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My 3rd Session
  • On saturday a few days ago I had my 3rd session with my helix. It is also the day my Probe lube arrived so I thought later that night would be a good night to try the new lube and see how it was. I liked the way it felt, it was very different than the Gun Oil H2O I was using, so I lubed up my rectum and then my helix and proceeded. I let my helix slide in on it's own until I felt it wasn't going any farther so I gave it a little push, and I surely felt my prostate when I did that, and after I did that I took my hand away and just tried to let the contractions come on their own but it didn't seem like they did, so thats when I started to use my sphincter muscles, and it felt like the helix was coming out each time I did that but it really wasn't. I'd just like some feedback on how everyone thinks I did with my 3rd session and how/what I can do next time to have things come naturally. Thanks :)
  • Are you saying that the helix was trying to pop out when you did contractions?
  • When I was doing the felt like the helix was coming out, and when I used my muscles to take it back in didn't feel like it was pressing against my prostate like it was when it first entered.
  • rookrook
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    Hey milktruck. Glad to see you post progress here and sorry you're getting what sounds like partial 'ejection' with your Helix.

    There could be several causes. First off, lets examine two... prep and relaxation.

    I think I understand what's said here and it sounds like you may be gaining some smooth muscle strength or voluntary control in your rectum. Many guys never gain that strength or don't bother cultivating voluntary control over those muscles. (Wiki reading assignment: review the four muscle groups that come into play with the Aneros). As you advance, you may wish to exercise independent control over each of these.

    Or, you may be getting an involuntary rectal contraction or spasm as a result of anxiety or some irritation. I occasionally get that with Progasm when I have some session anxiety, ignore showering or douche, or have had a stressful day. (I'm pretty dedicated to prep with the Eupho but sometimes shortcut with other tools).

    Good news is that gaining some conscious control of your rectum will make for some interesting sessions later on.

    When we say, "relax for 20 minutes," that doesn't mean, "don't do anything for 20 minutes." It means, "focus on relaxing.". Now, if that sounds rather stupid and you don't come out of a meditation bag (I don't -- I'm the nuts & bolts guy here), try these tips:

    1. Enema/douche ... While you're getting started (first dozen or so sessions) spend the extra five minutes on this step. Done correctly it will help you relax. After a dozen sessions, you'll have a good sense of diet and your bowel contents. Then, make a case-by-case decision on your need to cleanse.

    Don't rush this and it's better close to body temp rather than out of the cold tap. If you've taken a hot shower, douche at a temp a few degrees above body temp (100-102 deg. F.).

    Quantity -- use the minimum amount of fluid that you need to clear residual material. I find that 4-5 oz is plenty. That's about 2 squeezes of a Higginson bulb. ... YMMV. Overdoing on quantity or failing to eliminate the fluid can trigger some peristalsis after you start your session and that's a good way to get unwanted rectal contractions. Once that starts, you're headed for a 'dud' session and it's then best to just delay for an hour until the bowel and rectum get settled. Trapped H2O will also dilute lube, usually having an adverse effect. Trapped or excess H2O will also be absorbed, then eliminated by the kidneys and fill your bladder with urine, so a large 'cleansing enema' shouldn't precede an Aneros session. :(

    Routine that works for me ... lube anus and the enema nozzle or rubber rectal tube (I don't like small hard nozzles) .. take a few ounces, expel it. Relax for a few minutes and make sure I'm empty. If there were no small turds, I'm done. If not then I repeat with another small shot and get rid of that. All told, this takes about five minutes but makes for a better session later on. :D

    2. Relaxation. Do the following relaxation exercise after you've prep'd and lubed but are without the Helix.

    After one run through the routine, go through your insertion ritual and repeat the relaxation drill with the Helix inserted:

    This link is at the end of the last paragraph on relaxation in the Aneros Wiki should you need it again.
    This was written by a professor at Temple J.C. in Texas. It's in his course web folder so might get erased if he leaves -- it's a real keeper so print it out or save it as a file and pass it on to another newbie in the future.

    If a partial ejection of the Helix continues, reopen this thread and we can help with other possibilities.

    Take care, remember to breath & enjoy the ride! :D