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no pleasure; is Helix too long? Doesn't go all the way
  • BonaparteBonaparte
    Posts: 22
    I have the Helix. I am male, 47 years old, 6 feet tall, 155 pounds, wiry frame. Other than using the toilet, I have no experience at all with anything to do with the anus since last being diapered about 45 years ago. First insertion was two days ago; no pain then. I followed the directions; evacuated then rinsed rectum, used plenty of lube (nozzle came out of anus clean), relaxed with Aneros inside me for 20 minutes, then the 30 breaths, tensing sphincter on inhale, relax on inhale, then tried holding sphincter contraction at 1/4 to 1/2 of full force. No pain or pleasure. Could not feel anything happening with the prostate; can't feel when or if the Aneros applies any pressure to it.

    Second use for me today, two days after the first. Again, nothing. I warmed teh Aneros to body temperature beforehand. No pleasure, but I did start to feel a headache after insertion. After the 20 minutes of relaxation, I experimented with removal and reinsertion; no problem. I was not hurrying or forcing anything. Easy. But no pleasure... I thought that perhaps I had used inadequate lube, preventing movement and stimulation, so I inserted a 10 cc syringe of ID glide, which was at room temperature and immediately felt my face and my rectum get unpleasantly cold. My rectum felt insulted as if I had just had a difficult bowel movement. I figured I had to just wait for the lube to come up to body temp, so I relaxed with deep breathing. The rectum felt OK again in a few minutes, so I began again with holding 1/4 to 1/2 of full force on sphincter. Felt maybe a little novelty sensation but nothing I could identify, and then after 10 minutes, rectum again started to hurt as if I had just had a difficult bowel movement. By this time it was in for an hour; I was ready for a break. I removed Helix and prepared this email, and my rectum stopped hurting.

    I wonder: is the unit supposed to be sticking so far out? I tried gently pushing it in all the way, and that didn't hurt, but it wouldn't stay in. When I'm relaxed, Aneros sticks out about an inch, in that the very narrow part at the very end where the abutment and handle join the body is about an inch from the skin covering the sphincter. This results in the sphincter being held open about as much as it is during my average bowel movement. I got used to the presence of the foreign object and to the dilation after a while, but I wondered if the Helix is supposed to be all the way in. It never is, even when I contract. At maximum contraction, the Helix seems to move in about a half inch along with the sphincter as the sphincter is pulled toward the anterior abdominal wall, but the unit itself only slides about 3/16" further past the sphincter when I contract the sphincter.

    Is my rectum too short? If that is the case, I wonder if the unit is striking the anterior/superior rectum wall, past the prostate? If so, maybe when the unit is at its maximum sphincter expansion during the insertion, is when it would be passing the prostate. It's hard to tell what I feel then because the stretching feeling is kind of overwhelming; it was previously associated only with a monster bowel movement.

    My questions: Is the depth of insertion correct; or should the very narrow part at the very end be at the sphincter? Is it usual to not feel any pleasure at all, even though I'm relaxed and have no pain on insertion? Should I try a shorter model? Any suggestions (other than warming up the ID glide)?
  • ninonino
    Posts: 28

    Not sure if you have read the stuff on the beeline and other posts, but this all takes time. I would say you might be using too much lube and also recommend that you first get really horned up before trying it. Use it when you are really, really horney or after getting really worked up. There are days when using the aneros really is wonderful and other days when things just aren't going well. Hang in there and read up on things from others, unfortunately that means reading a lot of stuff but take it a bit at a time. I wouldn't recommend jumping to conclusions after 2 sessions. Relax and realize that this might take a while. Even after 7 months I find that even when I think I am relaxing, I am really not. Relaxing your mind so your body intellegence takes over seems to be important in my opinion.

    Wishing you the best!

  • agentgreyagentgrey
    Posts: 21

    I, too, would advise you to read around in the forums for more advice, ideas, etc. A few initial thoughts:

    1. Although your mileage may vary, I've found that lubes containing glycerin don't agree with my bowels. Your second experience sounded like this may be the case for you as well. I've found that silicone lubes work better.

    2. "All the way in" is a relative term. I would let your body situate the aneros by itself. Is the abutment tab hitting you at all? I have the Helix as well, and usually when I first put it in the tab is resting on my perineum but not exerting lots of pressure. As the session continues, the entire Helix is drawn deeper inside and the tab presses harder.

    You will find lots of discussion of the "correct" combination of breathing, flexing, relaxing, etc to achieve the Super-O... I think that just reflects the fact that the whole experience is varies from person to person. I try to focus on the PC (piss-stopper) muscle more than the anal/rectal muscles.

    I agree with Nino -- it helps to be aroused, so give it a few day's rest and watch some good pr0n during your next session. The fact that you don't feel anything pleasurable right away is probably more common than the "I put it in and had an instant super-o" story. Try masturbating with it in to get yourself erect, and then see if you feel anything where the aneros meets the base of your penis. Play around with different body positions, and don't worry about keeping your hands off your penis when you're first getting started.

    I'm still hoping to find that Super-O, but in the meantime I've found a lot of great sensations. Give it more time and you will too.
  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    Agreed. I think your body will put the aneros where it needs to be, I wondered about this too.
    Your only problem with this is if the tab doesn't touch your perineum at rest you should probably think about modifying the tab position as described in the aneros mods section.

    Question, how much of the Helix is proud when you're at full contraction & can you get any pressure from the tab this way?

  • BonaparteBonaparte
    Posts: 22
    Good advice nino, thanks... I tried stimulating my self to get hard and I think I felt more of.. something the third time. I also felt the "gritty " feeling some guys have described ( I recognised it from a past BM , but that is what I have for experience).

    I tried making sure the lube was coating the unit and I think that made a difference (thanks support). I turned the unit back and forth as it went in and I think that distributed the lube more completely. I think I can't feel lack of lube directly, it just is harder to move the unit ( and I feel sore later).


    The abutment tab does hit me in the perineum... And the unit was drawn in deeper as I practiced, as you say. Good advice to masturbate and try to feel where the Helix meets the base of the penis... I think I got some more clarity last time with that technique. Thanks.


    I can get pressure on the perineum. I have so little experience I don't know if it's enough, but it's definitely pressing. The extremely tapered part where the tail of the helix meets the handle and the abutment tab is about 1/2" proud of my anus. Is that how far in it goes for most guys? or is it supposed to go ALL the way in? Thanks