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Beginning my session not aroused... jump starts me into MMO's
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I was going to put this in Rumels "are you aroused" thread. Just seems like it deserves it's own thread. It’s a different way to begin a session that has worked great for me.
    I've been wanting to post this thread for quite sometime but just haven't been able to come up with the best way to explain it. Here it goes though...

    I often have my best sessions when I'm the LEASED bit aroused. What I mean by this is that I have no erection and I'm not even thinking about sex and I'm not horny. I just decide I have some free time and think I'll have a session. This works great with aneroless sessions as well. Seems to work even better if I haven't had any recent erections as well and just haven‘t been horny at all. The reason I think this works so well (for me at least) is because of the surge of arousal I get when this sexual energy gets moving caused by the aneros. It's like the sexual energy is just sitting in it's 'storage' place just hanging out and I sneak up on the arousal/sexual energy without it even being ready for it and catch it off guard. Because of this, this sexual energy seems to accelerate through my body much quicker and intense than if I had already been aroused. It's basically the exact opposite of trying to get yourself aroused or horny before your session.
    Even though I'm not aroused, it doesn’t mean there’s no arousal to be found. I know that the sexual energy is within me. It's always there. ‘When’ I decide to ‘stir it up’ or ‘get it moving’, seems to be the key for a good session for me.

    Another thing that has a big impact is the size of my flaccid penis. We all know that the flaccid penis has many different sizes. What works best for me is to start an aneros/aneroless session when my penis is the most smallest in size in this flaccid state. I believe maybe this is because the sexual energy is ‘deepest’ in its storage place. Seems when this is the case it’s much easier to have prostate and full body orgasms than penis based orgasms. So when I insert the aneros when in this non aroused state, it’s the introduction of the aneros to my anus and prostate the stirs up this sexual energy (not my mind/sexual thoughts or porn) and since it’s deepest in its ‘storage place’ I experience this heightened initial release of arousal/sexual energy which typically is in the form of a mini O. This helps to jumpstart my session pretty much in the first minute or less of insertion. I’m usually having MMMO’s in the first mintues of insertion. If I don’t the session often is going to be a dud.

    This works the same with aneroless sessions. If I notice/feel that my flaccid penis is extra flaccid I can pull down my pants and lie back, and then give my nipples a few strokes. The sudden release of the sexual energy/arousal from deep within, comes so strong that it makes me moan and breath very fast and heavy and the erection that’s developing is in the form of a mini O/MMO‘s… which come in many varying degrees of intensity. (I usually always say mini O or MMO’s because I‘m not too big on the term super O There‘s so many different intensity levels of orgasms it‘s difficult to determine just where super O begins and where the lesser ends. When I get an erection from porn or seeing something that turns me on, it’s rarely in this intense of a form.

    So basically the concept of this whole thing is that using the initial surge of sexual energy/arousal to jump start my aneros/aneroless sessions seems to work much better than if I’ve already been aroused. Another thing is if I’m cold (which typically means very flaccid penis, very erect nipples) I typically have the best sessions. Again I think this is because my sexual energy isn’t flowing much, so with a few flicks of the nipples or inserting an aneros it usually sends me right into MMO’s because of the rush of sexual energy/arousal. I’ve noticed that when I take a bath before a session, I usually don’t have that great a session. Coming out of the bath my flaccid penis is at it’s biggest and nipples are much more desensitized. There’s probably a steady flow of sexual energy already because of this so there’s less of a surge when inserting the aneros.

    We can also look at in this way. Lets say that the sexual energy is always flowing through your body. But when you’re feeling the least bit aroused it’s flowing the slowest. When you view porn or get yourself sexually excited the speed of this flow increases. So you’re increasing the speed of this flow through porn or sexual fantasy. Then you insert the aneros. Your sexual energy is already flowing pretty fast through your body so when you insert the aneros it’s harder to feel an increase of this arousal because it’s already moving through your body at a fast rate.
    Now lets skip the first part. Your sexual energy is flowing very slowly through your body. Now you insert the aneros. With the aneros in place you feel the sexual energy begin to speed up. Because you already of have the aneros in, this sexual energy speeds up much quicker than it would normally by viewing porn or other methonds. Since you already have the aneros in you can go right into MMO’s skipping the recommended ‘relaxation for the first some odd amount of minutes’.

    I realize this is a practice I've used for a long time with traditional masturbation. When I was younger and planning to masterbate soon, I tried very hard to not get excited about it. I think the concept was the same. I liked to keep the arousal/sexual energy the least bit flowing before starting to masterbate so that when I did the initial surge would be intense.

    I understand the idea/concept behind getting yourself very aroused before a session. It’s basically so that you have a nice flow of sexual energy to ‘work with’ during your session. I just feel that the sexual energy you’re going to need for your session is already in you just chilling out and the initial surge I get from feeling it go from stagnant to quickly flowing helps jumpstart my sessions. It’s like a nice little nitro boost to get me started.

    Man I knew I was going to have a hard time explaining this concept. I tend to write way to much to explain something so simple. And I still feel I didn’t quite explain it the way I would had liked. Hope it makes some sense to people. I’m not trying to dissuade people from starting their sessions aroused like most recommend. I’m just giving you a different option and idea/concept to try. Plus it’s worked wonderfully for me. Maybe it’ll work for you as well.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Billy11, thank you for this great post/thread!!! :D

    Your excellent description of this sensitivity and relationship to your energies is a very important key for all, and a great working mental model for those who are ready to resonate with this level of awareness. The more one can experience the prostate awareness awakening to whole body energetics awareness, the more your scenario can work for anyone. You have been advancing very well for some time. This is an important dimension to the "arousal" question rumel asked, IMHO.

    In his thread, I set out a four phase generalized map of arousal development and change throughout an early to maturing Aneros practice/journey. You description here can be seen and felt as part of steps 3 and 4, I believe.


    3. an openness to the changes in what arousal is and what physiological changes there are as Aneros practice continues over time, including the reduction of penile focus and the reduction of flaccid penis size during sessions, for example, or other patterns with this anatomy, as one example of changing physiological and arousal patterns.

    4. a gradual transition to a focus on other bodily, mental, body/mind reintegration, aesthetic, bio-energetic, life-force, meditation, and spiritual stimulae, effects and arousal forms influenced by both one's life history, partner relationship, Complementary Practices, intentions and wider worldview based on the connections of the Aneros Prostate Awakening and Expansion.

    Your comments here about penis size during a session resonate with me and my choice of that as an example in the explanation in the quote from my post in rumel's thread.

    Just as you have described the always available, low level, "waiting" sexual energies, I referred to the "always, all ways" energies of orgasmic/life-force/spiritual vitality that can trigger great Aneros or Anerosless sessions for me, or respond to many life events with astounding joy/orgasmic sensations, yet with socially appropriate discrete visible bodily reactions, again as part of this later stage of integrated conscious energies life.

    Congratulations and,

    thank you again for this great exploratory mediation on this key subject shared generously here with us all

  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    Billy11, excellent post, thank you. I thought maybe I was the only one who often had his best sessions when NOT aroused.