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Will Aneros Give Female Orgasms?
  • ansubansub
    Posts: 14

    I'm prescribed estrogen & anti-androgens due to a health problem.

    I no longer have any erections, I'm 100% impotent & my testicles have shrunk. No sperm is produced any longer.

    I'm 19 years old.

    Anyway since I'm on female hormones, I would like to know if using the programs would induce a female orgasm?


    will it do basically nothing since I don't have any testosterone in my blood?

    I DID talk to my doctor & he said that you prostate has shrunk into the exact g-spot of a women due to estrogen effects. (women & men both have the same structure as eymbros)


    I want to ask is the orgasms you guys experience basically the same thing as what women experience?

    Also what type of "re-wiring" is happening so to speak? any exact information on that.

    Some background of me.
    -Have plenty of anal experience. Took in the world's biggest dildo.
    -I mediate a lot & have plenty of good skills with completely relaxing. I can down all the way into Delta brainwaves while still being awake.- which means I can shutdown by mind & body as being in deep sleep yet still being awake. I've read that completely relaxing, letting go & being calm is key to super o's, so I think I will have a short learning curve.

    Why am I interested in this?

    Spiritual practice. I have heard that members here have Out of Body Experiences & lucid dreaming. Many people who have these experiences have erections during these experiences.

    This is called "Sex Transmutation" which was concept taught by Napoleon Hill. Basically, conserving your sex energy will indeed induce your state of mind to altered states of consciousness which there you can access incredible amounts of creativity.

    You can also do this with meditation but doing it with Sex energy is also another way.

    Basically, a lot of people in this forum I think don't release that although what they may feel is great physically & the sexual tension that builds up is fascinating ----> They also may not realize that when they are in the state of getting these super orgasms- they are really in a altered state of mind...

    This altered state of mind can be induced also by drugs. I've heard many members speak of "this is the best high" or one person said "I never knew that you could induce drug-like effects with-in your own body without actually taking drugs. No drug can compare to this"

    There is also a great addiction for some people, I've read.

    Napoleon Hill even said that drugs can achieve these states of mind but it is of course destructive to take drugs since they cause addiction, health problems & financial woes.

    Anyway, I believe that intent during orgasms is very important. There is an incredible surge of energy running through the body & there is NO refractory period which is when you become lethargic during a traditional orgasm. Napoleon warned against traditional orgasms that men experience- this takes you away from being in high-performance states- since they suck up life-energy. Traditional Orgasm are literally meant to take out some life-energy from your body & transfer into a woman's egg, so reproduction can occur.

    Other than that traditional orgasms in my humble opinion are worthless besides reproducing. They literally transfer away energy from the body to spark pregnancy in a woman.

    Mike Tyson knew this & so did Muhammad Ali. They tried to hold on to their oats as long as they could, especially before a boxing match where they needed it the most.

    Elvis Presley & Michael Jackson did drugs before a show or did drugs during songwriting/producing to come up with #1 hit songs.

    But the problem is that simply entering into these altered states of mind is only half the story. Napoleon Hill himself said "the secret comes in 2 parts"

    Part 1 is actually being able to enter these altered states of mind.
    Part 2 is having an intent to do something. Nothing is impossible during these states of mind except that which you limit yourself too.

    The average functioning consciousness which most people are in has limits. Altered states have no limits & no rules;

    Napoleon Hill himself said that simply enjoying physical pleasure in sex will not achieve anything; It is best to take the pleasure- which is really just energy & carry it out to a certain task; like problems, coming out with a solution or creating some invention.

    A lot of users here have commented how super orgasms literally do not stop- they have no refractory period & the tension just builds up to the point where they want to stop their session.

    This is exactly Sex Transmutation. Your sexual energy is building up & it is building up way above & beyond what Napoleon Hill thought it could go....

    Hill simply believed that stopping semen wastage was key & it IS...But what I believe he missed was also intensifying the sex energy... not simply stopping leakage & waiting for it to build up like some savings account or CD investment account.

    A lot of users here also commented how they were able to continue getting super orgasms right after they ejaculated. I believe the aneros has intensified their sex energy to very large amounts & 1 ejaculation, although resulted in some loss of energy, they still retained a nice portion of energy.

    I would also like to make a point that when these super orgasms occur I believe that if it was made a practice to achieve something mentally during the orgasms, the results will be very good.

    Now, Napoleon Hill said hormones such as testosterone and estrogen are very important.

    Apparently I've uncovered something.

    Females are given the exact same tissue in the g spot & as men have in the prostate.

    Since I no longer receive any erections or produce any more sperm, there is no need leakage of energy so to speak, since none is being created in the first place!

    But... what I theorize I can DO is use my prostate to intensify & build up my sexual energy- and this sexual energy I theorize WILL be female sex energy since I'm on estrogen.

    My doctor told me that my prostate- though shrunken will still receive pleasure from a massage.

    My theory is basically that I need to stimulate my prostate and then re-wire my nervous system.

    Transsexual women who get sexual-reassignment surgery DO get multiple orgasms because their prostate is NOT removed. It is a shrunken prostate that is basically the same tissue found in the g-spot of women.

    In addition, Billionaire Andrew Carnegie was a telepathic & he could read people's minds like a book is read. He was very good at seeing everything you did, said & were going to do. He was very sharp telepathically & he knew people's natures very will which is why he was able to build a empire despite being born into poverty as a child & knowing nothing about the steel industry.

    He choose Napoleon Hill to research what made people successful because he knew Napoleon Hill had a very strong sex drive even though Hill never told him. When you have high sex energies you are able to sustain greater loads of stress, work & pressure in your professional career. Carnegie also disagreed on funding or financing the project- to him it would disrupt the process since he only wanted Hill to do it if you he would love to do it.

    I'm getting the progasm, what do guys think of all my theories, ideas & research?

    (My health problems for taking estrogen and anti-androgens are due to a messed up endocrine system in my body. My T levels were low & I was developing bone & joint problems. Doc put me on steroids & none of the testosterone replacement therapy he put me on was suitable because all it was doing was raising estrogen levels. Having two conflicting hormones in the body is VERY dangerous. So he put me on estrogen & anti-androgen. He said the T was converting into E and now since you are taking E, it can NOT convert to any other hormone since estrogen can not bio-chemically convert to another hormones. He said that there is no other choice right now because your body NEEDS to run on a hormone. Without running on a hormone, he said my bone problems will get much worse & the damage would irreversible. I've also worked with a bone specialist & she agreed with his diagnosis. He said he WILL eventually take me off the estrogen once my problem is fixed and then he will try to put me back on T & see if how my body reacts. He's very experienced by way & he said something is up with my endocrine system, it's not the result of high doses of T, since they were very low doses & it wasn't possible for my estrogen levels to jump that high from converting from such small amount of testosterone.)
  • ansubansub
    Posts: 14
    just ordered the progasm.
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    Hey I just read your post, and wanted to wish you the best of luck, I can't imagine the things your going through right now and I really hope that the progasm works out for you. I was just curious though, what if you tried some type of vibrator like women use to see what feelings you get from it? I know that vibrators numb the prostate, but I figured as something to just test out the feelings you get, before you get the progasm. Either way please keep sharing your info its so interesting
  • 1) There's no such thing as masculine vs. feminine "sexual energy," nor is there a purely linear relationship between hormones and sex drive - brain chemistry is just a tad more complicated than that.

    2) Testosterone and Estrogen don't have to do with the physiology of the refractory period. Traditional orgasms will always induce refractory periods in men. I believe there's one documented case of a man who never had refractory periods, and the speculation there was that it had to do with his prolactin production (if I remember correctly).

    3) You are not female, thus you cannot have female orgasms. While the p-spot and g-spot are similar in origin and function, they are still sex-specific sex organs. But of course you can have similar orgasms, which I believe you're getting at.

    I'm sorry to hear about your condition. There are other ways to amp up your sex drive: I suggest exercise, multivitamins, and loads of fish oil pills. Best of luck to you!
  • I found it of interest that your doctor chose to take the route he did in dealing with your estrogen problem. I'm very familiar with the issues you face because I am also on testosterone replacement therapy and am currently dealing with high estradiol levels. Most men who go on TRT will eventually face the problem of high estradiol. Even bodybuilders who use steroids experience this. Take a look at any of the bodybuilding forums where steroid use is discussed and you will find a discussion taking place on how to deal with high E2 levels.

    Many urologists and endocrinologist won't even deal with the issue and are fairly unknowledgeable about it, to the ultimate detriment of their patients. However, those who are cognizant of the issues usually treat it by prescribing estrogen suppressors, like Armidex. In fact, some endos and uros are now looking at the E2 levels *before* prescribing TRT, and correcting that because getting E2 down to about 20 or so will usually cause a testosterone boost of about 200! I've never heard of an endo actually *adding* estrogen to the system. That's like throwing gasoline on a fire. You mentioned that he's going to eventually put you back on T. WIll this even do anything for you at this point without the addition of something like HCG to restore some testicular function?

    You mentioned that your doses of T were very low and couldn't have caused the high E2 level. Is it possible that you had high estradiol *before* beginning TRT? This would certainly contribute to having low T.