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Can the Aeros be inserted for a full day of pleassure???
  • g_mtlg_mtl
    Posts: 2
    I guys,
    I was thinking if the Aeros (Helix) can be wear al day long.. let say to go to work.. or to go shopping?? Just a way to induce some pleassure al day long!?!?!?

    Would it be safe???

    What do u think?
  • ansubansub
    Posts: 14
    i am noob user.

    But I did read a post about some guy doing it in public. Some woman noticed it and got turned on.

    Anyway, I'm not sure, I believe you can from the posts I've read.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    I wonder if there is a lube that would last long enough to prevent irritation or injury. I'm no expert though...
  • Maybe with a heavily modified model, anything with a tail or a p-tab won't fit under clothing comfortably. And even then I don't consider it a good idea.
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    @g_mtl: I don't really think that's how the Aneros works. You won't just be popping O's in the middle of your day just by "wearing" the Aneros, and it would most likely be uncomfortable, and make it difficult to function. Even if you did get "pleasure" from doing this, it's really not something you wanna be doing in public, or at work, where you should probably be focusing on other things (not trying to tell you what to do or how to do it, but you do need to look at the facts here lol).

    And there's the lube problem, of course... I don't think there would be a safe lube for that practice, without having to go to the bathroom every few hours and relube. Hell, even vaseline wouldn't last that long without getting mucky.

    @Rod of Plastic: I don't think my Helix is very uncomfortable under clothing at all. In fact, I actually have used mine on campus during the three-plus hour wait I had between classes then... (in privacy, of course. yay empty classrooms.) Though that could have to do with a lot of things - loose clothing, my body, the way I sit, etc...
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    I've left the Aneros in for most of the day, or even overnight, and using about 10cc's of Slippery Stuff Gel with a light coating of petroleum jelly on the Aneros, there's plenty of lube left when I'm done.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, Slippery Stuff Gel is considered by a medical test to be the most anal-safe lube.
  • fun4twofun4two
    Posts: 14
    what type of base lube is that not gyrl. is it that type makes ya feel like a BM is coming.