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A question of "Ethics"
  • Just MeJust Me
    Posts: 1
    I have a question about the "ethiics" of this. I am not questioning anyone's right, or the rightness or wrongness, but have had such a old fashioned mentality this new stuff sort of freaks me out.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Just Me,

    Your feelings about anal play and prostate stimulation will depend upon the ethic that you subscribe to. If by "old fashioned" you're referring to a puritan ethic, then no doubt you will have some issues to work through. Perhaps it might make a difference for you to know that this "new stuff" isn't really new at all. The fact is, the traditions of Tantra and the Dao that underpin much of what we're about here go back thousands of years and actually predate Christianity. So in a sense, you have it turned around. It is the popularity of these eastern ideas in our culture that is a newer phenomenon.

    Know that you are not alone in this. There are many men that have come here with similar backgrounds who are now delighted Aneros users. Your ability to deal with repressive teachings will be impacted by two things, how strongly these beliefs are held and your openness to new ways of thinking. If you are able to put this stuff aside and embrace some new ideas about your body and sexuality in general then you will likely have some success with the Aneros. I strongly encourage you to do so.

    There is nothing to fear here, and much to be gained.


    BF Mayfield
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    As far as ethics go, Aneros use does not risk disease through risky social behavior, does not involve drugs and in no way encourages infidelity. If you have a significant other, a little honest and mature upfront communication can open all sorts of avenues. Ethically, Aneros gets an A+, in my book. “New Stuff”, when approached in good frame of mind, can equal exciting and arousing. I challenge you to perceive this process with positive labels.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Just Me! :D And welcome to the forum and our great community here!

    I'll second the comments and tenor of BF Mayfield and J4. You can find men and some women here of many different backgrounds, spiritual traditions and ethical belief systems. Read STARR831's blog in the BLOGS section here for a marvellous conservative Christian perspective and a wonderfully full and rich Aneros-enhanced husband/wife relationship. My practice has been a mutual one with my wife from the beginning with very positive energies as described in my blog: Aneros

    Every man's journey with Aneros and through the re-wiring prcesses is unique, and yet the sharing of events and stories here by many as they progress is great support, technical assistance and energies sharing. This practice is a special part of the current neuroplasticity revolution that is completely reshaping our consciousness possibilities.

    It is also important that the Aneros phenomena arise from a scientifically designed, prostate health, therapeutic medical technique and tool. A tool that also may unlock/potentiate an enormous range and depth of previously stifled male consciousness, sexuality/sensuality, joy and ecstasies; of far more activated and healthier bio-energetics; of broad emotional, cognitive, philosophical and somatic reintegration; of significantly better quality of life, happiness and well-being for many many men, with great benefits to their partners then too.

    Once additional scientific studies quantify and describe these things, in addition to the already known 20% reduction in risk for prostate cancer demonstrated by existing studies, I believe that ethically, these devices may be handed out with instructions to pubescent or post-pubescent male school students, the way tooth brushes are handed out to encourage proper personal dental care. Prostate massage is a general uro-genital prostate health practice, as well as a specific therapy for Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. As BF Mayfield says, some other cultures have known of this for millennia.

    all the most positive beneficial ecstatic joyous journeying all

  • Hi. Are you referring to 'ethics' as a moral principal? There is nothing wrong with adhering to a persons personal or group belief. Enjoyment of one's sexuality has always been questioned and does present a dilemma. As B Mayfield said, nothing here is 'new' at all. Why shouldn't we be able to move forward and enjoy what we have as a species without getting dogma and fanaticism involved. You are totally right to question.
    I admit I was a skeptic at first. However, as a licensed bodyworker and certified person trainer I get to work with men everyday. As i related in another post i approached this with eyes wide open and and admittedly 'tongue and cheek'. I boldly purchased 2 and gave my partner one for valentines day. Hoping that with use, and a little fun on the way it may help him with his chronic BPH. I was more than surprised at the result from the beginning..
    Keep questioning, open your mind and see what can happen... Have a great 'BIG O" you deserve it.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Hi, Just Me.

    Like some on this forum, I also come from a conservative Christian perspective and started using Aneros prostate massage last year for episodic prostate congestion pain as well as when I want to avoid masturbation during times my wife isn't interested in sex to prevent the post-ejaculation refractory period associated with that, which in my case tends to kill desire for sex for a few days. The improvement in prostate health and in erection quality and desire when we do have sex has been well worth it. I don't do porn and I've been open with my wife about it, though it's not a topic that's of any interest to her. My sessions are relaxed and the prostate orgasms, though different, are very pleasurable.

    If you're coming from a similar conservative background and want to discuss your faith more in this or another regard, feel free to "private message" me. It took me a while to relax with this too.