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Was this counterproductive?
  • gator1gator1
    Posts: 4
    I started on my second session with the Eupho yesterday afternoon thinking I was going to be alone for a couple of hours, but about 20 minutes in a family member showed. I had been working on breathing, then on rhythmic contractions and was feeling really good, but not close to an O or anything. Anyway, I decided not to remove the eupho, and instead walked around the house, or sat and laid watching TV with it in my ass for a couple of hours. It actually felt pretty damn awesome walking with it in there, and I felt some pretty good sensations on my prostate.

    Would that be counterproductive to getting the O going down the road, maybe desensitizing things? Or will every little bit help?
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi gator1,

    Accepted wisdom here seems to be that prolonged contact may be counter productive in that the prostate needs a rest from contact/stimulation to avoid any possibility of de-sensitisation. That is the usual advice to those who ask if it OK to 'wear' the Aneros over night.

    There are so many variables because we are all unique, what would de-sensitise one man might be a raging turn on to another. Personally I can't see that a couple of hours in your case would do any harm, a two hour session is nothing out of the ordinary. Any de-sentitising soon rectifies itself anyway.

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf