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Keeping a Flesh Jack/Light warm
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    I've got a Flesh Jack and was very happy with it. It was the perfect friend for solo sessions ;)

    Then I bought a MGX and my usage of my Flesh Jack stopped. I've only used my MGX three times but what times they have been. I haven't managed a Super "O" yet but am quite happy to wait a long time for one. The feelings that I have been getting are absolutely incredible!

    After an hour to an hour and a half of using my MGX I find that I want to bring my Aneros session to a close and do so with a traditional orgasm. I could use my Flesh Jack for that and would find it very sensuous. However the Flesh Jack needs to be warm - something that's achieved in traditional use by soaking the inner sleeve in hot water before you start to use it.

    My questions are does anyone else use a Flesh Jack/Light to finish off? if so, how do you ensure that it's warm when you want to use it? and are there any other ways to use the Flesh Jack/Light and the MGX together?
  • setfreesetfree
    Posts: 4
    try wrapping the sleeve in a heating pad, with it nearby. That's how we warm the lotion up.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    An old standby for those who enjoy using the Aneros and the Fleshlight together is to place the F.L between your mattress and box spring. Insert your Aneros, kneel next to the bed and the Fleshlight, insert your penis inside the F.L., and get cranking! (Depending on your size and the size of your bed, this may require that you elevate your knees.)

    BF Mayfield
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    I had a session today where I finished with a penile orgasm in my Flesh Jack. I haven't bought a heated pad so I had to stick with the method I used pre-Aneros. I spent about an hour with the Aneros and enjoyed it. At the end of that time I had to pause my session to allow me to put the Flesh Jack in hot water to warm through. Then it was back to bed for another ten minutes although I didn't feel that I could enjoy the Aneros fully because I was concious of waiting for the Flesh Jack top warm through. Once the ten minutes were up I moved from the bed to a chair, put on an adult video and enjoyed the Flesh Jack.

    Warming the Flesh Jack up was a nuisance and disrupted my pleasurable feelings (although moving from bed to chair didn't). I enjoyed finishing with a penile orgasm in my Flesh Jack but, short of buying expensive electrical warmers, still can't see how to avoid this interruption.