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Lubes... suggestions?
  • BonaparteBonaparte
    Posts: 22
    I found this on an Islamic culture website:

    Hazrat Alqama Bin Amir narrates that Prophet (Pbuh) said:

    “ There is olive oil for you, eat it, massage over your body, since it is effective in Heamorrhoids (Piles).” (Ibn Al-Jozi, Zanbi)

    “You have the olive oil from this Holy (mubarak) tree, treat yourself with this, since it cures the Anal fissure (Basoor).”

    I've read Crisco is favored by gay men; I wouldn't eat Crisco so I won't lube with it either.

    and this is from alt dot com:

    The other word, of course, is lube. Use lots of it. In fact, if you think you have too much that usually means you don’t have enough.... The anus is designed to remove water from whatever is passing through it, so water-based lubes will tend to be sucked dry a lot faster than, say an oil based lube (dry is very not fun for anal play). Thicker water based lubes (Maximus, for example) may get you the desired combination. Many long-time anal enthusiasts feel that the best lube for anal play is an oil-based lube, preferably something without any added flavors or chemicals as they can be absorbed into the body. ... may be the best of both worlds: Silicone lube. It's similar to a water-based lube, but not water soluble, and it can stand up to a lot more rubbing of parts, so it lasts a good bit longer. Saves you from stopping in mid-drive to re-lube the tool. The down side is, it's hard to clean off. And, well, it's more expensive, sometimes as much as a third more in cost, than water-based products.

    Remember that anal tissues are very delicate and can tear very easily. So be gentle and slow when giving attention to your ass. No rushing, no forcing – take your time and don’t try for getting anything in all the way until you feel no discomfort at all. If you do have a bit of blood don’t worry, it’ll heal up rather quickly. A lot of blood, though, and get yourself to an emergency room – embarrassing, sure, but better than having it develop into something serious.

  • agentgreyagentgrey
    Posts: 21
    I used to use a combination of Maximus on the aneros itself, and a dropper full of a generic water-based lube. I think my problem was that the glycerin in the water-based lube didn't always agree with my bowels... So I switched to a silicone-based lube called Pjur EROS Bodyglide. It is more expensive, but a little bit goes a long way and you don't use as much per session. I usually just spread some on the aneros and I'm good to go. Plus, as mentioned in the article you quoted, silicone lubes don't get absorbed as quickly (or at all?), so the slippery effect lasts longer.

    Cleanup is no worse than other lubes, IMHO. I just use hot water and soap.
  • chrisconnchrisconn
    Posts: 5
    I've never found that KY works with my aneros. I used to use Liquid Silk, but I found another lube that works really good called Boy Butter, it is thick and it doesn't loose slipperyness.