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Were any of you guys jealous of women before finding aneros?
  • Im still fairly young, but ive watched ton of pornos... It always amazed me how girls can go into long lasting convulsions from having orgasms (g spots to be specific) i was always so fucking jealous...

    sure cumming is great... shoot a fat load and it feels amazing...

    but when i sat down and compared it ... there was really nothing to compare...

    The women are shaking uncontrollably in pure ecstasy, screaming and squirming.. i could only imagine the insane amounts of pleasure that must bring to have someone lose control like that.

    Ive had a lot of bangin orgasms but i never once came near moaning , screaming, or squirming.

    Tomorrow my Aneros helix should arrive.

    I can not wait.

    I hope to experience something along the lines of a woman g spot orgasm.
  • Don't get your expectations too high. While it is possible you'll achieve something comparable (or maybe even greater) than a g-spot orgasm, there's no established timeline for when this might happen. I see you haven't yet been very active in the forum, so I'll add a piece of advice frequently repeated here: just absorb and enjoy all pleasurable sensations that come your way. Don't have a goal/ends in mind for a given session, just enjoy the journey.
  • mrkpnhmrkpnh
    Posts: 58
    [QUOTE=Ghettygreen;87296]Im still fairly young, but ive watched ton of pornos... It always amazed me how girls can go into long lasting convulsions from having orgasms

    Remember that if you are in a porn film and the director tells you to scream for five minutes then you will!
  • [QUOTE=mrkpnh;87300]Remember that if you are in a porn film and the director tells you to scream for five minutes then you will!

    i can tell a real orgasm from fake... idk if its against the rules to post video links so i wont.. but if you ever watch a pornstar named "cytherea" she is the squirt queen.. she squirts so fucking much then shes sitting there shivering and squirming all over the place lol.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    While there are individuals with unique abilities, who can accomplish amazing feats of "daring do", that does not mean you or I can reasonably expect to accomplish the same effects in our more mundane lives.

    Do you remember Meg Ryan's faked orgasm scene in "When Harry met Sally". Well, commercial porn employs actors/actress' and actors/actress' act. What you are viewing is highly scripted behavior, which may have been photographed multiple times and edited to have a certain appearance, it is certainly not reality as most of us experience life. What you are viewing in porn is appealing fantasy for the most part. One needs to remind themselves of that fact when comparing the behaviors depicted to the normal behaviors men and women display in common everyday life situations.

    If you develop your idea of normal human sexual response based upon actions depicted in fantasy situations you are setting yourself up for extreme frustration and disappointment. I believe fantasy can play a huge role in generating, developing and enhancing erotic arousal and thus create the environment for unleashing one's own powerful Super-O. But there is a real danger in viewing these fantasies as ideals or models of behavior to be expected in our personal realities.

    The reality is that many women will never experience an orgasm in their lifetime, perhaps as high as 15%. Of those that do experience orgasm most do not experience it through vaginal intercourse but via clitoral stimulation. Only a few women can experience orgasm solely through g-spot stimulation. This is the reality.

    Guys, through development of your prostate stimulation techniques you are really in a more advantageous position than most women to experience long lasting, multiple, full body orgasms. Be thankful for all the advantages you have, there is no need to be jealous of a woman's capabilities.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Gg and All!! :D :D

    Rumel thanks for that sober factual background. We need to be grounded in that reality, in order to explore our way through it to whatever potential we may have, solo and partnered.

    Before Aneros, in our relationship, my wife had not experienced a full G-spot ejaculatory orgasm. My decades of solo prostate stim and Super-T-ing had been just that, solo. We had recently back about three plus years ago become "empty nesters" and decided we wanted to be doing more mutual exploration. We settled on mutual prostates explorations and have evolved into a truly astounding mutual prostates practice.

    Mrs. a can now have a wonderful spectrum of results from slow gentle G-spot massages from my fingers, or thumb, or soft penis, or leatherman (semi) erection, though no so much from a hard erection. This range of activities can trigger and amplify chains of moaning active body orgasms, or of still body purring radiating orgasms and alternating patterns. She can culminate with an ecstatic release of the flowing waters of the goddess, not squirting after frantic manipulation, but the profound rooted joyous radiating of great warmth and energies and this magic fluid flows from her body in significant quantities. Or she can get a subtler effect as in ejaculates inward into her bladder, and then later passed mixed with urine during standard urination.

    I can experience chains of Super-Os from active full body twitching, limbs flailing, joyous laughing and tears orgasms, to high energy still body floating bliss "Above and Beyond" Super-Os, and many many other variations, including Mitochondrial-Os from her finger on my prostate.

    In our Wedding Band position we are head to toes with each other massaging each other's prostate/G-spot simultaneously sometimes for a couple of hours or more of the most exquisite elevating deeply relaxing/energizing shared love as complete union. We are so grateful for finding Aneros and finding this level of potential in our sexual and much more, our whole being ecstatic relationship.

    We have as many or more outside life challenges and I know fully that there are biological and psychological reasons why this cannot be found by everyone, or even necessarily desired. But this kind of practice and that of STARR831 and Mrs. S are a glimpse into the erotic, sensuous, ecstatic, spiritual energetics that can cum from acquiring these skills, from receiving these gifts.

    All of our urogenital tissues as mature males and females come from a common set of tissues during foetal development. For posts about the above and more common ground phenomena exploring our males tissues, see my blog: Aneros

    all the best courageous self-discovery and loving partnered explorations and ecstasies all

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Ghettygreen,

    first off, yes, I used to be jealous of women's orgasmic capabilities. But it wasn't because of porn, it was because of the amazing orgasms my high school girlfriends were having while I sometimes had difficulty even achieving an ejaculatory orgasm at all (long story).

    But that all changed for me when I learned KSMO (Key Sound Multiple Orgasm technique) and had my first multiple orgasm experience (7 incredible orgasms in a row and no ejaculation). I started using the Aneros a few months later and began enjoying prostatic Super-O's on top of my new found multi-orgasmic abilities. What I've learned from all my experiences is, orgasms are orgasms whether you are male or female. Like rumel said, it's all in your head and your heart how much pleasure and ecstasy you are capable of enjoying. The trick for us guys is simply to learn how to bypass the urge to ejaculate and separate orgasm from ejaculation (and the Aneros certainly can be a great way to experience that separation!). Once you have learned to do that, I think you'll be continually amazed at how vast your orgasmic capacity truly is. I know I have been for the past 10 years.

    Regarding Cytherea, I've seen her many times and I know exactly what you mean. She is the real deal. Her orgasms are truly amazing indeed. Like you said, the shaking and quivering, that stuff just can't be faked! And with her, it's obvious that she doesn't have to. She's simply an incredibly, naturally orgasmic women. And for that very reason, I have studied many of her performances over the past couple years with one question in mind - am I, as a man, capable of having orgasms equal or similar to the kind Cytherea has? And after all that exhaustive research (pant! pant!) I finally reached a conclusion - YES I AM. And YES I DO. The only difference is, I had to learn how to enjoy orgasms of that magnitude. I'm convinced that Cytherea was just born that way. Is that something to be jealous of? Not necessarily. Like rumel said, most women are lucky to have orgasms at all. Cytherea is the 1% exception, not the rule. Besides, I'm personally thankful for having had the opportunity to observe Cytherea in action because, while I have to say I was already enjoying all kinds of amazing multi-orgasmic pleasures, watching her gave me something new to strive for. From my point of view, it was simply another type of orgasm that I was curious to see if I could replicate in my own body. In my opinion, that's the best possible use for porn - personal education and self-improvement/relationship enhancement. I think of Cytherea as a teacher that showed me a new technique which I then absorbed into my own practice. If I couldn't view porn in this fashion, I probably wouldn't watch it at all.

    I strongly suggest that you pay close attention to artform's elegant descriptions of a typical lovemaking session with Mrs. A because the feelings he's describing are very close to what I enjoy with my wife, and I can tell you those pleasures and ecstasies far exceed anything I've ever seen Cytherea or any other person(s) demonstrate anywhere, on video or otherwise. The truly great pleasures we are capable of enjoying as human beings, to my knowledge, have yet to be filmed anywhere. And believe me, I've looked! In fact, it's only in places like this forum and that I can at least read about people who are experiencing the kinds of pleasures I've grown accustomed to in these practices. As far as I can tell, most porn actors are nowhere near being able to experience, much less replicate on film, what artform probably enjoys on a typical Saturday night!

    I'm glad your Aneros is arriving soon. My advice is, when it arrives put the porn away for awhile or at the very least, abandon all concepts of comparing your beginning experiences to women/performers/Aneros forum posters, etc. You need time (possibly LOTS of time - like months or years) to grow into your own practice and Super-O experiences. Remember, becoming multi-orgasmic whether through the Aneros or KSMO, Tantra, whatever, will change you as a person. It's important to process those changes completely, to get used to and feel confident being a multi-orgasmic man before you go looking to compare your orgasms with others - especially hyper-orgasmic superwomen like Cytherea! ;)

    Hope this helps,

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Great responses guys!!! :)

    Sounds like Artform and Mrs. A need to start filming...
    So when is the first episode cumming out? LOL


    Hello Ghettygreen, :)

    I wouldn't say jealous. But more so amazed and turned on watching one of my ex-girlfriend's have so much pleasure. But she was the exception. Of all the women I've had sex with, she was the only one that was able to have multiple orgasms. Some women can even be much like men in their orgasms, where after they orgasm, they lose arousal and interest in further sex for a while.

    Like the other guys here have said, don't make all kinds of expectations when you first start using your Helix. It really can be a long process for some of us. I'm at three years and almost four months of use. I do get pleasurable to very pleasurable Aneros sessions. But have yet to achieve super orgasms. I suspect though that the long term grinders like me, and the guys that super orgasm within the first few sessions are the extreme ends of the bell curve.

  • waveriderwaverider
    Posts: 51
    To answer your question.... yes, the whole reason I stumbled upon the Aneros a few years back is because I was jealous of the girl I was dating at the time. She could have orgasms as long as we had sex, and they would just get stronger to the point where she would almost have seizures. It was quite satisfying to be on the other end of that as her vagina became as tight as a vice and slippery as hell. In any case, I really felt somewhat cheated at the time to think that I couldn't have that same level of pleasure, but I am quite glad to have figured out how....albeit alone, but it still feels so good that I don't really care. As far as orgasms in porn are concerned, there are definitely particular porn scenes when women have legitimate orgasms. Just as in real life, while this doesn't happen often, it certainly does, and being quite familiar with intense Gspot orgasms, they are pretty hard to fake given all that is happening physiologically (blushing cheeks, convulsions, not the usual oh yeah moaning, occasional squirting etc.). The scene in When Harry Met Sally by the way is such a sad excuse for the portrayal of a real orgasm...that wouldn't have fooled me.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    You're fortunate to have received some wonderful and very thoughtful responses from some of this forum's most esteemed members. I must agree with everything that has been said thus far. I too would advise against basing your experience on something you've seen in a porn video. I've seen Cytherea as well, and I agree that she seems like the real deal and that she is incredibly impressive. But really that's not the point, real or not, your goal shouldn't be about coveting something that someone else has as much as it is about creating the best possible experience for yourself. I assure you that I'm not naive, I am aware that this is a fundamental aspect of human nature. I'm suggesting that like penile stimulation, it's something that should be avoided when one is making their way to the Super O. These are natural tendencies that draw us towards a non-productive path. Over the years, I've witnessed countless members who have fixated on the experiences of others, ignoring their own successes as they strove to replicate something that they'd seen or read about in a forum post. body was shaking uncontrollably and surging with waves of intense pleasure that ran from my head to my toes. I was moaning so loudly at one point that I thought I'd wake the neighbors. The sensations continued for what must have been a 5 full minutes! But there was no precum. I can't wait to have my first Super O!
    I've seen many posts like if no precum somehow invalidated this as a Super O!

    Just to be clear, the ideas presented here are meant to be thought provoking, entertaining, and yes instructive. If you read through the forum you'll see one concept repeated time and time again......your journey is your is unique to you..enjoy every part of it! Remember this as you go forth.

    You thread began with the question, were you ever jealous of women before finding the Aneros? My answer is, I was not. However, having observed women over the years, I was struck by this sense that there must be something more for men. This wasn't jealousy or envy as much as the notion that I'd missed something along the line myself. This wasn't some effort to level the playing field on my part either.....this was my own journey of self discovery and personal exploration. I urge you to adopt a similar mindset. It will serve you well. The pyrotechnics...the writhing, moaning, squirming and ecstatic bliss will be there in time. But don't forget to smell the flowers along the way! The subtle sensations that you'll experience and little discoveries that you'll make will enrich you! They will be there with you once you approach the Super O....without them, it is but a hollow shell!

    BF Mayfield
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    you said you can spot a real orgasm from a fake one how exactly are you psychic if the orgasm that a porn star has faked does not look real then she is not doing her job properly ive been in quite a few long term relationships and can tell you that no two women look the same when cumming i made my ex pass out by going down on her in the shower and she barely made a sound my wife screams the place down a lot of the time i once had a girl who did not move or make a sound i almost lost my erection as i thought she was not enjoying what we were doing then said after it was amazing i asked her why she did not make any noise and she told me her ex hated it when she moaned or bucked around go figure.
    as for the aneros dont expect results strait away you might get lucky first time but if this forum is anything to go by expect weeks or even months of practice before mmo or super-os good luck
  • wal620wal620
    Posts: 4
    Absolutely jealous. But all that is at an end for me. WAL
  • NormandyNormandy
    Posts: 6
    I was/am generally jealous of women. Though the reason I still am jealous of women is because of gender issue's that I don't really feel comfortable talking about in this thread. But I used to be jealous of a woman's orgasmic capabilities. It seemed like guys got the short end of the rope when it came to sex, but once I figured out about the prostate, and how about it was the guy's g-spot, and the orgasm's were very similar, I've became less jealous. Even though guys have to work a little harder for it, men, and woman's orgasmic potential i s pretty much the same.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Sweet Jebus, I just saw one of Cytherea's videos for the first time.
    She IS one in a million!
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    No I was not jealous of women before before finding aneros and having MMO's actually it helps turn me on just to think I can also have Multiple Orgasms
    now as well, actually when ever I think of women having Multiple Orgasms this makes me think of my own Multiple Orgasms and that somehow turns me on
    and sometimes I imagine I am a woman having multiple orgasm I usually fantasise I am a woman masturbating with one of those rabbit vibrators usually
    maybe this turns me on the most because i have seen women having the strongest Multiple Orgasms while using them and they are the female equivalent
    to the male sex toy aneros and when I have a session I usually have a magazine full of the hottest finest women you will ever find the magazines I read
    don't usually picture the women fully nude anyway just half naked wearing some hot lingerie or a bikini and when I use my magazines during my session i
    don't think of how I would like to fuck them, but instead my fantasy fetish or whatever you want to call it just helps me home in on my prostate prenium
    anal area and my level of arousal usually magnifies and goes up up up and away I float up into the clouds to heaven and beyond to a mystical orgasmic
    pleasure filled land where I am at total peace, mind blowing relief at last aahhh.
  • [QUOTE=Ghettygreen;87301]i can tell a real orgasm from fake... idk if its against the rules to post video links so i wont.. but if you ever watch a pornstar named "cytherea" she is the squirt queen.. she squirts so fucking much then shes sitting there shivering and squirming all over the place lol.

    ghettygreen i have some dvd by her, she is so amazning, squirts again and again and again!!!!!!! very hot
    hows your aneros???? u got ur big o too?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    In a word, yes.

    In more words, I am seeing a psychiatrist because of my jealousy of female sexuality, desire to "replicate" it in myself (MMO, etc) + I have/had other sexual issues. I've summed it up better in my first posts on this board, I can't find them for now. Here is one thread though:
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    Oh here's some other gems I've found:

    I'm sure if you search (click my name) my past posts by clicking on my name, you will see just how much I want the Aneros to work for me. No success just yet though.