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Increased Ejaculation Quantity and Force ?
  • As I approached 50, I began to notice that my ejaculation was waning. Those wonderful squirting and spurting ejaculations that me and my wife had always enjoyed in my younger days were now nothing more than a dribble. Both the quantity and force had declined considerable. My erection is still strong and my orgasms are still very pleasureable, but I wish that I could once again shoot that nice big load that I had when I a teenager. I know that things change with age, but I hope I was still a long way from those days.

    To be safe, I went to my doctor for a check up to make sure there was nothing wrong. My PSA levels were OK, but my prostate was a bit larger. Normal for a middled aged man, but nothing realy wrong. I did some research and found references to impoving prostate health with prostate massage and prostate milking. I bought my MGX with the sole intent for medical reasons. Of course finding out that it is also a very nice sex toy is a benefit. I've been enjoying it and had many pleasing sessions for nearly three years now, but there has been no real marked improvement in the quantity and force my ejaculation.

    Has anyone found that using the Aneros has increased their ejaculation volume and/or force?
  • Hard to know because first time I masturbated while using a g-spot glass dildo inside I made quite a mass on the floor but I wasn't watching while I came and spread around it can look a huge deal more than concentrated. And using the aneros while lying one a towel I came into it and it also got quite a bit of volume, but more than usual? No idea.

    I would assume it may empty me a bit more though.

    I think I've noticed differences in apperance in the next ejaculation to.

    Regarding force I don't know, it changes I would say, even under normal conditions.

    I'm "only" 30 though and my volume is probably quite high all the time, as said force vary.
  • Direct prostate stimulation before and during orgasm can increase ejaculate volume for that ejaculation, but there's no reason to believe it would significantly increase volume in any long-term sense.

    As you've noted, your volume reduction does not indicate any medical problems; you simply enjoyed shooting big loads. There are an abundance of volume pills marketed for this purpose, but they're a waste of money IMO. Aneros for sexual health + multivitamins (esp zinc!) and plenty of water should help get what you want, but we're not talking pornstar cumshot volume here. Perhaps others have more applicable experience to share...
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    I noticed a change in volume and strength of my ejaculations within several months of using the Aneros. At first I attributed this to the stimulation and gentle expression of my prostate by the Aneros, but over time it became clear that there was a residual benefit too, as my ejaculations had more volume and strength without the Aneros as well. I believe that this has to do with several things, the first of which is increased muscle tone. Furthermore, a congested prostate is less productive, I have no doubt about it. Better circulation in the prostate is a factor here. Prostate massage promotes better circulation.

    Le Petit Mort is quite right, there are supplements that can improve the volume of your ejaculate. Some of the forumulations are quite expensive, and you can often get the same action by finding the isolates, so do some research. Zinc is indeed a terrific supplement for prostate health, I'm taking 45 mg of Zinc a day in a formulation that also includes Quercetin, Bromelain and Saw Palmetto. Since starting this regimen I've noticed a modest uptick in production of precum and ejaculate, and with respect to the latter I've noticed that it has a slightly thinner consistency now. (Better ammunition!)

    BF Mayfield
  • macjimmacjim
    Posts: 28
    I'm new here, and I can't comment on Aneros, since I just ordered a Helix yesterday.
    I do know that taking yohimbe helps me to increase the force of my ejaculations (huge increse in distance; no more dribbling) and the volume. I used to use the purified prescription form, called yohimbine, but the manufacture of it has stopped. I plan to go to GNC today to buy their version. I've used it for at least 15 years, and despite negative comments about it, using small amounts daily doesn't have as many side effects.
    I'm at the point of needing the Aneros because I'm 64 and have had such a huge enlargement of my prostate that I'm having recurring prostate infections. The last straw for me was being totally unable to urinate on Christmas day, 2009! I know about Foley and intermittent catheters now!
    My doctors have told me to ejaculate every day, for prostate health. My girlfriend isn't interested in this frequency!
    I have used digital stimulation on myself and can have an ejaculation without erection that way. It's kind of a reflex though.
    I'm looking forward to using Aneros therapeutically at first, and then get more into the pleasure side of it, but I can't have dry orgasms all the time, unless I can ejaculate semen afterwards. Will it be possible to get to the point of daily dry orgasms, followed by semen expulsion? I estim so I know about dry orgasms.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello 54f2th, :)

    I've noticed that my ejaculations are more forceful like they were in my younger days. I attribute this to stronger PC muscles from Aneros and no-Aneros session practice.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Many years ago, in the era of Master's and Johnson's work, they determined that age 42 was a statistical pivot point in their classifications of male ejaculatory performance. Two factors are at play. First there's a small sphincter that provides back pressure during the first several ejaculatory pulses. When the force of fluid overcomes that sphincter, the first blast lets go, and when I was 16, I had a 'throw' to the opposite wall of my bedroom -- about 5-6 feet. At about the same time when the ciliary muscle in the eye leads us to become 'far sighted,' the sphincter's power of contaction fades.

    I was pretty much in the middle of their bell shaped curve and was in total shock at age 43 (right on time) when the 'explosion' didn't happen one night. A mild sense of depression followed that event :heavy sob:

    Throw distance is also enhanced by the spiraled surface inside the urethra -- puts a stabilizing spin on urine or semen. As we age, the smooth muscles of the urethra slack and velocity is traded off, reducing the spin and also the distance.

    Master's and Johnson's original 'over-42' category was called, "Geratric Sex" -- that term was dropped for lack of 'broad public acclaim.'