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Upgraded to Maximus
  • I have the MGX and haved had little luck with it working on my prostate. So, I upgraded to the Maximus, spent about 30 minutes with it today when it arrived and had no luck. It did give me the full feeling that people talk about, but not getting the reaction in the prostate milking, the pre-cum, etc. Is there a poisition that is best suited for the Maximus that would get it to work better. Or is there somethiing else that I should be doing.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    The Maximus, the forgotten sister of the Aneros family. I would love to hear more about users' experience with this model.
  • heydudeheydude
    Posts: 16
    I'm actually pretty curious about it myself.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I personally love my Maximus. To me, it gives me the fuller feeling that the others don't without feeling like there is no room to move at all. I feel as though the Progasm doesn't move much. There can be times that works just fine, but I reach for the Maximus more regularly. I have the tail cut off of mine. I really never understood why there isn't more buzz about the Maximus.

    I have had Super O's with all of them but the more experienced of us might concur that there are "favorites" that get used more often. Variety is the spice of life.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    I'm a newbie and have only two, the Helix I started with a little over 5 months ago and got to the point of having mild prostate orgasms with a couple months ago--but thereafter seemed like I made no further progress with--and the Maximus which I thought I'd try being 6'2" 185 lbs and thinking the Helix, although it would touch my prostate, wasn't making as much contact as the Maximus could. If I had them all I could probably make better comparisons, but the Maximus produces sensations more strongly and rapidly than the Helix could--and I still use the Helix from time to time. I've measured the "resting internal insertion lengths" of both and the Maximus reaches almost 1/2 inch further inside which may account for the difference. I'm not so much on size and the Progasm seemed a little scary this early on for me hence my decision to try the Maximus which isn't quite as large, as I understand it. Also, the workmanship, the lack of ridges or burrs, and the smoothness and polish on this model have impressed me.
  • With the prostate being the issue, the best results I have gotten was with the MGX and a bit of pre-cum. So I purchased the Maximus after reading about the results others were having on the forum. But still, I have not been able to milk the prostate and get rid of toxins. The penis remains flacid, but the maximus/anal results are just not there. Thre is the fullness feeling, but it is not helpin with the prostate. Does anyone have any recommendations as to the MGX or Maximus to accomplish the results on the prostate that I am looking for. Suggestions on other things I might try with these two devices. All the other results of use would be nice if I ever got there, but mainly focusing on the prostate health right now. :(