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  • The N**** has been described as a "next generation" version of the Aneros: basically, an Aneros copy but with ribs and vibrator function. I own a rudeboy and other vibrating prostate massagers, and after having had just one Super-O with the Aneros, I can say with confidence that there's no comparison. I can't see how adding a vibrator could possibly improve the function of an Aneros or Aneros-like toy. My experience has shown that "The Original Male G-Spot Stimulator" is likely to be the best prostate stimulator for quite some time to come. Nothing beats good design. No amount of bells or whistles can hide that truth.
  • I have also found that prostate vibrators numb me. Initially they feel great but that quickly turns to numbness. My first toy was the Helex but my favorite toy is the Eupho. I also use the nJoy Prostate Fun Plug 316 Grade Stainless Steel. This baby after using the Aneros will actually make me cum hands free. A great way to finish a session.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    The nJoy Prostate Fun Plug has an interesting curve to it that I think I would like. I sometimes feel like I am not quite hitting my prostate with the Eupho due to my body shape.