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Orgasm while jogging
  • just wondering if anybody else experiences energy orgasms while jogging or running? some of my best orgasms have come while jogging. when i focus on releasing my tailbone, the oscillations of my stride trigger continuous waves of pleasure... often while running i feel like i'm on fire, glowing with energy, powerful. it provides an excellent incentive for an activity i would otherwise neglect.

    the first couple times i made jogging orgasms happen, i was running with my helix in place... i don't know if that was a good idea or not. i got the orgasms, but my prostate got a little banged up. fortunately, now i can do it without a device. i would encourage any of you athletically inclined to experiment with orgasms while jogging, and share your experiences here.

    peace, love, pleasure! /jack
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Jack, :)

    Wow! What a neat idea and experience! :D
    That would be some nice motivation to exercise more. I've never experienced anything like that during exercise. But I've yet to cross over in to having super-O's yet either. So who knows what the future will bring.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    That would be about the only incentive for me to go running; it's always been pure torture for me to run. I only get a 'post runner's high', where I only feel good after the run because I'm relieved that the run is over and done with.
  • Not from running, but i've brought on an orgasm while cycling... The combination of the endorphins, the tight nylon keeping pressure on the good parts. The first time it happened, i was riding with 2 buddies.. we'd been training for a century ride... we'd been riding a lot and felt strong and ready... we hit the road, about 30 miles into the ride i felt the pressure of the seat against my perineum and some external prostate pressure... kept building as we rode. more intense the more we rode.... I guess i shifted back further on the saddle and let the seat really massage me deep... and then, WHAM! from deep inside i just exploded... damned near fell of my bike.. LOL.... looked down and saw my cock throbbing in my shorts... cum oozing thru the black nylon.. needless to say... I've enjoyed cycling with a little more vigor since... I guess this can happen in any sport.
  • waveriderwaverider
    Posts: 51
    I've tried it while jogging a couple of times with my peridise, and I found it uncomfortable and not at all effective. Maybe I'll try the helix.
  • petardpetard
    Posts: 27
    I find that proper breathing, using the belly and diaphragm and with mouth closed, feels good while running. Rhythmical contraction of the abdomen exerts inward pressure on the pubic bone, which in turn stimulates the prostate from the front.

    Another fun "technique" while running is visualizing my prostate as a warm tangerine at the root of my penis (inside the body but not inside the rectum) and I have to gently cradle and draw it in with my Kegel muscles, but only halfway, never at full contraction. My KG muscles have to maintain the half contraction while contending with the rhythmical jolt of each stride.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    The jogging sounds great but due to knees I'm about 5 years beyond impact sports. However you young studs have inspired me to give my Helix a try on the treadmill. Synching contractions to pacing sounds cool.

    Since last summer I've been packing my tailless SGX to Saturday Morning Tai Chi. Nice vibes and I'm able to "shape" my p-waves around the routine. Occasionally feel myself edging toward a mini-O. The extreme amount of sweat from p-waves totally saturates my gi.

    Question on lube: I've used Crisco for athletic "wear" to prevent "fallout" What's everyone else using for "sportswear"
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I can remember as a kid, maybe 11 or 12, just before puberty and masturbation discovery came, having full "traditional feeling" (in retrospect) orgasms doing athletic activities on jungle bars and climbing ropes in the school yard. They were dry and I remember being surprised and intrigued at the "wow, that's the hottest, weird, best, gotta-pee-and-it-didn't-come-out feeling" I've ever had, and thinking, I wonder why that came? I never necessarily tried to reproduce them, just thought it was neat when they would come here and there. Then a year later all the usual discoveries took place and they became "wet", a fascination as with all males I've enjoyed ever since and exceeded only by my ability within only about the last month or so--after grinding for 9 months--to easily and reproducibly have prostate orgasms with my Aneros. Feels like I'm a kid all over again.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    OK, seriously, what's the point? Are we that orgasm-deprived that we have to try it in every conceivable position and activity? Really?

    Alright, but seems a bit aggressive to me. Maybe that's because I see Anerosessions as a form of release from the stress of daily activities such as even walking. I want a cool bed, lots of quiet and peace...not the hubbub of a crowded running track or the harsh realities of pavement (or even a treadmill, for that matter.)

    However TEHO, in matters Aneros, I guess.

    Now, a warning, and this comes from personal experience, because, yes, I too, thought I could use my helix while cutting the grass and/or working in the garden. TOO MUCH ANEROS!!! Guys, Aneros, IMHO, is about caressing, tender loving strokes on the prostate, not the sledge hammering that rigorous physical activity precludes!

    Too much, I say. It can lead to a much less sensitive prostate, I believe. Slimjim, you of all people encouraging this? I'm shocked.

    Anyway, have at it. But don't come crying to me if your poor prostate turns to a bag of mush, and you can't feel a thing next time you want a nice Super O.

    Cockadoodle, do
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    My apologies, Cockadoodle, if my incidental reference within this thread to experiencing dry orgasms before age 12 was unclearly stated to the extent it would lead anyone to draw a favorable conclusion about Aneros usage during physical activity. I do not do this personally and don't recommend it. Though I have walked around a little with an Aneros in place, it is not comfortable to me and all of my pleasurable experiences have come while in a quiet, relaxed state in which I can feel the subtle sensations being generated.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Jim, my "reproof" was tongue-in-cheek. Please accept my humble apology if it was taken in any other sense.

    Yours is an opinion I steadfastly admire.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    No humble apology necessary, Cockadoodle. Merely wanted to remain deserving of your kind opinion of my comments here by clarifying any misunderstanding of my post. Thanks. slimjm
  • Last summer I went out inline skating plugged with the Aneros Progasm...  Mild sensations at best, and most of the time forgot it was there...

    That's maybe because skating does not involve pronounced or hard movements like in jogging or stoking a bike seated on a saddle. :O)
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    I tried the peridise while jogging yesterday and essentially forgot it was there. Perhaps for me, aneros use should be a focused anerosession for best results.  My head was not in it.  The other option is that I try again and see if I can get my head into that sounds interesting.