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Is this a normal feeling?
  • I was having a session today with my new progasm. I felt a buildinig of what I will describe as an ejaculatory orgasm starting. I felt like it was starting at the base of my penis and working outward. I din't have an orgasm, either penile or prostate, but I would like to know if this feeling starting where it did is normal for what we are trying to achieve?
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    Yes, I would bet that it is a beginning. From my experience, I had several weird sensations that I now attribute to the re-wiring process. Even those feelings that aren't classified as sexual can be and probably should be considered successes in your journey. I would recommend trying to recreate that experience and eventually manipulate it with less and/or more contractions. Slight changes to your feet and knee positions and/or slight arcs to your back region can redirect that energy and help you learn to control the sensations. Good luck!
  • I would consider it an excellent sign that your brand new progasm is already making you feel like cumming. Chances are good you will achieve the Super-O with ease. The feeling of impending ejaculation is VERY normal with Aneros. However, ejaculation can be the main barrier to achieving the mind-blowing Super-O, which is your goal. Just at the brink of an energetic orgasm, I would often cum accidentally, my libido would drain, and I'd lose all interest in Aneros for a day or two. VERY frustrating. I tried all sorts of approaches to prevent wet orgasms. I suggest trying one or all of these strategies:

    (1) DO NOT touch your penis, not even a little, while you are building up arousal before your Aneros session; instead focus on rhythmically massaging your nipples or manually stimulating your perineum;

    (2) With your Aneros in place, lay on your belly; your dick must be mostly flaccid at this point; position your dick with the head pointing down toward your feet; your penis can still get hard in this position, but it will receive far less stimulation, and ejaculation is much less likely. (This remains my preferred position.)

    (3) Desensitize your penis somehow; try wearing a condom and/or rubbing your dick with a desensitizing cream (commonly sold to help guys last longer during intercourse). For me, marijuana significantly hinders ejaculation while dramatically facilitating Super-Os. It is the perfect plant, after all.

    Once you're in Super-O territory, it can be fun to use Aneros at the end of a session to deliberately stimulate a hands-free ejaculatory orgasm... they feel AMAZING. After you've had all the dry orgasms you can handle, visualize yourself cumming and let Aneros do the rest. It takes practice, and it might work best on your back. Once you're really adept, you can edge this sort of hands-free orgasm just like you would edge a conventional penile orgasm. Some of my most exquisite pleasure has come from this edging technique.

    Your first assignment is to work for involuntary muscle contractions in your legs and pubic region. These come only once your prostate is sensitized and your body is deeply relaxed. The yogic pose known as "corpse pose" may be helpful in achieving this relaxation. Once the involuntaries begin, just ride them effortlessly to the Super-O... that's the gist of it. I find it helpful to repeat a mantra silently to myself: "Relax... Let go... Release..."

    Sending good vibes your way... may you soon discover the magic of your inner light! /jack
  • JarheadmsgJarheadmsg
    Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice. I tryied laying on my belly. I was able to achieve what I would classify as a "mini" O. the involuntary muscle movement was there and, man what a feeling, but that wasn't the big one. That I can tell is just around the corner. I can't believe I can actually get this thing to work! This is GREAT!!!!!!!