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Trying to start a blog, but unable to login?
  • TripjacksTripjacks
    Posts: 12

    I've been thinking about starting a blog, because i'm at the phase where most people struggle, you know, trying to get over the top as they say, and i think it would be good for myself and maybe helpful to other people. the problem is that i can't seem to log in there with my forum account, do you need to make a new account, or is this an anomaly?

  • poppiepoppie
    Posts: 23
    Yea also having a problem staying logged in , keeps asking for you to log in if you go to different screen.
    Just this morning though
  • TripjacksTripjacks
    Posts: 12
    This afternoon I couldn't log in at all, it seems to be fixed now though, thanks.

    if there is anyone interested in giving feedback on my first entry, it is much appreciated -> Here