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Size issues and help?!
  • Hi!
    Im reading over the forums for many months now without writing something on my own.
    I really enjoy my sessions by now, but there are some issues id like to ask. I try to breathe slowly and also tried the tantra breathing methods written something below (in the forum).
    I got a little problem with the size I think. Everytime I use some silicon lube (i dont know if its too much).
    Then I wait the normal ten minutes till my anus is ready for contractions. I got some great progress and if I concentrate on my prostate and breathe right Im on a verge for a super-o (i think). But in the moment of pleasure my aneros starts to take the way out of my anus, like pushed out. What is wrong on my sessions? Perhaps my p-tab is not fitting. Has it be to be very tight down there or is there a must for some place for the aneros to push?
    Thanks for the help. I want to get further into my sessions. Also tried the hypnoaeneros-cd. Props to it! great work.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 257
    Hello xbukowski. I had a little of this when I started. If you have a penis stimulated orgasm with the aneros in, it does tend to push out and in that situation, is very hard to keep it in. But in your case with the pleasure waves and mini-orgasms, a little extra contraction..just a little... might do the trick and keep it in. It does spoil the fun when that happens. Keep trying and above all ENJOY! Tomasheen. Some senior members might have better advise.
  • hy tomasheen,

    thanks for the fast reply. I dont really know if its a penis stimulated orgasm. I absolutely use the advice of the "penis-not-thread". The contractions are another problem. I try to use the one muscle (to hold back when I pee), but i dont really know if its the right one. Too many rules for me I think (I know) :).
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello xbukowski, :)

    My experience has been that rectal muscle contractions cause the Aneros to be pushed out. I typically have experienced these during the midst of a super-T, or sometimes when I get really high pleasure peaks during the Aneros session. The trick that I found works for me is to allow myself to relax through them, which not only keeps the Aneros inside, but makes the pleasure more intense. So as you continue to practice your Aneros sessions, try to learn to identify and differentiate between rectal muscle contractions that push out like you're having a bowel movement, and anal muscle contractions that pull in. In addition to working your PC muscles that move the prostate closer to the Aneros.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    I have a couple of questions, how much lube are you using and which Aneros model are you using? When you sense that the Aneros is coming out, have you been contracting at the time? Do you sense that there is an involuntary contraction taking place perhaps?

    BF Mayfield