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Interested in trying with Viagra
  • Ive been using the aneros for awhile now with no luck. I wanted to try using it with viagra just to experiment im barely 21 and too embarrassed to go to my family doctor to get some. Plus i doubt the doctor would give me any anyway. Is there another place i can go to to get some?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I'm not sure what help viagra would be? I've never used it before but doesn't it just help you get a hard on? I don't see what value that would have if you are having a solo aneros session.
    If you truly have ED, then I don't see why a doctor wouldn't help you. what has age got to do with it?
  • There are suggestions in the WIKI about getting yourself in the mood.
  • Hi, Shira..., welcome.

    You say you've been using for a while...mind if we ask how long? I'm sure you've read the wiki and other resources here on the site that have let you know that for most of us, the Aneros journey takes a bit of time. So if it's only been a few weeks or even a few months, then you may just have to settle for continued progress, slow though it may be, before you begin to rewire. Many here wish it were automatic, insert and be blown away, but it doesn't work that way in most cases...sorry.

    Now, as to your question. I would seriously discourage you from using a complex chemical ED DRUG at your age, and really, for no good reason. Aneros is not about your penis. That's about as succinct as I can get. An in actuality, an erection can be a block to Aneros enjoyment, believe it or not. You have to understand that this is about a paradigm shift in your thinking and your experience. You are a young guy and in all likelihood, you've only thought of orgasm in the traditional sense of ejaculation. With Aneros, we would like to encourage you to begin thinking in terms of expanding your experience of orgasm over to what we call 'non-ejaculation orgasm'. In fact, ejaculation usually kills an Aneros session dead.

    So, while there's nothing wrong with starting a session while aroused, we all like that, it's simply not necessary for Aneros enjoyment or good prostate stimulation. Man of us start with flaccid penis's and then experience a nice solid erection as a result of the aneros working on the prostate, but many wonderful Super O sessions have been had with no erection at all.

    I am assuming, now, (and you know what that can mean), that maybe you're trying too hard. It's a very common early mistake, and one that can create high expectations that can never be realized. Aneros bliss comes from total relaxation, freedom from expectations, and a clear mind. There are many different techniques that guys use to reach Aneros enjoyment, but for now, how about trying just simply inserting your toy, lying down on your back with your knees raised and just relax deeply. The Zen of Aneros is to allow your body to realize that the enjoyment of Aneros is already within you, and all you have to do is get your mind and body out of the way and let it come forth. I know that may sound silly, but it's actually true. The less you concentrate and "try" to make an Aneros work, the more it will respond.

    Your mind must be quiet so that you can "listen" for the faint, easy-to-miss, early responses of your prostate. You'll not likely experience a great surge or overwhelming glow early in your Aneros journey. But trust me when I say, the journey is worth the effort and the patience. All of us who have reached higher levels of Aneros enjoyment will tell you this.

    But, you simply have to be patient, continue to practice, and have confidence that every session gets you closer to the goal.

    My, our, best wishes for your successful journey.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    This was composed this a.m. and I see Cockadoodle has posted above. He has included some elements of his masterpiece (Penis Not) and I recommend that, when Forum search is again implemented that you find that post and read it in detail.
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    A few thoughts:
    -- not sure what you're after here but, a legit benefit of PDE5 inhibition is additional pelvic floor (crus) engorgement (a good thing).
    -- Unless the dose and timing is well controlled, erections can be distracting and overpower your session (when Forum search comes back online, read Cockdoodle's excellent post titled "Penis Not") ... this is possibly the best guidance available as you explore PDE5 inhibitors.
    -- As noted above, at your age, GTP/GMP and cGMP levels in your penis are generous so you may find it difficult to achieve the desired pelvic floor engorgement without annoying erections.
    -- plan on the initial half-dozen sessions being marred by cluster headaches, sinus congestion, bluish or foggy vision, extra mucus production in your colon and skin flushing. Those side effects should subside as you adapt to the med.
    -- start at something like 1/3 to 1/2 tab and dose two to three hours ahead of your session so that the initial surge of effect will dissipate and not mar your relaxation. You might find something like 1/4 tab, four hours ahead of the session works well. Viagra has some hide-out in bone marrow and can come back to 'haunt' you at the five or six hour point -- not good in the middle of a time slot when you are in meditation.
    -- consider a different PDE5 inhibitor such as Levitra or Zydena (udenafil). Those meds are better focused on the GU system and for a given 'bang' in your pelvic floor should have fewer annoying effects in other body systems. I'd not recommend Cialis since it's effects can linger for dozens of hours.
    -- with Viagra you might have to play with your lube to avoid a tendency toward diarrhea.
    -- with Levitra, be alert to 'next day' hamstring pain and how it affects your butt buzz.

    Separate PM concerning sources.
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    Sorry, no PM -- had mail working but can't locate "options" in my profile or settings c'est la guerre!
  • xheperaxhepera
    Posts: 48
    As a user of both Viagra and Levitra, I would advise against using ED drugs to enhance the Aneros experience. I *have* used both in conjunction with the Aneros. . .but only if I'm planning on just doing a traditional masturbation session with the Aneros as a prostate-stimulating adjunct. I never use it for an extended Aneros session as the erection just makes me wanna grab my junk and jerk away instead of appreciating the long, slow, sensual erotic bliss that the Aneros triggers. Your mileage may vary of course, but my opinion is that the resultant erection is going to detract/distract from what the Aneros is designed to do. Especially if you've not had any success with the Aneros to date. I think something else is going on here and I'm wondering if the reason for your lack of success might not be your focus on the penis. Forget your penis and its state of tumescence. Means nothing to the Aneros.

    You didn't say whether or not you actually have ED. I do. . .and one of the great things about the Aneros is that it enables me to experience orgasmic pleasure *without* ED aids. Superior orgasmic pleasure, in fact, to the traditional.