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Taoist Secrets
  • TaoismTaoism
    Posts: 5
    Has anyone read this book, or practiced some of the techniques explained in the book?(you can look inside the book on Amazon) The Multi-orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets That Every Man Should Know (9780007145157): Mantak Chia, Douglas Abrams Arava: Books
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have the book. I think the practices taught go hand in hand with the aneros use.
    Do you have a specific question about the book?
  • TaoismTaoism
    Posts: 5
    Just wondering if anyone have any thoughts about taoism and sex, and how to integrate this with the aneros use.
  • TaoismTaoism
    Posts: 5
    A really nice illustration of the man's sexual anatomy
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I think the main point of the book is to not ejaculate. the book gives many exercices and techniques for controling ejaculation but having an orgasm
    Very much like the aneros
  • Hi guys. I've been a bodyworker for a long time. integrating prostate massage into my practice and have recently added the pleasures of the aneros ICE to my partner and myself. I began studying with a tao master to help with my bodywork practice. About 3 years into my personal journey i went on a retreat where i was able to be one on one with him for 24 hours. We began the session by discarding our clothes and enjoying a long soak in a warm pool.. we talked quietly and i found myself beginning to drift into another plane of consciousness. ok all you skeptics... just listen. then he had me lay on a warm marble slab that i was sure was going to hurt... but i found myself relaxing totally. he began lightly touching my body.. allowing me to enjoy the sensation of each body part.. taking his time to linger at the points where i responded more. He wanted me to let myself go.. to not question, but to accept. During our time together I experienced every emotion with such intensity. But always returning to the TAO. I wept uncontrollably, laughed with abandonment, and had orgasm after orgasm without ejaculation. Something that was totally foreign to me... when our session was over, he had me return to my room, where i immediately fell into a deep comforting sleep. It seemed like forever but it was actually only 3 or 4 hours. When i awoke i was exhilarated and energized. Amazing. I do not remember dreaming, but i was at peace. He told me i would feel this and this is what he wanted me to take to my clients.. this feeling of deep emotional peace. As i lay back recalling the events of the previous day/night my mind again drifted to the incredible feelings i'd experienced.. I could feel a building in my body that was a rush to ecstasy. again he explained that i was ready for this.. my body temperature rose, my breathing deepened, my heart rate increased as if i had been running for hours. I was again having a mind/body orgasm that shook me to my core... only this time i ejaculated uncontrollably. probably not what the book tells you to do, but i was powerless to stop it.. I never say him again... but i still try to allow my clients to come to this with abandonment. i've had only 3 men experience this in all the years as a bodyworker... but i guess that better than none...
    I have the book, i've read it. and used it by applying the parts that were relevant to me and the art of bodywork. I hope that more and more men realize how important it is to enjoy all the intricacies of the essence of what it is to be male.. explore and open eyes. Its amazing.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Wow Steve, what an experience! As I move forward, I feel as though I might need the assistance of someone like that (or like you) to help me to get further along than I am now. There is so much more to experience!

    I have read the book twice. What information I remember most is how it explained as the differences between orgasm and ejaculation. I believe that is such a misunderstood concept to so many who are new here. It is such an important one. At least it was for me to understand and be able to separate the two.
  • Perhaps if I re-read the book now I would take more away from it. While it did have some good ideas, I found it to be disrespectful to the reader: its combination of bunk science and mystified allure of the exotic are highly manipulative. Additionally, many of the claims it reveres as ancient wisdom are flatly incorrect (such as the argument that ejaculation is bad for your health: there are significant medical risks behind such false advice).
  • Hi guys. Remember, everything you read isn't going to the the ultimate true answer.. Each person takes from it what can be used. In every session I had with my Taoist teacher, I let his teachings bring me closer to that "OTHER" plane. He never talked about ejaculation, but always centered on the ultimate orgasm. All well and good.. I learned a hell of a lot from him and have adapted his teachings into my bodywork, However, there has to be a reason why within a few hours of our sessions as i was "decompressing" so to speak that i would find myself in quite an excited state, so much that i would eventually cum and cum hard.. combining orgasm with release. At 65, I've practiced a lot.. LOL... and so far i haven't found a single thing wrong with a mind blowing orgasm and getting rid of all that old stuff that keeps building up.... use it or lose it... I agree with La petite mort. "Cumming" is good for you.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Opinions will vary, but generally speaking the Taoist view on ejaculation is that moderation is the healthiest path to take. Very few Taoists believe that ejaculation is "bad" for you. But most will tell you that excessive ejaculation tends to be a drain on the body and mind. How much is excessive? That depends on your age and overall health. But for most men, especially as they get along in years, learning how to enjoy all the orgasms they want without feeling the need to finish with ejaculation every time is both healthy and logical. Yes cumming is good for you. Only the most extreme teachers would tell you otherwise. But effortless and timely preservation is also good for you. Learning to enjoy both as the need arises is the most reasonable approach in my opinion.

    Personally, as a long time Taoist, I'm not really a fan of the book in question. It has some good advice, but I find it does lean toward extreme (and potentially dangerous) methods in order to force preservation of semen. Personally, I chose to learn how to have multiple orgasms in a way (KSMO technique) that allows me to achieve total orgasmic satisfaction with the option to finish with or without ejaculation in any given sexual encounter. The end result is that I typically have many orgasms a day, but usually only feel the physical need or desire to ejaculate about once a week on average. This is simply the pattern that I naturally fell into once I became multi-orgasmic over 10 years ago. I ejaculate when it feels right, the rest of the time I simply enjoy all the orgasms I want and the energizing after-glow that comes with preserving my essence awhile longer.

    My rule of thumb is - first learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, then as you become accustomed to having all the orgasms you want in any given session, you may notice how you sometimes feel totally satisfied by the orgasms alone and ejaculation feels unnecessary. On those occasions, allow yourself to abstain and see how you feel. Sooner or later, orgasms alone will not be enough and you will feel a specific urge to ejaculate, at that point do so (preferably after a lot of dry orgasms to build up an extra pleasurable charge) and enjoy it fully. Then go back to enjoying orgasms without ejacualtion until you feel that specific need to ejaculate again. The most important rule in my book is never to force anything when it comes to ejaculation. I never use effort to preserve my essence. If my body really wants to squirt, I won't stand in it's way. But once I learned how to have multiple orgasms, I slowly came to realize how often I had mistaken the urge to have orgasms for an urge to ejaculate. Once I was able to make the distinction, and fully satisfy my orgasmic desires at will, my ejaculation frequency naturally decreased without ever putting any actual thought or effort into the process. I believe that the frequency with which I currently ejaculate is the amount that my body wants - no more, no less.

    Instead of debating over dogma and science, I recommend focusing on achieving total orgasmic satisfaction at will. Once you have done that, it becomes much easier to sense the difference between a craving for orgasms and an actual physical need to ejaculate. When you can make that distinction for yourself, you will know much better than any book what your body needs on any given day.

    Hope this helps,

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All and thanks so much Pan!! :D :D

    I completely agree with your overview and practice values Pan. Mine has moved in essentially the same ways. It is so wonderfully comfortable and at the same time energizing!!

    I have not seen the book you cite in the first post here Taoism. I did use Chia's earlier Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy and gave the female counterpart book to my wife, all back in the early 1990s for a couple of years. I had some successes, getting to Crown Centred Orgasms and Micro-Cosmic Orbits, but it all felt a bit mechanical and my body was not happy with aspects of the practice. Since enjoying successes with Aneros/KSMO and my "mutual prostates" practice with dear mrs. a, my wife, the energy paths are all thriving without the specific Chia techniques and my body is very happy indeed!!

    The Chias' book we have found helpful is The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know (9780062516145): Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams, Rachel Carlton Abrams: Books , not for specific techniques, but to verify the energies experiences we have generated using Aneros/KSMO, with KSMO as the core of our practice that incorporates several complementary techniques.

    all the best energizing pathways to your natural energies flow and balancing all

  • Extremely well put Pan. Just keep an open mind. Strive for the goal and have fun getting there.