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Daniel Tammet: Synaethesia anyone?... and IQ meanings...
  • View Poll Results: Do you experience Synaesthesia and does it effect your aneros sessions? Voters: 715

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    Yes. Experience in all mental phenomena and topics. 1 0.14%

    Yes. Experience in related areas of visualization, imagination and integration of experinces. 1 0.14%

    Yes. Experience somewhat with erotic, orgasmic or energetic effects 1 0.14%

    Do not experience. 3 0.42%

    Do experience, but no recognizable effects. 0 0%

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    This poll and thread complement the Jill Bolte Taylor and Right Brain poll/thread. Here is another neurological phenomenon which some of us have reported is part of our mental/perceptual life, and some of us find it affects our orgasmic energies access, intensity, and range of effects.

    Daniel Tammet has recently been featured in a documentary, Brainman, about his life as a autistic savant whose astounding abilities come from a very strong case of synaesthesia. Here is brief introduction:

    The full documentary is also available in pieces:

    or the complete Brainman here:

    Daniel also has two books out, Born a Blue Day, his NYT bestseller biography of his youth; and Embracing the Wide Sky: A Tour Across the Horizons of the Mind. In the second he has a very good chapter on the vagaries of IQ measuring and meaning. I'll add more about that later here.

    Synaesthesia (synesthesia) is the experience/description of one sense's input in the form of another sense's input. For, example a musical note sensed as a colour, or reading a word and it producing a smell. There are many possible combinations and layers too. Smells are known to evoke memories as characteristic of that particular mental function, a related phenomenon too. Do you have this kind of thing happen in erotic arousal or in sexual activity?

    Synaesthesia is another form of rewiring, thought to be a form of hyperconnectivity and close neural bridging between the closer lower stem portions of lobes of the cortex with different functions. Tammet is an extremely rare autistic savant who has socialized and is articulating his experiences in great detail for brain scientists around the world now. Like Jill, he and his experience, which he can share in great detail, open up vast new areas of brain research in the midst of the current Neuroplasticity Revolution. We are adding the particular portal of prostate massage and its rewiring to that Revolution. Can you ffffeeeeeeeeeeeeelll......IT!!!!!.......:lol:

    The questions in the poll are necessarily general in a scale. Please elaborate in posting here with your specific experiences and story. Has your rewiring led to this experience for the first time for you?

    all the richest mental life to all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Bump for the new group of synaesthetes!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi artform, Interesting poll. BTW, there's an online test for this. -- The Synesthesia Battery -- (just found this afer introduced the term.

    I test positively for emotions>color, emotions>fragrance.

    I would propose to other guys, for sake of not breaking their anonymity, that they share only those visualizations not already shared with friends, relatives or medical professionals. I intend to share as much as I can that might be of value to this Forum and of minimal value to friends, family and medical types. ...rook
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Well before my Aneros experience, I've gone two or three days intermittently sensing a specific fragrance not detected by others. Usually this will be something man-made like a petrochemical. A favorite is the smell of Ronsonol, a lighter fluid popular years ago. I didn't realize the cause but will start looking for reasons like mood or recent emotional or orgasmic activity.

    A new visualization accompanies the 'break' I'm imposing after a 'mini-O warm-up session.' During those two hours, I'm quite 'lusty' and torn between craving a wet-O and desiring a dry-O. I'm fully functional, may engage in business matters, drive to the market, walk my dog, or just read. However the lust is constantly on my mind and a 'window' with a fictious image is also present. (Competent medical professionals might label this as hallucination and make a quick trip to the straight-jacket locker.

    During this 'break' my vision is normal; however, if I focus (without shifting my gaze) on the left side of my field of view I virtualize a 2D display of a wall of Dutch wooden shoes, all pointed toe down and finished in dull charcoal gray. Size of the display is about 6 rows of shoes, 10 shoes wide. Once I establish the Eupho session, the 'wall of shoes' fades out and my world brightens. The first one of these appeared on the first of March and there have been five repeats since.

    So, yes, I experience synesthesia. In addition to the new image discussed here, I also get a specific image when I 'dud-out' after a mini-O or intense set of p-waves.

    next day edit: Thought the above was a pretty repeatable situation. This morning I proved that thought was wrong. Came out of session #1, settled into my mid-session break, closed my eyes and the image was the paper wrapping around a boquet with electrical discharge flashes (like a jacob's ladder) around the edge of the wrapping. No clue where that image came from. Interesting thing was that it moved with my gaze (even though my eyes were closed) -- other synesthesia images and color fields haven't moved with my gaze, they have stayed stationary with respect to my body co-ordinates. Nice session #2.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Very interesting!
    I'm gonna check out that video.
  • Just a few comments: Those who naturally have synaesthesia (not from drugs or brain injury) are almost all women. Synaesthesia is more than strong association or visualization, but is not necessarily an intense experience. As a "neutral" brain anomaly, I would not think it would significantly affect one's IQ.

    Have you heard about how they've enabled some blind people to "see" by using synaesthesia and sonar tech? Interesting stuff!