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Question about negative post aneros effects on Chi
  • I've noticed something I didn't expect since I first started feeling a p-wave, mini-O or super-O stirring (I'm not sure what I'm feeling yet) last week. The day after, I feel really depressed! I've mentioned before the similarity between the stimulation I feel from the aneros and the sensation of having a panic attack, and an idea I've had that the energy released could be related to liver chi stagnation... Something like if my liver chi starts moving, or my pent up emotions are being released, then I have to experience them at that time. It would be similar to feeling really rotten after acupuncture, as is expected if you are being treated for liver chi stagnation (I have been couch-ridden by sheer exhaustion for a full day after acupuncture). Keep in mind that I'm extremely sensitive to the stimulation of acupuncture and not sensitive at all to the stimulation of aneros! lol I can't even do the needles anymore -- it's too intense.

    Does this seem plausible to anyone who knows something about Chi? Could the prostate orgasm be releasing energy that actually makes me feel bad, for as long as there is that bad energy pent up? If so, then continuing to use aneros would be good, like therapy. Otherwise, I don't want to be depressed, so I'm reluctant to go on unless I know it will be good for me in the long run.
  • artformartform
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    Hi rainstomp! :)

    Sorry to hear about your results. I am not a Chi expert, but a fellow explorer in that area as well as prostate massage over the last couple of decades.

    Those of us who are dual practitioners of Aneros and KSMO (Jack Johnston's Ket Sound MMO technique ) here often answer these kinds of questions referring to the "emotional furballs" that orgasmic exploration can fairly frequently 'cough up'!! Your situation is not unusual, whatever the specific causes.

    Any substantial emotional or physiological health problems can directly effect your aneros practice. Any serious blockages of Chi flow through the body inhibit full healthy flow which is a huge contributor to reaching full orgasmic/energetic potential. The other possibility is "terror at the gates", another KSMO term dealing with anxiety/fear of loss of control and ability to cope with what your body might do kicking over into a new level of sexual energetic resposnses, like a possible impending Super-O.

    Negative feelings can be a result. Energy exhaustion can be a result. Work with your doctor and acupuncturist. Many of us also get very good positive therapeutic results from aneros practice, including relief from depression. You can mentally reposition these causes and effects as you become more familiar with them too.

    all the best health and healing through orgasmic energetics practice all

  • Thanks. I don't do acupuncture anymore, but I could bring it up to my herbalist. He's such a quiet young man though, I don't think he'll be comfortable with the subject! It will be good to find out if there is a chi blockage in that area.
  • rookrook
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    You might ask if your acupuncturist could apply 'battlefield acupuncture' to an ear rather than conventional needles. (Google for 'battlefield acupuncture' and find a page with pics of an ear with the studs applied.)

    I have acupuncture to block pain and open joint range-of-motion for herbal and supplement therapy. My doc switched me from needles to studs about four months ago.

    Generally, I find the onset of affect is slower (takes about 10 minutes for me to verify that it's working rather than the usual minute or two from needles). The center of effect (target) seems more general (larger / less specific). If you're not getting a complete effect an additional stud will usually correct the channeling or blocking -- takes another 5-10 minutes to check that out. So, stud positioning can be more time consuming than needles -- read on for the pay off.

    The good deal is that once you're getting effect, you're GTG rather than having to wait around for 30-60 minutes of treatment then have the needles removed. Battlefield studs stay in place from four to eight days then fall out. If I'm having a tough time, one set of studs will usually get me settled down whereas with needles, I may have to make an extra trip back to the doc for a second round of needles.

    Wearing the studs is sort of a chuckle because most people aren't familiar with it and think I've leaped into body piercing. Others think my grand daughter sprinkled glitter on my ear. :)

    late edit -- no electro-stim with studs so, if you've been electro dependent with needles, the studs might not be sufficient.
  • Thanks for the tip. I'll investigate the availability of battlefield acupuncture in Vancouver. From the articles I've found so far, it looks like the empirical evidence is regarding pain relief, but I would use it for anxiety. One article mentioned at the end that it was effective for that too.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again rainstomp! :)

    Let me suggest that you also explore the taoist energies site The Tao Bums:

    Numbers of us from here are also members there and there are experts on that site that may be able to provide more thorough information than we have. As well as healers who are members there, there are also referenced Taoist healers mentioned there such as Chunyi Lin at Spring Forest Qigong:

    I have no experience with Chunyi Lin, who is also associated with the Mayo Clinic, but am relying on recommendations at TTB.

    all the best energetic orgasmic health and healing all