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Aneros Gives Me A Bigger Erection
  • 54f2th54f2th
    Posts: 6
    It is not my imagination....................Aneros gives me a bigger erection. I have measured myself with and without the Aneros and my erection is longer, fuller, and firmer.

    At 55, my erection is still firm and I can maintain my hard-on for as long as my wife and I want to make love, or if I am just in the mode for a simple masturbation session. Of course I am not as firm as I use to be and it doesn't stand up at a 45 degree angle as it did when I was just a boy, but using the MGX does in fact make me bigger.

    I can measure an extra half inch in both lenght and girth while having an Aneros session. My shaft is much fuller. My corona is wider, and my glans is far more plump. Normalally when I get hard the head of my cock goes from pink when soft, to bright red when I am fully erect. With the Aneros, the head of my cock blush dark purple.

    The most notable difference are the surface viens around my shaft. The dorsal vien and those along the sides and across the underside are far more defined. In addition, there are many smaller viens that appear that I do not see when not using the device. Is amazing how the viens bulge more and give my erection far greater texture.

    I also notice a much firmer erection with my MGX. There are times when my cock is nearly back to it's 45 degree angle again. If I am laying on my back it doesn't even touch my belly...........just like when I was a teenager.

    Perhaps the Aneros doesn't actually make me bigger, but maybe it stimulating my prostate is just increases the blood flow and allows my cock to engorge more, as it once did so many years ago.

    During one of my sessions, I will experience erection cycles between completely flaccid and fully erect. And then there are those times when the cycle gives me an absoluetly rock solid hard-on, with a grand purple head, full corona, and fat veiny shaft. looks great !

    I haven't seen anything (advertiising or on the web site) from the Aneros folks that the device can give you a bigger erection, but perhaps if other fellas experience the same thing............they should tell everyone. I call it my "ANEROS ERECTION".

    Anyone else find they get a bigger, fuller erection with the Aneros?
  • gyrategyrate
    Posts: 4
    Mine are firmer as well. I get hard the moment I put it in. I keep reading here that the focus shouldn't be on the penis, but once it touches my prostate, I'm hard as a rock.
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I'm a mere infant toddler in the Aneros world, but I noticed right away that I had harder erections with the aneros inside me. I was awakening in the morning with raging erections the likes of which I had not experienced for many decades. The fact that I had such an increase in pre-cum without even touching my penis told me something different was going on. I also get a pretty good dribble of semen when I'm not even thinking about sex, and am not fully erect.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well Guys!!! :D :D :D

    Welcome to the Super-E phenomenon! Please see the now companion thread bumped here for you, where equalityboy81 christened this particular delight of Aneros use for some.

    Aneros promotes better flow of pre-cum, semen and blood; and orgasmic energies.

    enjoy, butt don't loose focus on your crowning jewel