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My 5th Session - Progress!
  • Hi all, I've just finished my 5th session about 30 minutes ago and I had a little bit of progress so I thought I would come and inform those who were following. Cockadoodle I did what you said but I felt like I couldn't get it in properly laying on my back with my knees bent and feet resting the bed so I layed on one side and put it in about half way and then layed back on the bed with my knees bent, spread a little and my feet resting on the bed. And then I closed my eyes and started to relax, taking slow deep breaths and then exhaling and then doing it all over again. I felt the helix sliding ferther in and then my heart started to race a little faster, and I could feel it hitting my prostate just a bit. I didn't do any contractions of my own yet asides from the ones my body was making on it's own, and then I started to feel a tingle in my cock, and then it started throbbing heavily, and slowly but surely I had a hard-on and the throbbing lasted for a few minutes before it went soft again, but that sensation happened a few times, and also as I was doing the slow deep breathing, the tip of my cockhead felt as if I wanted to cum, or just release pre-cum, but I didn't. I had to re-lube myself and the helix about 2 times and I did that for about 1 hour until I stopped, and that's my progress so far. Feedback, suggestion, etc is very welcomed if anyone has any to leave, please do so, thanks :).
  • BadgerBadger
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    What kind of lube are you using, and what technique?
  • I am using Probe Personal Lubricant Classic Thick Rich and I am using Cockadoodle's method he suggested in my previous post I made here
  • And I suggest you continue for at least a as not to become confused with a bunch of other suggestions...not that they're wrong...just different.

    It's great, and yes, you're making progress, milktruck. Keep it up.