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"Super-O" Help Please
  • inSANEinSANE
    Posts: 7
    Now the moderators may not like this but I currently do not have the Aneros. I plan to get it but it may take a month or so. I do, however, have access to my girlfriend's vibrator.

    I have used it (Like I would an Aneros) and have done the contraction exercises and whatnot w/out touching my penis. After some time I do get good pleasure that tends to vibrate my penis and there seems to be communication inside me and it feels great. But, I have not felt the "Super-O" as many speak of. I always have to finish myself off the boring old traditional manner.

    So, what I'm asking for are YOUR specific techniques in acquiring the Super-O. And please, no responses like "You need the Aneros der..." cause yes I already know that has a little to do with it.

  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    Don't bother with the vibrator, I went down the vibrator path in search of the Super-O as well and even though it feels very good (especially when you let your partner use it on you), you do not experience the type of orgasms that you do with the Aneros.

    A vibrator provides much too much stimulation when your prostate requires a very subtle touch. I've read people equating using a vibrator for your prostate is like using a chainsaw to cut butter--way too much over kill!

    Just last night I experienced a Mini-O but the most powerful Mini-O yet, maybe it was a Medium-O if there is such a thing. You would be very suprised to how little movement and stimulation the Aneros was providing before the orgasm just hit me. It was almost nothing before the powerful orgasm came over me.

    If you're into anal play (and it sounds like you are) it is worth it to get an Aneros. I bought many, many vibrators before finally investing in an Aneros which at the time I thought was too expensive for what it was. But once I got my first Mini-O with my Helix, I knew it was the real deal. I now have four Aneros's and no vibrators anymore--they're obsolete.