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Waiting for the mind boggling experience
  • I'm to the point where I can maintain full body tingling for lengthy periods of time. Also if I back off and sort of restart I usually get a heightened experience. Today I got a feeling like I was almost ready to cum (normally I have a difficult time ejaculating) and stayed on the edge for a while. I try to relax and let the involuntaries take over and push me over the top but cant quite make it. My mantra is "This is really good', Let's go to the next level. I feel like I'm definitely making progress but like everyone else (I want it all right now). Any help would be appreciated. Staying relaxed seems to be a big problem with me. It feels so good and I tend to tense up. It takes a big conscious effort to relax my total body. BTW 68 years of age; decent plysical shape, height/weight proportional. Been using I guess a couple of months. I have the Aleana tapes some. I have modified mgx, helix, eupho. Getting similar results with all nice tools. I think I need to bend the P tab arm us as I have some of the discomfort mentioned by others on this site. No previous anal experience except by medical doctor. Diagnosed with a midly enlarged prostrate. PSA is coming down since I started using aneros devices Told the doctor if he examines me one more time, then he is enjoying it.

  • Hi, e_w, thanks for the update.

    Relaxation. Ah...that's the challenge isn't it, when we start getting feedback from the prostate.

    I have been working lately, both in my aneros and non-aneros sessions on what I call "level maintenance". By that I mean, when I start getting pleasurable sensations, I concentrate on just that "level' of enjoyment. So, if the tingling starts, then just try to hold that feeling. How, you ask? Well, I find that the best way to do that is by controlled breathing. Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes in the midst of enjoyment, I don't' breathe very well...i'll find myself exhaling fully and then not taking another breath. This results usually in a coughing jag that can pull me right out of my zone. So, while at a particular level of enjoyment, I try to maintain that, which usually means some form of gentle contraction or positioning of my aneros, along with controlled breathing, in and out in and out. You might try this.

    By the way, I'm just a few years younger than you, at almost 64.

    Now all that controlled breathing has to be linked to relaxation, I believe. When in the throes of pleasure, I often really tense up, arch my back, lock my legs in a very contracted position. Not good, I think. I really have to concentrate on letting the pleasure roll, while at the same time allowing my body to relax. Think of it as allowing yourself to "float" above the bed. Many guys report that during Super Os, that they have experienced a floating feeling...THAT'S what you're trying to achieve.

    So, couple your pleasurable zones with trying to maintain that feeling WITHOUT trying to get to the next level, and do so while letting yourself relax. Sounds like a tall order perhaps, but I think if you'll try this, you'll get to the next level without even being conscious of the effort.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

  • OH!!OH!!
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    ever_willing... I'd have to say from my experience that it is mostly time and experience and getting used to the Aneros, sensations, brain re-wiring over time that cause it all to start happening. You are used to traditional methods and the idea of getting there rather than just going along for the ride. You will have to learn to just go along for the ride many times and always relaxing to reach the climax. You can't force it, you just have let the wave take you once you learn to ride the wave.