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How often to do massage?
  • ged84ged84
    Posts: 1
    Hi! I`m newby. My question is how often to do massage? I really like it and already have some pleasure waves, so i`d like to do massage every day. But can it be dangerous to do it so often?
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    I use my Aneros solo a couple of times a week. I also tend to insert it when my partner and I have sex (which isn't that often any more :( ) so I guess that's three times a week in total. I don't see any problem with using it more often than that but as I'm also fairly new to the Aneros I'll leave it up to others with more experience to comment.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    48 hours between sessions is recommended by senior members on the forum.
  • Probably not dangerous, I do not know how various lubes start to affect the health of the internal tissue once you go to the level of daily frequency. But it's more likely that you'll get far less satisfaction from the sessions if you try to have them too often. I noticed that there's a tremendous difference in sensations if I wait four days between the sessions, instead of two.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    This amounts to a personal preference. While once a week is fine for some users, others have used the Aneros as much as once or twice a day. The following poll entitled Frequency of Use may give you some indication of how our members see this. If you're on the path to the Super O it's a good idea to build up some erotic energy in between your sessions by abstaining. I generally recommend that users look to how much they normally masturbate during the week. If it is once or twice a week, it may take 48 hours or more to build up arousal that sufficient to give you a boost. Experiment with this and see what works best for you.

    Is it possible to overdo this? Yes. I believe that one needs to give their prostate a rest now and then and not only for reasons of recharging yourself. It's important to remember that the prostate is actually desensitized by over-stimulation.

    BF Mayfield
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    I think about every other day is good. If I wait for several days it's better but then again I sometimes hit my "peak" on the 3rd consecutive day.
  • hmmm, i got it 2 days ago, ive been using it everynite. today its my 3rd day, and i still planing on using it tonite.... is that safe? ive been doing it, 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the sec day...