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Helix or Progasm
  • scs828scs828
    Posts: 3
    I've been dying to get an aneros for a while. Went to my local sex toy store and they had the Progasm in stock. Rather than waiting for the mail, I bought knowing I would have the long weekend to give it a whirl. Well, size wise its big but it really wasn't an issue for me (no real experience with anal play up to this point, but still no real issue with insertion). I know patience is the rule, but no super o as of yet. Some very nice experiences though. Many of the posts strongly recommend the Helix over the Progasm for newbies. My question: should I get the Helix or just stick with the Progasm since size isn't a problem. I know there is a lot out there as far as the benefits of the Helix for newbies, but how about in this situation? Anyone else have similar experiences to share? Also, FWIW, I am a big guy--6 2, 220. I'm totally open to shelling out for the Helix if the recommendations are that it will move things forward more effectively.


  • I'll reiterate what I commented in the last Progasm / Helix thread:

    Although I'm leaning towards Helix as a newbie choice, I think you can work things out with the Progasm. Just take it slow and careful - clean your rectum with an enema, use enough of the right lube, have a session in a relaxed position and don't strain yourself with contractions. Deep breathing and mental arousal should be enough to get you started.
  • Jason MJason M
    Posts: 24
    Just Got My Progasm Ice Today My First Aneros Bought Exited And Didnt Not Expect To See It That Big Was Shocked Of How Big It Was And Cant Wait For Tonight To Insert It Into Me If Ya Wanna Know How It went Just ask Not afraid To Share Ok
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Just stick it out with the Progasm. When I first started, my first model was the Helix. It honestly did nothing for me. And while no super O here as well, my best success has been with the Peridise and Progasm. The only differences are the size, the extra tab, and much more movement on the Helix.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    i own helix progasm and now the eupho they all have merits just what suits your mood at the time i would stick with progasm for a while then maybe add the helix or eupho in a few months patience pays off in the long run
  • setfreesetfree
    Posts: 4
    I only own the progasm. It's great.
  • needit_needit_
    Posts: 34
    okey dokey then, so do tell !! just how well did the journey go?
  • G-RaiderG-Raider
    Posts: 18
    i have both, the helix and the progasm and enjoying em both. sometimes i use only the helix, sometimes i use only the progasm and.. sometimes is start with the helix and switch over to the progasm, lastly i do that very often.. for me, it feels that i have different super o'S with each of em, but they are both great!
  • I went directly for the ICE.. It did look a little daunting, but i bought 2, one for me and one for my partner who has had issues with BPH. No need to reiterate here since i explained what happened in testimonials. but I would like to know how it went Jason M. Details man.. details.. I hope it was all you expected..