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I see a lot of disappointed threads. This is just a quick semi-success story!
  • I just received my Helix last week and had been reading a lot of threads on here. There seems to be plenty of people feeling disappointed and not achieving the results they expected. I just finished my 3rd session and while there weren't quite fireworks, SOMETHING happened.

    The first 2 sessions left me a little impatient, but this time I just put on some relaxing music and... welll... relaxed! I'm not sure how much time passed but after periods of contractions and relaxing, my body started contracting on it's own. It actually startled me at first but then it kept building. I'm not great with describing things but it felt good and it really felt like a first step in the right direction. It lasted for a bit and then my body relaxed and I ended up stopping.

    Point being, I figured with the number of disappointed threads on here, it was worthwhile to post one hinting towards success. Hopefully I'm on the right track and I will continue to having increasingly satisfying experiences! Good luck everyone.
  • i have a question for you...

    when u do the contractions what do u feel?

    becausei feel absolutely nothing inside of my rectum.. i think its not touching my prostate at all..

    no pain, no pleasure, no anything... really confused
  • Ghettygreen, the sensation varies. For the first while it was just the sensation of it moving in and out a little, no noticeable pleasure. The more I relaxed and pushed all thoughts out of my head the more 'ok' it started to feel and eventually it felt good. Up until the involuntary contractions I would say that the good feeling wasn't consistent; meaning some contractions felt good, some didn't feel like anything at all. I wish I could be more specific about the sensation but it is hard to describe.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    HI alrighthen and Ghettygreen!! :D :D

    ART, you have the right idea and the results of a good early session, gently allowing things to awaken in there and start responding in little signals. Gg, patience and try the same or your best variations on ART's approach. Music can be a good companion at this stage, particularly if it is the type that encourages relaxation and lets your mind wander...

    Sensitizing the anus and its sphincters, and the rectal muscle wall near the prostate are openers and then you may sense the early stages of prostate awakening just behind the rectal muscle wall there. Also below that your penis bulb or root can get into the act, and some other glands and tissues too. Then there are the signals starting to develop triggered by the P-tab working over your perineum nerve complex.

    Butt, you don't have to know how your engine of ecstasy works bio-mechanically and bio-chemically unless that turns you on. Close the hood, deeply relax, and let your body gently tell you the story as it is observing itself awakening to all these possibilities.

    all the best awakening in whatever timeframe your psychobiology is prepared for all

  • forgemanforgeman
    Posts: 45
    I'll add my recent success. I just had the most amazing 45 mins. ever since starting this journey. I read here about the 'do nothing' approach so I thought I'd give it a try. After insertion I just laid on my back legs spread slightly. I didnt make any contractions, just laid there and waited for things to start moving. after a bit it did. no special breathing, that makes me over think things. lightly stroking my nips every once in a while to fire off some tingles.
    it seemed if I put my hands over my head on the pillow, I would get a new sensation, so I alternated nip brushes and hands on pillow. Didnt want to look at the clock, but it felt like 15-30 mins. of continuous p-waves. Doesnt fit the classic definition of super-o, but it felt REALLY good.
    so no labels on any progression.
  • Awesome! Glad to see some more success! I keep seeing different positions mentioned. Thus far I've only done the on-the-side position mentioned on the packaging but I'm pretty interested in trying it laying on my stomach.
  • oh! i actually also noticed a difference when i put my hands up over my head on the pillow! i wonder what thats all about?
  • forgemanforgeman
    Posts: 45
    my only idea is that you are changing the angle that your toy is contacting. or maybe we are strectching a muscle group, nerve center?