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Ecstasy vs Orgasm
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    Some of you may have followed my early experiences with the various models of Aneros, and HIH was even kind enough to provide me some samples (THANKS!).

    During all this time I have never achieved a super O, which is described as intense pleasure, a whole body experience, followed by a sense of release and contentment. A super O does not have the usual down-time aspects of a regular penile-ejaculation orgasm, so you can do it again and again, according to what I read here.

    What I *do* get is a sense of ecstasy, incredible waves of pleasure that cause whole body muscle lock-ups where I am as stiff as a board, followed by a relaxation for a few seconds, then another wave, and so on. The pleasure just seems to grow and grow without end, until my lower abdomen, buttocks, legs are awash in pleasure. Sometimes this is accompanied by an extremely hard erection, sometimes not. Always this is accompanied by the Aneros freely moving back and forth in synch with the waves hitting (into my anus as the wave hits, outwards as I relax) with me having very little control over what is happening. The pleasure is concetrated in three places: deep inside my abdomen somewhere in the middle between my belly button and my pubic bone, in my anal passage where my prostate should be

    As I said, this pleasure just builds and builds, until I'm a shaking leaf, clutching at the bedsheets and just laying there awash in pleasure. I'm sure I make some noise, even though I try to be quiet. The most pleasure happens when I just think about the pleasure instead of about the Aneros moving back and forth -- I suspect that thinking about the Aneros exerts some control over what's happening and interferes with what my body does.

    After a while, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours, I can't take this pleasure anymore, and either remove the Aneros, or, more often, I masturbate to a traditional ejaculation with it in place. Those ejaculations are extremely strong, voluminous, and last a lot longer (more contraction waves and stronger ones) than ejaculations w/o the Aneros.

    OK, so now the question: am I describing something that other people here call a super O, or is this distinct and different from the super O?

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Joe,

    Although I've never been completely clear on what technically defines the Super-O, I must say I think what your describing is very nearly, but not quite it.

    I believe I've felt what you're describing quite a lot in the past and I tend to think of it as hovering at the edge of the Super-O. As though you're built right up to it, but for whatever reason, not quite going over the edge. What you're describing sounds like an almost continuous peaking, without the release. At least that's how it felt to me.

    I noticed you didn't mention involuntary PC contractions as part of the experience. That's a tell-tale sign of a Super-O in my book. Mine are essentially like a super-charged ejaculatory orgasm, with very powerful spontaneous PC contractions, as well as powerful emotional highs, full-body sensations, no loss of fluid or arousal, etc, etc.

    Anyway, I hope you'll take this as a sign that you're definitely on the right track and are in fact, almost there! I have one suggestion that works great for me, and maybe it will for you too.

    When you are experiencing that state of continuous peaking, try to fantasize about an erotic scenario in which you are ejaculating. Continue to vividly imagine that you are continuously ejaculating for as long as you can. Convince yourself that all the pleasurable sensations you are feeling are part of one continuous, tremendous ejaculatory orgasm.

    I don't know why, but for some reason this visualization causes me to go over that edge and into a Super-O almost every time. It might work for you too.
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    Originally Posted By: FleshJoe
    Some of you may have followed my early experiences with the various models of Aneros, and HIH was even kind enough to provide me some samples (THANKS!).

    Which HIH models have u tried i have the helix now but thinking of either getting the ps2 or the ps new(unsure if i got the names correct) out of those 2 from HIH which would u suggest(the site says the ps new i believe) thanks in advance for any suggestions/feedback
  • bholicbholic
    Posts: 3
    Hello fleshjoe I for one followed your early explorations with interest and at the time had not been "over the edge " myself. What you are describing certainly sounds like you are standing on the edge of the cliff and about to fall off but your body is not ready to let go.When you do finally let go you will know believe me the phrase "what a rush" does not come close. On most of my sessions I seem to get to where you are and have only been over the edge about 4 times, oh to taste the forbidden fruit and not be able to have a portion each time is a little frustrating but thats life I suppose. If you have read my post titled "some encouragement perhaps" you will know what I went through. I wish you luck in getting over the edge, im sure you will and it will be worth your exceptional effort and persistence.
    Good luck and keep posting
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    For Pan: Yes, there are strong smooth PC contractions except they last 3-4 seconds and then a 3-4 second release, just like gentle waves lapping a beach. Not the sharp 0.8 seconds contractions that accompany an ejaculation.

    And thanks everyone else for the encouragement and suggestions for further reading :) Will certainly do!
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    Nuckin' Futs, my reply is gonna annoy you I'm afraid, but it doesnt matter very much anymore to me which Aneros model I use, they all get me to that ecstasy place. Its never predictable which one will work for each session, so I always have 2-3 different ones ready. The most reliable one, I will say, is the classic MGX, at least for me.
  • MaximusMaximus
    Posts: 64

    I get to about the same state as you and have also wondered the same question, but I don't think it is the Super. But, I don't know how it could not be described as an orgasm of some sort, albeit without the release.

    The Super O has ceased to be the goal of my sessions. Instead the goal has become a non-goal of maximizing the experience. In the back of my mind, I believe that someday the Super will occur, but I know that the minute I start wondering if I'm getting close, is the minute in which I just prevented it from happening.

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    Originally Posted By: FleshJoe
    Nuckin' Futs, my reply is gonna annoy you I'm afraid, but it doesnt matter very much anymore to me which Aneros model I use, they all get me to that ecstasy place. Its never predictable which one will work for each session, so I always have 2-3 different ones ready. The most reliable one, I will say, is the classic MGX, at least for me.

    FleshJoe i am not annoyed at all... just trying to figure out which model that gives the best results overall(most popular 1 that ppl say that gives them result) regardless of body size and whatnot... sorry if i come off sounding kinda picky which i am not i just wanna be safe then sorry
  • Edit
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    No you're not picky, I was just afraid I'd annoy you by (a) bragging that every Aneros works for me and (b) not giving you any useful info.

    OK, so if I had to choose my three favorite models, it'd have to be the MGX classic, Helix and Eupho.
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    Yep I found your thread and reread it, it describes exactly where I'm at. Seeing your thread also made me realize that I had probably started going over the edge a few times and stupidly stopped myself because of the great pleasure that was simply unmanageable -- I have to resist the urge to stop it and simply let it happen.

    OKdokey :)

    I need to take a break to let my behind rest a bit, easier said than done, since even these on-the-way-to-the-ultimate-goal sensations are so super addictive :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    It's terrific to hear from you again and to find that you're doing so well! I would have to say that much of what you've related is consistent with a Super O experience. As per our previous correspondence and chats, you were close then... you're closer now.

    Apropos your comments here and those of the users that have posted, there are several things to keep in mind when evaluating your explorations. Regarding the sense of release . Know that the release produced by the Super O (like so many components of this phenomenon) is unique to the experience. That is, the release of a non-ejaculatory orgasm or Super O is not precisely the same as in the traditional ejaculatory orgasm. Why?

    To fully understand this, one must appreciate the Male Sexual Response. Ordinarily a male orgasm starts with a period of arousal (we've all seen this....graphically, it appears like a line sloping upward... like the side of a mountain), followed by a leveling off or plateau (seen as a fairly short more horizontal line), followed by an abrupt spike upwards...the orgasmic peak. Immediately following this, one sees a precipitous drop-off, (we go vertical..) well below the preorgasmic plateau, down to the arousal. This drop-off is what accounts for the much maligned refractory period. But the magnitude of this drop-off (and the accompanying physiological changes that it brings) may well be what accounts for much of the fullness of what we experience as release .

    Bear in mind that more than anything else the multiple male orgasm is defined by the persistence of arousal. There is no precipitous drop in arousal (as described above) in fact arousal does not fall below the preorgasmic plateau! In experiencing multiple orgasms, one is in essence maintaining an elevated level of arousal and continually spiking upward to return to the plateau phase. Consequently, in being continuously aroused, one is not fully relaxed (fully released), but ready for more action. This is the reason that many have reported feeling energized and vitalized by the Super O, as contrasted to the delightful lethargy of an ejaculation. (of course you know... I'm not knocking ejaculation).

    Intensity is something that you should consider as well. It's a critical factor constituting a Super O, yet at the same time, it's very's something that only you can know for certain. But again, there are differences to look for (from the traditional experience)

    Like the process of evaluating earthquakes, orgasmic intensity is best quantified by looking at magnitude as a function of time. One may have an orgasm of short duration with a high order of magnitude OR an orgasm of a lower order of magnitude with long duration. OR one may have both large magnitude and long duration :) With the traditional orgasm (ejaculation), duration is no more than 8 to 10 seconds...if we're lucky! Let's face it,...we're capped out! With the Super O individual orgasmic peaks may last many times longer and individual peaks may even be summated to create an event that last for minutes at a time. Reasons why we refer to it as the Super O!

    Just some stuff to consider,

    BF Mayfield
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    Hi BMayfield!

    Sorry, I missed your earlier reply.. Will answer now :)

    I get exactly what you describe as persistence of arousal, a feeling of increasing excitement and arousal that just keeps rising, until I cant take it no more. This rise is not smooth, it has little peaks and valleys, so its probably composed of a lot of individual so-called dry orgasms, although they merge together into one pleasurable haze for me. Or rather than having distinct orgasms, I can say that I have distinct pleasure peaks at the peak of each contraction, and a sort of relaxation or release between contractions.

    Since those peaks during maximum contraction rise very little (relatively speaking) above my base level of excitation, perhaps I am also experiencing them less as full on orgasms and more as individual small pleasure peaks?

    Lest anyone worry about my purpose, I am no longer singularly interested in the pursuit of a super O. Yes, that would be nice to have experienced, but this ride is so wild as it is, that anything that happens is already fully satisfying :)