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sleep with it works!
  • billbill
    Posts: 4
    The sleep with it in technique works. Here's my experience:

    Before the Aneros, I'd tried some silicone butt plugs during intercourse - from the Little Flirt to the Tristan. The foreplay part of a butt plug entering was interesting, but the orgasms were traditional intercourse penile ejaculatory. I quit butt plugs because they always tended to shoot out during orgasm, even the ones billed as designed to stay put. Also, I found the rectal stimulation distracting from what was going on up front, at the penis.

    I bought the MGX classic aneros and tried it in the shower and upright and kneeling. I enjoyed the feelings, but they weren't dramatic. I preferred the sensations from once trying the Feeldoe brand of dildos. They more firmly stimulated my prostate, producing instant pre-cum. Also tried the MGX with intercourse and had the same butt plug problems of distraction and orgasmic propulsion out my backside. Feeling this anal self-exploration was counter-productive to my marriage, I abandoned these investigations. I tossed the Aneros and Feeldoe's in the trash. Still, I kept reading these forum entries, and was intrigued by the responses you guys were having with the new line of products, especially the Helix. I bought one. The Helix's abutment tab felt better on my perineum. I got good sensations in the shower. My wife gamely inserted it in me for intercourse and it was okay, but not a big step forward.

    The sleep with it in technique, however, was revelatory. Evacuated bowels. Cleansed with 2 Fleet's saline enemas. Lubed external anus with Astroglide Gel. Lubed inside with Replens, a product sold as vaginal lubricant. It's sold in single-use (disposable) pre-loaded injectors, very small, very easy to insert in rectum. Contains a mix of water-based lube and mineral oil. Also used same spent injector to draw up some Uberlube, a silicone liquid lube in handy pump dispenser, and injected that inside rectum. Coated the Helix with Uberlube and inserted Helix. Kept perineum dry.

    Wife out of town, so had whole night to try the experiment. On bed, pillow under rump, reading some erotica. About 90 minutes of gentle breathing and various contractions, mostly urethral, some anal, varying intensity of contraction. Squeeze and hold variety. Not too tight. Also tried kneeling, and on side with topmost leg raised. Not much happened. No pre-cum. Walked to bathroom and urinated. Kept Helix in.

    Lights out and to sleep, on side. Awoke 90 minutes later on my back with pelvic warmth, distinctly pleasant sensation, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing. Not sure if anal contractions were already underway, but I gave a half-contraction and felt a strong warmth spread from pelvis - meaning area between pubic bone to waistline - outward across my whole body. As my muscles contracted, I just grabbed both knees and held them with like I was in a cannonball diving position on my back. Wave after wave of pleasure. Muscles of entire body contracting. Heart pounding. Breathing fast and shallow to keep up with it all. Not much effort needed at contractions on Helix. Felt the abutment tab on perineum, but can't recall distinct feelings in vicinity of anus/rectum, except for general pleasure. Moaning. Grunting. Also had curious sensation of color, like my skin was an iridescent green, but mostly my eyes were closed. No pre-cum. No ejaculate. Penis flaccid throughout this intensely pleasurable orgasmic episode. Mostly penis was shrunken, but at one point, it had enlarged enough to flop back and forth with body motion. No erection. This strong plateau-like orgasm lasted 20 minutes.

    Then I rested, sweaty, relaxed and in wonder. After 10 minutes of rest, it all started up again, just like before, very intense. This second orgasm lasted 10 minutes.

    This was impressive. I rested for 20 minutes. Got up and urinated, leaving Helix in.

    Then had a third dry orgasm, lasting 5 minutes. Nice, but not as intense as the previous two.

    Slept well after that. In morning had no trouble removing Helix -- the lube was plenty for the whole night. Still had a couple dollops of lube in rectum in AM, which came right out when Helix was removed.

    It was an amazing experience. I think I have a better appreciation for my wife's lengthy, multiple orgasms.

    Since this session, I've inserted Helix in shower, with same old lackluster effects. Found I can get some pre-cum in shower if I pull the handle a bit. Makes me wonder if Helix over-reaches prostate, at least for pre-cum production. Ordered a Maximus to give it a try.

    Thanks to everyone for their very helpful posts. Intrigued by the handle-trimming posts. Would be nice to lie with rump flat on bed, without handle poking mattress. Not sure I can tell from posts how much of handle was removed. Anyone got a picture/drawing of modified Aneros handle?

    Anyone else experience the color thing? I didn't use any meds. No, it wasn't a Viagra blue-tint thing. I don't use Viagra.

    I'm a 6 foot tall 47 year-old physician, happily and faithfully married. Haven't masturbated since marriage, except for these recent anal explorations. My goal is variety and improvement of sex with my love, and so I'd welcome how to incorporate this recent discovery into our nooky. I think I'll buy another Feeldoe and see if my love has any interest in doing me from behind. I don't think she'd like dildos with straps, but she might be amenable to the strapless Feeldoe. I know it felt good inside when I tried it on myself. They say you can also use it to pleasure your missus when your erection has subsided and she's still going. What's good for the goose...sleep with it in
  • Edit
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    I'm curious. Since you are a doctor, how do you feel about these units in general being safe for long term use? I'm afraid to ask my doctor. I've been using mine for about 3 months now and no problems so far. I have not achieved the Super O but would really like to try the overnight method if I could ever get my wife out of town.

    I for one appreciate your effort in passing on the great info about your experience.

  • billbill
    Posts: 4

    A great question. They say no one is as ignorant as a specialist outside his field of specialization. Unfortunately, I'm not a urologist, so take my medical perpective with a grain of salt. Since puberty, I've noticed that even during bowel movements, stool can press on the prostate and adjacent structures, producing pre-cum at the tip of the penis. It's an example of natural prostate massage. The Aneros seems to me to reproduce that same effect, except maybe with more control on the user's part. Until the orgasm occurs, the aneros user can control the amount of pressure exerted by controlling the contractions. During orgasm, the smooth muscle of the prostate rhythmically contracts, with or without the Aneros, right?

    I'd be reluctant to perform intentional prostate massage if I had prostate cancer, or high suspicion of prostate cancer (such as an abnormally elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. I'd certainly ask a urologist if that was my circumstance before using Aneros or any other intentional prostate massage. I'm thinking here about the possibility that prostate massage might increase risk of metastatic prostate cancer (spread via bloodstream to other parts of the body), if you're pressing on a cancerous prostate. I don't have any data to support this concern. Would rely on a urologist's expertise if you have prostate cancer. My prostate exam and PSA were normal.

    There was a posting some time back expressing concern about damage to the membranous portion of the urethra. Afraid I can't shed any more light on that topic.

    Like you, I can't use the Aneros for any extended times because my wife's rarely absent. I do enjoy some massage in the shower, but my showers aren't thaaat long!

    Thanks for the question.

    I'd enjoy hearing from any others who've used the overnight method.

    Also, has anyone else experience the color experience during Aneros climax?
  • My overnight experience:

    4 times now I've tried to sleep with it in and each time I'm awakened at 2 am because of feeling full in the rectum; get up and have a bowel movement after removing the Helix. I eat a lot and perhaps I tend to have a lot of mass of stool. I always move my bowels once a day, on arising, and that bolus is (I suppose) working its way to the exit when I want to use that space for the HElix, so there's a traffic jam.

    Never get any good feelings, awake or asleep.

    I did a digital self exam and verified for myself that I seem to indeed have a prostate, or at least a pleasantly fluffy area on the anterior rectum wall, pleasant to touch with a (Well Lubed!) gloved finger because my finger senses an intriguingly velvety and spongy area. That's the sensation inside my finger. I can sense nothing at all inside my prostate; it is apparently numb. I had been thinking my ANeros doesn't fit, but now I realize that I would never know; massaging [the area that I think is my prostate] with my finger has absolutely no effect I can sense.

    I highly recommend a careful, gentle digital self exam... it really amazed me that I was able to discover a part of my body that was totally unknown to me after 47 years. Body self exploration is an infant/toddler developmental stage, but this was happening in middle age, which ... is thought provoking. What else do I not know that I could know, if I looked?

    I also gained a way more complete knowledge of the tone and arrangement of the sphincters that the Helix uses, the dimensions of the room it plays in, and the subtle feelings associated with stimulating various areas on the way to the prostate. For example, I had conceived of the sphincter as a simple drawstring, but that is just the external sphincter, the "seal" if you will allow a mechanical analogy. The internal sphincter is actually more like a tube about an inch long which can decrease its diameter to zero. It has a smooth bore like a shotgun barrel. The external sphincter is like the drawstring neck of a duffel bag. Playing with the drawstring feels good when tickling the outside and going in and out the entryway. Stimulating the tube is appreciated along the entire length where the finger contacts it. (I suppose that's self evident... the stimulation is apppreciated according to the shape of the structure touched... there is something neurological going on here which I am not prepared to describe in a professional, scientific manner. )

    I'm thinking this out as I type it; I haven't thought about it since I did it a week ago or so.

    The neurological event that I think is happening, (forgive my untutored self taught ramblings and suppositions here; I'm obviously not an anatomist or neurologist or developmental psychologist, anything like that) is a kind of delayed connecting of the conscious and unconscious mind and the motor and sensory nerves of the hand and digestive tract and sex organs... Something like this happens when we learn to walk; try, totter, fall down go boom, try again, do a little better; as the feedback loop reinforces the skill of navigating in the gravitational field, we learn to walk.

    This business of connecting the brain in a new way to the existing nerves and muscles takes a hell of a lot of mental energy, practice, etc.


    I once read a book about digestion by a gastroenterologist who said that the digestive tract has as many nerves going to and fro and in it as the rest of the central nervous system. So your gut is as smart as your "mind" ("although", he said"i wouldn't want to be a passenger in a car it was driving"). I am starting to see the wisdom of the apporach that says "consider this Aneros quest as a learning experience". It couldn't be anything else. The mind/body is all one thing, it's complicated as hell, it plays by its own rules, not my timetable, and my job is to tweak little things, practice, and pay attention. There's a lot going on all the time.

    It's coming a little clearer to me now what I'm doing here.

    My $.02; YMMV

    Good topic, Bill.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    I experience something akin to flashes of colored light (yep..the 'ol fireworks) at the onset of my Super O's with almost signature regularity. I've always assumed that it's evidence of some kind of a cortical phenomena, as opposed to a true optic event i.e. the dissociation of "visual purple" (rhodopsin) upon exposure to bright light.

    Does this always occur when your eyes are closed or as soon as you open them?

    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
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    Also had curious sensation of color, like my skin was an iridescent green, but mostly my eyes were closed.

    I've had a similar experience with discrete synaesthesia(?), although it was during an acupuncture session I was having. A needle was inserted, as I recall, in my left leg on the lateral/anterior side of things about halfway down my shin...I had a distinctly brown feeling run up my was weird...there wasn't any visual brown or anything...just tactile...really weird. Has anyone else had anything like that happen to them during acupuncture at all?
  • billbill
    Posts: 4
    B Mayfield,

    The iridescent green body sensation was just with eyes closed, if I recall correctly. This was my first Aneros orgasm. So much was new to me. In the excitement, I may not have been the best observer on that detail!

    Thanks for your input!
  • Edit
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    Last night I fell asleep with my MGX classic and I woke up several times moaning and tossing. Finally I woke up enough to take it out, today I woke up with balls aching... Like someone kicked me in the balls.

    So obviously it was doing something during the night, not enough to wake me up completely but yes enough to hurt my nuts :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    My guess it that it is cortical activity of some sort, particularly if it occurs concurrently with the Super O. By the way, I should mention that it took me several months of Super O's to be able to start sifting out the details with any clarity. The experiences themselves just seemed to clean my clock. It was hard to remember anything that had happened other than the intensity of the sensations. Given time, it will be the same for you!

    BF Mayfield