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Progasm Ice
  • Has anyone bought the new Progasm Ice yet? It looks pretty cool being see through and clear with a bubble and it appears to be the same size as the white Progasm model.. so tell me how you guys like the Progasm Ice.. I am thinking about ordering the Progasm Ice soon..
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi soldier_2012! :D Welcome to Aneros and this great community!

    The Ice is the only Progasm I have. It is an excellent prostate massage device. The clear acrylic is slicker, smoother and the easy mobility for such a large device is astounding. When the Ice gets going you are pinned and receiving one of the best prostate massages imaginable! Also incredible jumping prostate centred ejaculatory orgasm primer while having penile intercourse with your female partner. At least that is my experience. Hallelujah!

    all the best prostate massaging and fully felt prostanal orgasming all

  • Hi soldier_2012
    I too have only the ice. bought one for me and my partner... already its been great for BPH and other issues with the prostate.. Smooth, easy to use, and large enough to do the trick. Very intense as it slides in. It hits the prostate perfectly. I did a lot of research before i invested because of the cost. The "ICE" appeared as a new product while i was reading about the Aneros products and decided on it. The size did surprise me when it arrived, but all i did was relax and breath deep... slipped in and started up. It is pretty sleek with the bubbles. Take your time, enjoy and relax. If it doesn't happen at first, just go with it. Read all the posts here and let it do its thing. I'm NOT a precummer at all. Then i got this amazing thing. A couple of tries i was producing more pre-cum in one session then i'd produced my entire life... exaggeration i know, but you get the point.. And the best part... Along with the pre-cum, I began having the most intense deep prostate orgasms.. I was sure i was going to have to masturbate to get to an orgasm. Because of the deep intense feelings, masturbation actually interferred. I'd never had a hands free cum till now.... so get yourself whatever you want.. we all deserve it....
  • Jason MJason M
    Posts: 24
    Well when i first used u lubed up aneros n anus it the front of the aneros was so big that while i was inserting it was the 1st toy to ever go in there it hurted my anus so i took it out then tried again this time more slower n went in felt so good but my first try no success now & then i try but end up just masturbating at the end but the last time used i was SO CLOSE to achieving the SUPER ORGASM i inserted aneros left it inside for a while then laid on my back put some porn contracted fo a while it last like almost an hour so i started moving the tab with my hands then felt good no but no cray pleasure then i laid on my side legs slightly bent n seperated i just relaxed without contracting n just started moving my hips front n back the aneros was moving up n down on my land felt great so i kept relaxing n moving my hips pleasure kept on getting better n better Then Suddenly My Lower Abdomen started bringin Extreme pleasure increasing n increasing to the point emotions started coming out i started tearing almost wanted to cry it felt so good but then it subsided so i alsmot had it if it would have continued to increase i now i was going to fully achieve it BEST FEELING I EVER FELT