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holding the contraction until muscle fatigue
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    I have read many posts regarding contractions saying to hold the contraction and eventually the muscle will fatigue bringing on p waves and orgasm. I have had absolutly no luck with this method. Perhaps someone who has had success with this can elaborate....
    when holding the contraction, what percent of contraction are we talking about?
    and just how long should you have to hold this contraction?

    I have read several posts saying that you can't force an orgasm and trying is not the answer.... doesn't this method contradict this?
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    just hold a clench at about 50% of your full clench and try not to release or tense any harder its tricky the muscle wants to go one way or the other. after 2 or 3 mins to 15mins i get involantry contractions these definately help when trying to have mmo or super o
  • I'm with you, thhn....! I must have the strongest anal muscles in the world as no strength of contraction or length of time will bring on any involuntary muscle action. I can hold a squeeze for almost an hour and the only thing that occurs is....I get bored. Doesn't matter if it's quarter-, half-, full-strength or something along the continuum -- I get no response from the anal muscles.

    The only time I've experienced involuntary contractions is when I am simultaneously highly aroused and excited. Oddly, the first time it happened, I was at the computer and had not done any anal muscle tensing. A strange tickling sensation started near the anus and developed into sporadic muscle contractions -- similar to a nervous eye tic, only much more pronounced. Since then, I've been able to mentally reproduce this phenomenon both within and outside of sessions. Although this event is cool to experience, it doesn't seem connected to any pleasurable sensations. So, if the 'muscle fatigue' technique is necessary to generate the involuntaries which lead to the p-wave and, ultimately, to the orgasmic levels, then I have no idea how to overcome this problem.

    It's amazing how something so simple for most users is difficult or impossible for others....
  • I've tried that. I get whole body shakes (not anal contractions) with no pleasure. Weird.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    for me i experience something different every time with the helix and progasm the muscle twich thing is not essential i have been all thw way up to super-o without it but when they rattle about uncontrollably its mindblowing
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I've experienced the shaking and twitching before, but have not brought that on by holding a contraction for a length of time. Often times, if I hold a very slight contraction, say 20%, I can get a wave of pleasure to wash over me, but it does not increase the longer I hold it.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello thhn, :)

    I've only recently discovered that this can happen in one session, and have not been able to reproduce it since. :( My impression is much like what toker said. Although I'd clarify to say that it could also be something less than a 50% clench. I suspect the trick is much like he says that you have to try and hold it at that one level and notice the sensations. It seems the anal muscles naturally want to either slowly increase or relax the contraction. And so holding it at that one level does something. I wish I could more clear about this. But this response is still new to me. And like anything else Aneros related, it seems there is always a certain level of vagueness in how to make it work. :P

  • alvalv
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    guys why wait for the involuntary contractions by doing nothing. A rhythmic voluntary contraction between say 30 and 50% or any other intensity that gives pleasure soon turn into involuntary contractions that send me to great heights, furthermore using different muscle sets different pleasurably feelings can be generated.
  • While I've always maintained that the best way to get "going" in a session is to do little with contractions, etc., at the start, I certainly endorse contractions, varied body positions and breathing techniques to move things along.

    However, once things are getting hot, I often employ prolonged strong contractions, and often get really good results, too. Having said this, I find that with my Eupho, for example, and as it's a smaller toy, very, very gentle yet persistent contractions are equally rewarding.

    YMMV, of course.

  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    yeah its not my main move or anything i just like doing it at begining of a session until i get properly relaxed at its best these type of involantries gave me a session where all of the work was done by the aneros it just took over i just held on for the ride and had two amazing super-o's but half the time just a few p-waves no rattling no auto-fuck so its a hit or miss afair