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can it be 'this' easy??
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    i just had one of the best sessions this morning, as far as 'ease of getting' there, as well as achieving the super 'o'....after all was finished, i sat and thought, 'can it be ''this'' easy'? i read, sometimes, the inquiries from aneros users, asking...'how will it happen', or 'why wont it happen'. i truely understand some of the frustrations going on in new users, as well as quite a few 'not so new' users....i profess i do not have all the answers as to how aneros is best utilized, but there is one 'standout' that always enters my mind, especially when im finding myself in a stalled session......'''' let it come to you '''' plainly put, but oh so true.!!! i was taught this by two great friends on the aneros community, toobad and ohmy..... when you least expect anything to happen, when you feel as though you're not getting anywhere with the aneros, 'put it out of your mind, relax, and........just do not chase for a result, as you'll never catch one, and if you get even the smallest good feeling from aneros, just be you can relax and allow your mind to wander to far away places, soon you will be rewarded, as dame aneros 'comes to you'...thanks, chuck
  • No, thank you Chuck!
    As a committed grinder, what you have said I know to be true, but putting it into practice is another story.
    Nevertheless it's a great insight you have expressed here, and as you say "relax and allow your mind to wander to far away places, soon you will be rewarded" I can't help thinking that that's the reverse of what I usually do.....time again for me to try a new approach, thank you for that.

    Could you tell me if for you, as you become aware of the rising pleasure, remember your mind has wandered, that sudden awareness, does it hinder the development of that pleasure? Also, do your muscles throughout your body stay relaxed as those heights of pleasure approach? Sometimes I feel I'm almost there, I just haven't learned to fully let go.

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    sky, to answer your first question, as im drifting in thoughts, just on a verge of complete mind/physical 'neutrality', i do become accutely aware that aneros has begun to kick in. upon realizing this, i attempt to just continue my breathing and lay there, doing nothing. this only promotes more pleasures for which to build on. as to your second question, i attempt to allow my prostate to literally 'take over', which it will, if given the chance. my muscles will contract, and then relax as i enter phases of my journey. there will be times when i will get stomach involuntaries and 'fast legs', as i call it. times like these, you'll have no control. just allow yourself to be led and try not to interfer with what your prostate wants to do with you. your reward will be great the better you're able to just 'let it come to you' wishes on your future journey.....thanks, chuck
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    Hi chuckjo2000 and Sky_Walker!! :D :D

    Excellent advice and reportage CJ! Good question Sky and you've been given a great answer. I'm taking your comment and quotation of CJ's statement as a nomination for it as an Aneros Aphorism, which it certainly deserves. I will post it there now. Post any comments in that thread.

    Thanks and all the best to/for you both. CJ, you are such an easy natural at all levels of orgasmic ecstatic possibilities!

    to see the universe in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, to hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour

    William Blake, prefiguring the best prostatic orgasms with pure creative imaginative poetic ecstasy...