand pump full of water into your ass. Hold for a bit, then release.

    The syringe is capable of holding about 2 "hand pumps" of liquid. After you fill it the first time, try gently squeezing the bulb to remove all of the remaining air, then fill.

    Be forewarned- if you put about 2 pumps full of water into your ass you will probably be giving yourself a 'mini colonic' that will surely trigger a full-blown bowel movement. You don't want this. You just want to clear the area closest to the 'exit'. One pump full usually does it for me.

    One last note- you don't always need to use the syringe before you have a session. If you have a healthy, firm poop a couple hours before you start, you should be good to go! Plan ahead. And eat apples!
  • Mmm, the refreshing feeling of a clean rectum. A double serving of oatmeal each morning is not a bad habit to get into.

    Of course, a rectal syringe can also be used for inserting lubrication, giving you a distinct advantage in your Aneros sessions. My favorite lubes are extra virgin olive oil and a silicon-based lube called "Gun Oil." About 5mL should do the trick. Afterward you've got to clean your syringe inside and out with hot water and mild soap. You can also sterilize the plastic tip with rubbing alcohol; rinse it with water before using again.