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9 months and alllllmost there
  • 9 months ago I decided to buy the helix. I've been using it at least once a week since then and I've definitely made some progress, but I still haven't had a super orgasm. It took me about 6 months of experimenting to finally learn how to 'activate' - not sure if that's the word everyone uses around here - my prostate. There's been a couple times I've had involuntaries, but they only lasted for about 5 seconds or less. I know I"m getting close

    There's no way I'm giving up on this, but after 9 months I think it's time I got a little advice from some of the experienced members of this site. I've read a number of different descriptions of people's success stories, and it seems that there's pretty much 2 schools of thought - the do nothing school, and the do something school. I've experienced with each one alone, and with a combination of the two. I've had more success with combining the two.

    Here's my take on things

    I'm not sure what words to use to describe this, but all I can think of it as is an 'inflated' feeling in my prostate. It feels as though it gets as big as a freekin honeydew (think the guy who plays Ben Stiller's dad in Zoolander). Now, is that something I should be actively trying to do? After it's 'inflated' I can either sit there and relax, doing breathing exercises, or I can try various a particular muscle contraction, so that my prostate or the helix is positioned juuuuuust right. I've tried so many subtle, yet different variations of the two, but just can't seem to settle on that magic spot.

    Any suggestions?
  • pnomanpnoman
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    A little off topic, but the guy who plays Ben Stiller's dad in Zoolander is Jerry Stiller- his real dad! When I think of movies and the word prostate, Marlon Brando comes to mind with a wonderful quote from The Last Tango in Paris, "I have a prostate like an Idaho potato." Which he says just before he gets finger fucked with some butter for lube. Personally I would have gone with sour cream...