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I was a skeptic; until now!
  • mrburnsmrburns
    Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    Here is my story. :)


    I was diagnosed with bacterial prostititus after ending up in the emergency room and getting a DRE. I told the doctor that I was almost sure that it was from getting a BJ from an on/off/on again type girlfriend. I was laughed at. Doctors seem to think that bacterial prostititus "just happens". I was given a 30 day supply of cipro and told to "take it easy". I'm sure this sounds familiar to a few people on the forum. :P


    The pain was unbelievably bad. It actually had started in my urethra initially (site of infection?) then it spread to my epididymis. I immediately went for STD tests and everything was fine. The pain then spread to my prostate. I had to urinate every 2 hours, felt horribly, couldn't get an erection at all. It was depressing! I felt like I was dying at 25! I soon started to develop depression. The symptoms lasted 6 months and I thought I'd never be free of pain and I thought my "junk" would never work correctly again.

    Urinating was like trying to squeeze a giant mushy grapefruit; a #2 was like trying to give birth to a baseball.

    Western "treatment":

    I took cipro for 30 days. The swelling did go down a great deal. I abstained from sex while everything was healing up. Urine flow was a little bit better, however I still had "stabbing pains", constant prostate "twitching" while trying to sleep, and unexplained rectal pain that would literally wake me up at night.

    My cipro was all gone, the swelling/burning (general signs of infection) had subsided. Yet, I was still experiencing pain. Getting an erection was impossible; ejaculation was weak and painful.

    I thought I'd be in pain forever. I was now at 1 year since my infection had happened. :/

    My research:

    After a lot of googling for relief I discovered that the prostate is made up of spongy tissue with many ducts that can become plugged. Poor circulation and infection are often the culprits. I also leaned of other men claiming that they got bacterial prostatitus from a BJ.

    I work a job that requires me to sit in an office chair all day; and it is possible that I was plugged up from the infection.

    Lots of sites seemed to say that western medicine was not the answer and a lot of the sites said that a lot of other cultures around the world use prostate massage with antibiotics (not always) to clear up infections.

    I literally purchased the device from HIH out of desperation. I saw that they also sold it as a sex toy, but my primary interest was to unplug my plumbing.

    I purchased the Helix (I think it was called something else on HIH's website 2 years ago).

    HIH Treatment:

    I had the usual difficulties: unable to get it inserted, not enough lube, didn't have the correct lube, etc.
    After I had it inserted the first time I noticed something that confirmed my own diagnosis. I felt little "pops" deep in my prostate. Like I was popping a cyst or something. I could definitely feel them.

    I took it easy. I didn't want to "break" anything. :P

    Something amazing happened. After my first session I could urinate without pain. Also, my urine flow was amazing! No more dribbling.

    I expected to have swelling and pain the following day. None! None whatsoever. I had no pains in the middle of the night or prostate 'twitching'.

    My depression started to go away. And I think that was the biggest benefit.

    I repeated treatment 2 times a week for an entire year. I am happy to say that I am totally cured! I MEAN COMPLETELY CURED!

    After a year of treatment I put the Helix away. I had never experienced an orgasm using it or anything described on the Aneros forums. I wasn't angry or frustrated about it. It had served the purpose it was intended for. :)

    Unexpected Development:

    After the Helix was in a box for 6 months I decided to try it again. I don't really know why. I just 'felt like it' I suppose. What happened was totally unexpected.

    I started to feel like I was on the verge of an orgasm, but it wasn't like a penile one at all. It started as a light-headdedness that turned into an explosion in my mind only. I was pleasantly surprised and I thought it was over. I was about to remove the Helix when I had another orgasm. I was in shock and awe. I was able to have 10 orgasms in a row within 30 minutes. Amazing!

    I put the Helix away after being totally frazzled. It almost seemed like a dream. There is something tangible in a penile orgasm, in a prostate orgasm there may be a couple of drops of prostatic fluid.

    I am a TOTAL believer now. Those of you who have experienced orgasms with this device know what I am talking about. :P

    I thought I had 10 Super-Os initially. But boy I was wrong. I had to try the Helix again a week later. I quickly discovered a body position that could make me orgasm easier. After 20 or so Mini-Os I had something that I can only describe as something 'otherworldly'. I started to feel paralysis set in first. Every muscle in my body tensed up. I was completely rigid. Then my vision started to go all funny and I felt like I was hit by a truck! I don't know to really describe it. INCREDIBLE!

    I can now trigger Super-Os with my mind only -- no Helix. And every once in a while I'll have a Super-O unintentionally while sleeping and wake up right when all of my muscles tense up. My girlfriend is sooo jealous! :P

    So I have been experimenting with that over the last 6 months. I find the Super-O way more satisfying than a penile orgasm now. In fact; I prefer it.

    It has another benefit that I have noticed as well. Every doctor I have asked has said that ejaculation doesn't lower testosterone. I tend to think they are wrong. If I ejaculate frequently I have a piss-poor time in the gym. (I used to be an amateur bodybuilder). With the Helix I don't seem to lose muscle mass as easily as I do with frequent ejaculation, and my gym performance is excellent.

    This last week I accidentally fell asleep with the Helix in. (Something I have never been able to do; it is just too intense to sleep.) I was extremely tired that day. I must have been having orgasms in my sleep or something. I awoke covered in prostatic fluid and having one of many Super-Os. I vaguely remember waking up several times having a Super-O. I thought it was part of my dream at the time. :P

    I find it interesting how the body can just operate the Aneros without consciously controlling it. I mean, how else could it operate even when I am asleep?

    Thanks for reading,
  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    Wow man, great story! Very happy to hear of your success and pain relief! I am still on the journey myself to having a super O, however I feel close. It is encouraging to hear your story and gives me the motivation to keep going.
  • mrburnsmrburns
    Posts: 2
    Don't give up. I promise you won't regret it. :)

    I'll elaborate a little bit more on how I obtained the Super-O.

    I have difficulty relaxing sometimes. That particular day I had my first Super-O I had smoked a couple of joints to relax. I do not condone or promote the use of drugs. But I do believe that what one does with his/her own body is their business. :) This was the first time I had attempted to use the Helix "stoned". I am absolutely sure this helped it along.

    Also I am very tall (6'3"). I thought that I had the wrong model for a while (very common); I thought it was too short. After a while I found that on my hands and knees (doggy) worked the best. It seems to make the Helix fall inside all the way without having to constantly apply pressure with my hands.

    Lots of lube. You already knew this didn't you? :P

    I also found that thinking about something ELSE got me to a Super-O faster. Prostate stimulation (for me anyway) is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than a penile orgasm. With a penile orgasm you think about having sex with women, their tits, pussy, etc. With a prostate orgasm I found that thinking non-sexual thoughts / not thinking about moving the Helix (contractions) manually / etc seemed to make the stimulation AUTOMATIC (which is key). You really have to let your body move it on its own. Seriously, it will. It makes movements in the beginning that are so subtle that you will think it is doing nothing for quite a while. Just wait. Patience is key. Then you will start to feel like you are going to orgasm -- don't fight it. Stay relaxed. And it will happen. :)

    In the beginning I could only get the Super-O after smoking a joint or two. I could easily get the smaller orgasms without any "assistance". After more practice I can get a Super-O stone cold sober with or without the Helix even there!! :)

    Hang in there,