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The MGX & The Super-O
  • Hey everyone! I bought an Aneros MGX a while back, and haven't been able to have a Super-Orgasm as of yet. I'll briefly outline the process I use - if someone can tell me what, precisely, I'm doing incorrectly, I'll be eternally grateful!
    1) I lie on my side and slide in the MGX (which is obviously well-lubed)
    2) I relax for 20 minutes, making no voluntary anal contractions
    3) I then contract my sphincter 30 times, breathing in slowly as I contract, and gradually exhaling as I relax.
    4) I then (while viewing pornography) contract my sphincter such that it is approximately 1/2 to 3/4 closed; this causes my sphincter to spasm.
    5) I continue step four for an eternity and eventually give up.

    Where am I erring?

    Thanks everyone!! :)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
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    Hi Patrissimo,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First, let me say I don't think you are “...erring”, you followed the ”Instructions” but you have found like so many others this Super-O experience just doesn't happen from following those directions literally. I have come to the conclusion those Instructions are merely the starting point for you to begin your adventurous journey of self exploration.

    Secondly, with that being a said starting point, you need to start experimenting with variations of techniques to find the combinations which will start producing sensations for you. Try changing your body positions, in your next session try laying on the opposite side or on your stomach or on your back. Try variations in breathing patterns, perhaps reversing the inhale/contract, exhale/relax pattern in a session. Try variations of contractions, both duration and tension level, try isolating which major muscle group you are contracting and work with just that muscle group for a session. You've already been able to induce involuntary spasms with your sphincter muscles, now experiment with getting your PC and rectal muscles to do so as well.

    Thirdly, focus on detecting the subtle initial sensations that will be generated by your massager. IMHO, viewing pornography during a session is a counterproductive distraction. Viewing porn engages your thought processes to the exclusion of the subtle inner feelings being generated. High arousal levels are important in creating the Super-O state but the arousal, IMHO, needs to have taken place before the session starts. Your Aneros is a better arousal amplifier than an arousal generator. Viewing porn, reading erotic literature, etc. before a session are good for heightening arousal but may prove distracting during your session.

    While there are numerous factors which need to coalesce to create a successful Super-O session, the fact you are a unique individual means your particular combination will be unique as well. Unfortunately, there is no one set of “rules” to follow or tools to use to create your Super-O.

    I am hoping you appreciate your uniqueness as we move into the second decade of the millennium and start off your new year with a new attitude of adventure and playfulness.
  • Hello Patrissimo, welcome to our group. You'll find a wealth of information and help here.

    I echo everything that rumel says, and amplify it by adding that patience and relaxation is a virtue with Aneros. And don't forget, this may take a while, as in my case several months of working at it before I started to get results with my MGX.

    However, my real Aneros experience did not begin until I purchased my second model, the Helix. Not only is it a bit longer and seems to "hit the spot" better, it's a bit bigger in girth and gives a bit of a fuller feeling.

    May I humbly submit that, like most of us here, you purchase another model as well as your MGX, either a Eupho or a Helix. I think you'll find that you may progress faster. MGX was never a very good producer for me, and it wasn't until Helix and finally Progasm that I succeeded to the next levels of Aneros pleasure. It's worth the work, though, believe me.

    We wish you well on your rewiring journey, Pat, so hang in there. Lots of help and encouragement here on the forum, and be sure to join us for a live chat the weekend of January 8th starting Friday evening. It's a wonderful way to ask questions and get immediate answers. Follow the CHAT link on the first page of the forum. YOu may want to go back and read some of the transcripts from previous chats for an idea of what goes on there.

    Patience, relaxation and practice! All the best to you and happy new year.

  • MaximusMaximus
    Posts: 64
    I have all the aneros models and MGX is probably the most consistantly effective for me. Honestly, it's not so much the model you use, but how you learn how to use it.

    I agree with the others that watching porn can be unexpected hindrance in achieving the maximum pleasure with the device.