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Learning to Aneros is a very involved process. Good thing th

  • I never get any good feelings, awake or asleep.

    I did a digital self exam and verified for myself that I seem to indeed have a prostate, or at least a pleasantly fluffy area on the anterior rectum wall, pleasant to touch with a (Well Lubed!) gloved finger because my finger senses an intriguingly velvety and spongy area. That's the sensation inside my finger. I can sense nothing at all inside my prostate; it is apparently numb. I had been thinking my ANeros doesn't fit, but now I realize that I would never know; massaging [the area that I think is my prostate] with my finger has absolutely no effect I can sense.

    I highly recommend a careful, gentle digital self exam... it really amazed me that I was able to discover a part of my body that was totally unknown to me after 47 years. Body self exploration is an infant/toddler developmental stage, but this was happening in middle age, which ... is thought provoking. What else do I not know that I could know, if I looked?

    I also gained a way more complete knowledge of the tone and arrangement of the sphincters that the Helix uses, the dimensions of the room it plays in, and the subtle feelings associated with stimulating various areas on the way to the prostate. For example, I had conceived of the sphincter as a simple drawstring, but that is just the external sphincter, the "seal" if you will allow a mechanical analogy. The internal sphincter is actually more like a tube about an inch long which can decrease its diameter to zero. It has a smooth bore like a shotgun barrel. The external sphincter is like the drawstring neck of a duffel bag. Playing with the drawstring feels good when tickling the outside and going in and out the entryway. (Massive psychologial barriers here... "don't touch that!".... "Whatever, Mom...") Stimulating the tube is appreciated along the entire length where the finger contacts it. (I suppose that's self evident... the stimulation is apppreciated according to the shape of the structure touched... there is something neurological going on here which I am not prepared to describe in a professional, scientific manner. )

    I'm thinking this out as I type it; I haven't thought about it since I did it a week ago or so.

    The neurological event that I think is happening, (forgive my untutored self taught ramblings and suppositions here; I'm obviously not an anatomist or neurologist or developmental psychologist, anything like that) is a kind of delayed connecting of the conscious and unconscious mind and the motor and sensory nerves of the hand and digestive tract and sex organs... Something like this happens when we learn to walk; try, totter, fall down go boom, try again, do a little better; as the feedback loop reinforces the skill of navigating in the gravitational field, we learn to walk.

    This business of connecting the brain in a new way to the existing nerves and muscles takes a hell of a lot of mental energy, practice, etc. But this is all new, and so when I think about it, I'm doing something I have never ever done in my life, not even imagined.

    NO WONDER I'M IMPATIENT! THIS IS ONE HUGE JOB! And I have No Idea what the heck I'm doing! None! I have to make it all up as I go along!

    I once read a book about digestion by a gastroenterologist who said that the digestive tract has as many nerves going to and fro and in it as the rest of the central nervous system. So your gut is as smart as your "mind" ("although", he said"i wouldn't want to be a passenger in a car it was driving"). I am starting to see the wisdom of the apporach that says "consider this Aneros quest as a learning experience". It couldn't be anything else. The mind/body is all one thing, it's complicated as hell, it plays by its own rules, not my timetable, and my job is to tweak little things, practice, and pay attention. There's a lot going on all the time.

    It's coming a little clearer to me now what I'm doing here.

    My $.02; YMMV

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    Very intriguing...

    I can certainly testify that some rewiring is going on. Initially your brain doesn't seem to feel the pressure/stroking that the Aneros applies to your prostate region, or at least it doesnt register consciously as pleasure. But over time, my brain rerouted the signals so that now the minute I insert the Aneros I'm getting strong pleasure signals. So, yes, it's a learning experience, it takes time. People who are well experienced in anal play or for some other reason have the proper wiring will get the experience right away. Others will have to train their body and mind, and only then make progress.

    Also I should probably emphasize that, having rewired the sensations and woken up my prostate, so to speak, still doesn't guarantee that I'll get a super O. In fact, I've all but stopped seeking that goal. Instead, I'm concentrating on enjoying the experiences that the Aneros brings in as passive a fashion as possible. The more passive I am, the better the experience. Again, this is a learning process, this time it has to do with not interfering with what your body is doing and letting it go on its own way to pleasure (or wherever it's going). This is VERY HARD to do, even slight interference will derail the experience.

    Notwithstanding the hard work involved, its an incredibly pleasurable journey for those patient enough to undertake it.
  • zanebluezaneblue
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    I would like to add that women universally go through this experience during sex. With very few exceptions, most women's initial experience of penetration yields very little in the way of erotic physical sensation in the vagina, and it generally takes some time, relaxation, practice and good brain chemistry to eventually get the ability to have vaginal orgasms.
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    All very interesting stuff, and thanks once again Bonaparte for your well written and informative reflections. I felt like throwing mine up into the attic the other day! But the guy who made the comparison with women has a point I think.

    Also, I think I need to invest in a pair of rubber gloves myself! I find the most stimulating thing is when it is on the "In-Out".

    Hopefully one of us will make it to Planet Aneros soon!!!

    Good luck!

  • mu1timu1ti
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    I think you're on the right track there Bonaparte :)

    I think of the Aneros now as a sort of puzzle your body and unconscious mind have to sort out.
    I'm not saying this is right - just my current perspective but I think the body has a few stages of learning to solve the puzzle.

    1. Alien invasion, what's this thing for?!
    2. Acceptance - get comfortable with it physically and emotionally.
    3. Find something pleasurable and develop positive associations with the device - make gentle contractions to teach your body what feels good.
    4. Conscious mind gets out of the way and the unconscious mind (or a physiological reaction) starts involuntary contractions.

    I'm at stage 4 now with lots of good feelings and the interesting thing about these involuntary contractions is that the moment I have a normal waking thought such as "what was that?" or "wow that feels good" etc these contractions stop. Drift off again and they start afresh.
    This indicates to me that my unconscious mind is definitely controlling the movement of the Aneros - it has got the point!
    It's honestly like some pleasure loving creature in my head has said "oh right, that's what it's for - right, give me some of that!!" - genius!
    The next session after my 1st relaxed involuntaries they started almost on insertion, there was no waiting period at all and the energy with which it moved was surprisingly vigorous at times.

    Stage 3 being positively emotionally involved is a big one though, the 1st session it really took off on it's own I was in an exceptionally happy mood and really looking forward to the session, I'm convinced that this has more bearing on the experience than brain chemistry or other age related factors etc.

    I'd definitely caution about seeing this process as something difficult though, ok it's a puzzle but it's not a sphincter powered rubik cube!!

    Cheers, Mu1ti :)
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    Originally Posted By: Red~Head~Bed~Head
    ... thanks once again Bonaparte...

    But the guy who made the comparison with women has a point I think.

    "... thanks once again Bonaparte..."

    [digs toe in dirt] aw, shucks... my pleasure [blushes]

    "But the guy who made the comparison with women has a point I think."

    [sotto voce] Yes, quite... has a rhetorical point;
    [booming voice] what that guy doesn't have is a PENIS! (at least, not one of her own).

    [drum roll] RHBH, allow me the honor of introducing my dear friend, the ravishing (in every sense) and prolific Ms. Zaneblue! [cymbal goes *tish*]

    She's the author of the Orgasmic Diet, a maven to the lovelorn, the sexlorn, the orgasmlorn; the Orgasmatrix of our age, and a global hottie!

    [trumpet flourish *ta daaaa*]Laaaadies and Gentleman! The INIMITABLE!... ZANE!... BLUE!

    [spotlight pans stage left, stage right]
    [thunderous applause, stamping of feet, hoots, whistles, cheers; men throw hats, ladies throw scarves]

  • it's not a sphincter powered rubik cube!!

    "sphincter powered rubik cube"... I died laughing.


    That's the trouble with intellectuals, they think too much.

    I was talking to a gal at work yesterday about Zaneblue's point about most women not being vaginally orgasmic at first blush and she said, "That was me. I had to learn to stop *thinking*. Then it all came together for me."!

    And this is a gal who says she is very orgasmic now.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Oh my goodness, how did I miss this post? LOL, well thank you.

    I'm still not sure I'm right about the connection. I'd love to have more data. Very curious about the connection between neurotransmitter levels and PC muscle tone and Aneros success.