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Super E/Super Erection, a new term?
  • Shouldn’t “Super Erection” be a new Aneros term in the Wiki given to the unique erections caused by the Aneros and Peridise models?

    So many guys from the Aneros forum that I have chatted with describe the erections they get from the Aneros and all say they’ve never had and never have an erection as hard and in that certain manner when they use the Aneros. Some say you can get the “skin-busting” erections from edging as well but I don’t think they ever reach the degree of getting one when using the Aneros. It’s like the internal pressure on some part of the penis causes an “invisible penis pump.” It’s like an untied balloon that inflates and deflates at a fast rate with the slightest pressure or loss of pressure from the device depending on the anal/rectal contractions.

    In the Wiki they mentioned one of the milestones as the penis becoming rock hard, the glans and corona flaring out more than usual and the color of the glans becoming a purplish-red hue and shiny in appearance. That was the old definition, now they just sum it up as a “rock hard erection.” I think they should have kept the former description.

    Most guys say basically (and almost identically) the same description of what happens to them when using the Aneros. They mention how the penis becomes longer, harder, and thicker than their average erections with the head of it becoming very red or purple, flared, and shiny in appearance. Many pre-cum a lot and it twitches and throbs a lot at a fast pace. They say their erections have a distinctive fullness feeling and will stand straight up to their belly and rest tightly against it. It was also mentioned that their erections will fluctuate from hard to soft, soft to hard, at an extremely fast rate for a long period of time. I think that would be defined as a form of “erection cycling,” a term in glossary on the Wiki.

    I have had these things happen to me and more often when using the Peridise. I tend to have longer and more frequent super erections as well as pre-cum with the Peridise.

    Many of them tend to think they are close to the Super O when these things happen? Is that true? I know it’s a milestone but I don’t know how close a milestone makes a person to achieving the Super O. I usually have the best erections over an hour into my sessions. I don’t always have a Super O following a Super Erection or “Super E.”

    Have any of you had what is described in these paragraphs or more or less?

    I try to remind these guys that while a Super T/ejaculation can result from these erections that ejaculation does not result in the Super O, that the Super O is not a penile based orgasm.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    No question the Aneros redefined the whole idea of what an erection could be for me. Yes, I can certainly relate to much of what you've described. That said, the thing that holds me back from agreeing with you on the idea of inclusion of Super E in the WIKI glossary is that there are many guys that never experience an erection, Super or otherwise when they are having a Super O. When I first coined these terms I did so with the idea that these were transcendent sensual experiences that were available to all men, if they had the patience and the inclination to take the trip. For the most part, I still believe that to be the case. I have the sense that adding this particular term would have the effect of making a lot of guys feel needlessly excluded from something. After all, not having an erection doesn't necessarily effect the quality of a Super O.

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I have to concur with 'B Mayfield', I am a member of that group of men who do not get these enhanced erections. While I concur with you this phenomenon may be a remarkable event some users may experience, I am reluctant to list it as 'milestone' or 'Glossary' term for fear that men may feel they are missing out on some aspect of the Aneros experience and that their efforts to achieve such an effect may prove futile and disappointing. IMHO, this is merely one of numerous different effects different men may experience in their 'rewiring' journey but is not an effect one 'should' strive for or expect to occur.
    Now, having said that, I think a mention of enhanced erections should be listed in the WIKI as one of the possible effects users may experience during their Aneros sessions but let us not attach more significance to the effect than it deserves.
  • Yeah there are many times where I don't get an erection at all and when I had my first Super O or at least what I perceived as one I didn't have an erection during it.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833


    Have any of you had what is described in these paragraphs or more or less?

    Yes EB, got'em regularly long before there was an Aneros and before I ever used any anal device. Only a few of your "super-e's" since I turned 30. I must share B.Mayfield's thoughts on this one.

    Sounds like a good topic for a poll.

    You'll need some standardized terminology. Most of the standardized indexes (EQS etc) are, "does it work OK and, for long enough?" You might also check into what's doing at thunder's place. They do some volume measurements to compare and track penis sizes. Extensive database by member names.

    When I discuss erections with my Urologist or in the ASI group I rate them as 50-60% (chubby), 60-70% (soft), 80-85% (penetrable), 90% & 95% (enjoyable). 100% (fully stretched--garden variety hardon), 105% (cat scratch -- as big as possible with only slight discomfort), 110% somewhat painful- purple skin, heavily veined, shiny glans, flared corona, etc. Got this from a Urologist years ago but This is my own scale but seems understandable.

    You're talking about what I call 110%. I frequently produced 110's between age 21 and 27. When I ceased to easily produce them on a regular basis I got concerned, felt I wasn't competitive, gave up the 'chase' and got married.) -- not unusual for str8 guys in their 20s.

    I think what you're experiencing here is a strong erection, very good venous 'lock up' (making it all arterial blood pressure), then 'augmented' by perineum + pelvic pressure on the 'crus' (that portion of the penis that's back behind your pubic bone). Progasm or Maximus per chance?

    I'd guess that you'll be seeing this more often due to perenium conditioning from Aneros use. Owning youthful Testosterone levels isn't hurting this either.

    Erectile wise, I think I'm pretty close to the mid-point of the male population-- when age adjusted. So your poll should find a reasonable distribution of 110's. (I work as an E.D. group facilitator and group librarian so am exposed to a variety of performance complaints, boasts, whines, issues, etc.)

    Oh yeah, while you're enjoying this phase of your life, buy a molding kit from one of the toy houses, make a mold of a purple one, have dildos produced from the mold. Nice "personalized" gift(s) for your sig other(s). :twisted: :roll: :roll: 8)
    =============== late edit ============

    Just saw rumel's post. Agree with him. Since this is phenom is distributed across the general population it isn't something peculiar to Aneros use. ...rook
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179

    Shouldn’t “Super Erection” be a new Aneros term in the Wiki given to the unique erections caused by the Aneros and Peridise models?

    I fully agree that Super-Erection is not unique to the Aneros. There exist a technique with which you can pump your penis super hard. But, to do this you need good control of your pelvic muscles.

    Exercising your PC muscle when not erect you will actually note that when the PC muscle is flexed the the penis is drawn in other words it gets shorter. Now if you can isolate you pelvic muscles so that the muscles between the anus and penis are relaxed and the muscles between the anus and tailbone are tight then you have the effect that the penis is actually pushed out, this coupled with an erection then the blood just keeps pumping into the penis and the penis swells that extra bit and the glans penis swells up and goes deep purple and as the penis is pushed out it can gain 10 to 20% in length. (below site claims 40% - I personally grow between 3/4 to 1 inch when fully excited)

    This process is described somewhere in the most unreadable site - search for ballooning of penis.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I agree with our esteemed experts. After 6 months of trying I finally reached the (until that time) elusive super o. The first time I started to ramp up . . . I didn't think I was going anywhere because I kept shrinking. I can start out with a fully erect super hard erection and I go just the opposite as the feelings get better and better. I am a very adequately hung person . . . . as my super o approaches I shrink art an exponential rate. When I am in a cluster of orgasmic super o contractions I literally retreat fully into my abdomen.

    The other day I had one of the best sessions I ever had . . . when I finished I rolled over over and to my amazement there was absolutely no part of my penis that was visible. It was kind of like a ground hog hiding from a dog.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Interesting proposal EB81. :) Like your scale rook. :D

    Share your experience bigguy! :shock: :lol:

    And am finding fantastic new subtle sensations that are highly stimulating, when I can fully retract. This, like the Joys of Soft Penis Sex that I am writing about in my blog:
    is some of the most important territory we can find, explore and regain, IMHO. Its potential and benefits for both sexual range and capabilities, and for energies balancing and sharing and skill development are truly exceptional. The open-topped volcanic cone of shaft skin is all that's left with my full retraction.

    How about you bigguy? I'd be interested if you too are getting any unique sensations in the fully retracted state.

    Anyone else able to get and sustain full penis retraction?

    all the full range of motions and sensations all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Bump for the current discussion of erection enhancement effects of Aneros use! Thanks equalityboy81 for first documenting this phenom.

    Super-Es, super easy, Aneros!!! Great opening encouragement/distraction. And as your practice progresses...

    time will tell as all possibilities become your daily options all

  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    I am a mid 60's high blood pressure person who has ED. I would have been disappointed with my Aneros experience if I expected it to give me an erection.

    The greatest benefit of the Aneros products along with KSMO has been the ability to have orgasms without erections.

    I don't like the side effects of Viagra so I use a penis pump when I want an erection.

    "Youth is wasted on the young!"
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=helixbill;86781]... snip ...
    "Youth is wasted on the young!"

    Yeah verily helixbill

    My 9th grade SexEd teacher spoke the converse when she said, "it's a shame that teenagers can't have all the material and mental assets that full-grown adults possess."

    Or, as George Burns said in GOD, "when I created Man I thought of 15 as 'middle aged.'"
  • 54f2th54f2th
    Posts: 6
    I posted about my "aneros erection" not long ago and was surprised that it didn't get much of a response. It may be due to the way I titled the post. However, I have read so many posts where other guys report a bigger erection during an Aneros session, so I know that I am one of those who sometimes gets a bigger erection with the Aneros.

    Like so many others, during any one of my sessions I go from flaccid to hard several times over a one to two hour period. The cycle between soft and hard goes from completely soft (I am a grower so the difference is very noticable) to a nice firm hard-on, but nothing too dramatic. But there are times when my cock becomes VERY hard. I have taken the time to actually measure myself (I'm sure a large percentage of fellas have measured themselves so I can admit that I've taken a ruler and checked myself) with and without the Aneros in place and when I get those super erections, I am thicker, fuller, longer (I have measured nearly a half inch thicker and a half to a full inch longer), with a fuller corona and plumper head, that can go from a deep red color to flush a dark purple. And when I get one of those super erections, the surface viens are far more defined and bulge far more so than during a regular erection.

    Perhaps I do not actually get bigger, but am experiencing an erection that I haven't had since I was younger. Maybe the Aneros just gives me an erection like I had when I was a boy. Perhaps thats the explination for it. But I too have noticed it.

    I notice and experience my "Aneros Erection" most when I decide to masturbate myself to climax with the Aneros. I'm one of those fellas that has not yet had a hands free orgasm, so most often after a nice two hour session (with no penis stimulation but plenty of great feelings), I am so sexually excited that I just have to move to "an ol' fashion" jerk off session. It's when I start to play with myself and stroke myself that I often get one of those great throbbing, full, longer, plump and purple cock head, with all the viens popping out..........erections.

    And no two ways about it, I am bigger and far more sensitive to touch.

    As I mentioned in my prior post, since it appears that I am one of many who also experiences a bigger erection during my Aneros sessions, perhaps the term Super E should be added to the many other wonderful experiences that Aneros boost about. I would not consider it false advertising that the Aneros can provide some men..............a bigger erection.

    Perhaps a poll of men measuring themselves with and without is in order. It would be interesting to see how many others notice a difference.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    54f2th, I can very much relate to what you're saying. I get super E's during my aneros sessions. Thing is though is that I get the same exact Super E's during my aneroless sessions as well. I think you're right about maybe it's not that you're getting a bigger erection but instead you're just getting the same quality erections you used to as a youngster. I'm only nearly 30 but my erections aren't what they used to be when I was younger. I actually believe the Super E that I get during my anero's/aneroless sessions are much more intense in flavor than when I was younger. As in for me it feels more full body instead of it all focused on the penis.
    I believe the reason why my aneroless Super E's are the same as with the aneros inserted is maybe because of the rewiring. Just seems like the intensity of sexual energy is flowing so much greater.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    Could you clarify if some of the remarks on here refer to erections between sessions. I've noticed that I have harder erections the day after a session but nothing during, unless I deliberately make a grab for it.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @bunk, i believe they are referring to harder erections during aneros use as I can attest to getting them also.  I guess I've never noticed a harder erection the day after a session, but either way I guess its good.