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  • Hi fellas :)

    For me the Progasm is perfect, i have the greatest O's of my life! But i still want to
    try to mod my Progasm, to maybe increase the pleasure a bit more. So, i dont want to change
    my original Prostate and i dont want to buy a new one, so i made a pretty nice duplicate of it.
    See the screens.

    Imageshack - dsc01004fu.jpg

    Imageshack - dsc01002uj.jpg

    (ignore the base at the tabs, cause i could easily cut that off, the material is not the same as the original one, but some sort of it, at the moment i am using a cheaper material, but if! i find / create a nice mod, i will use high grade plasic. I could use multiple colours [close to all possible collors], that would make each one unique :D )

    But then my mind asks me, is it legal? to make things clear, im not going to make any profit out of it.
    Maybe i find an even better creation,(if that is possible :D ) And someone is asking me for a copy, is it allowed to ship my creation? i mean, i would only want the money for the amount of plastic which is used in the process of making? Should i ask the anreos makers instead? anyone an idea?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Sounds really interesting.

    Imageshack seems a bit of a mystery for first time visitors. Since you've got an album in your profile how about sharing there?
  • the filesize here is very small.. i need to edit my shots later at home to reduce the filesize..
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    The Aneros prostate massager is a patented device. As such any device manufactured that relies on the same fundamental principles to function would be subject to patent infringement charges. If you wish to distribute a modified version of these devices (even if not for profit), you would need to obtain permission and/or licensing from the patent holder to do so legally.

    While duplicating any particular model for your own personal use is probably tolerable, I think you need to speak with High Island Health LLC (HIH) about any other use/distribution ideas. If you were to create a modified model which yielded better results or more pleasure, I'm sure HIH would be interested in seeing it as they are continuing development of new models.
  • ahh ok, thats exactly what i want to hear. i was unsure about the hole stuff, but no i am clear, thanks!
    Ahh, yeah, i had the idea of, if i would find a "more pleasure" model to contact the producer/distributer, but cause of my busy job, i don't have much time to check who the distributor is. (at home i do not have access to the internet at the moment, caused by a broken vdsl modem.. :( )
    Thanks a lot.
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    I hope the P tab is nice and strong, I would hate for you to lose that thing up your ass.

    I'm sure that Aneros do lots of testing for strenghth etc before bringing models on the market.