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Does anyone here prefer peridise to other models?
  • I'm thinking about getting the peridise because with the sgx, and helix the contractions are uncomfortable for me because the perineum tab puts on too much pressure. Anyone else have this problem with the p-tab? If you have has the peridise produced great results?
  • Search around the forum. There are suggestions for modifying the p-tab so it is more comfortable.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello New111111a, :)

    At this point in my Aneros journey I do not prefer or even use the Peridise much at all. But then again, I have not achieved super-O yet either. Although I do get pleasurable sensations from my sessions.

    Here's the Aneros Wiki entry for P-tab cushioning.

    While you can certainly do this. And I briefly tinkered with it early on in my journey, I now find that I no longer get any discomfort from the P-tab. So your body either builds a tolerance, or strengthens the perineum area from the P-tab touching/massaging that area.

  • I modified my mgx (not particularly wanting to) to have no P tab. i deliberately cut off the handle. I find that I get better anal feelings than when using the eupho or the helix with the P tab. I have had the same problem that you have in that the P tab cause discomfort during an extended session. I think the Peridise would be a nice addition to my collection; I'm saving my money. I do think modifying the P tab is a good idea but be careful. I used a "map torch" a little too long. Hey, when a hair dryer is not hot enough you go the next best thing you have.
  • aliquisaliquis
    Posts: 77
    The medical version of the site sell them as hemorroid massagers and I assume the regular ones as prostate massagers, so I assume they may hit your prostate less but what do I know.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I prefer the peridise because I find it more practical. I can use it whilst sitting at my computer, on a train commuting to and from work or watching tv. I can use it without people around me knowing what is going on other than I appear to be in another world.

    My best sessions are first thing in the morning just after waking I slip it in and just let it run. 10 mins is all it takes to set me up for the day. It then get up with the devise still inserted and go about my ablutions. There seems to be a link between my prostate and my teeth because when cleaning my teeth (electric brush) I get a rush and buzzing feeling in my prostate.

    Peridise is the first device to get working but Helix, MGX, Euphor produces more pre cum.
  • Before you try bending and maybe melting or breaking (see my earlier post) try this.

    Go to the local drug store and look in the foot section. Find some "Toe Separators". They are almost clear soft rubber, about 3/4 inch square and contoured. They are fairly thick. Make a pocket in the middle by cutting with a sharp knife or razor. The pocket fits nicely over the P tab. Two things happen the rubber is much softer so it doesn't it does not hurt as much as hard plastic and the pressure is distributed of a larger area. This may be a good thing, especially if you don't know the exact spot the P tab is supposed to hit.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Id say that if I prefer any model the most, it would be the Progasm. I like a fuller feeling, and I would say that the ball tab is so much more comfortable. I often wonder why they dont reformat the older models with this tab. For me, it doesnt bother me as much with the Eupho, but does a lot with the Helix.

    As for the Peridise, its a tricky model. At first you wont get that great of results, because the model does work differently than other Aneros devices. However, I personally have gotten good results with the Peridise. It just might take a bit more time.
  • I purchased the advanced peridise set a little over a year ago and first impressions were that it was just ok.
    However, as Nat said it just gets better.

    The peridise is now my favourite. The larger of the two does the most for me. The peridise is very subtle, it just touches my prostate and teases me for ages building to a massive orgasm. Sometimes it beats against my prostate very gently like beating a drum and it goes on for ages. This is a wonderful experience and just drives me nuts.

    The other Aneros I have are the helix, eupho and progasm.
  • MacPCMacPC
    Posts: 12
    I have the Peridise, MGX, and Helix. I can't say I prefer any model. The obvious advantage of the Peridise: it can be used while seated or in other positions where the handle might restrict motion or might push the aneros into uncomfortable directions. I get pleasurable sensations with all of the above, but no super-o's yet, or anything remarkable or unique with any model. I would like to hear from others who have gotten farther along how the Peridise works for them without p-tab involvement. I've read a bit about how important the proper placement of the p-tab on the perinium is, but clearly the Peridise doesn't have this, so it seems to have some different way of working. Could any successful Peridise users, particularly those with other models, comment on significant modes of use or function of the Peridise, compared to other models?