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My 2nd Aneros Session
  • Alright it's been a few days since I've had my 2nd Aneros Session, I just forgot to post it on the forums. So this time, I said to myself stay calm, relax, and just take it easy. I lubed up my helix, and then my rectum entrance, and I was laying on my side on the bed with my knees pulled up to my stomach. Then I inserted it very slowly, and just let it gradually go as far as it could go, and it got to the same point as my 1st experience, where it just felt like I knew something was being inserted..I just couldn't feel anything against my prostate. And like I said with my 1st time, it felt like my helix could go farther in, but I didn't force it in cause I didn't want to force nothing and it was hard for me to hold back, but I did and so this is where I am at after my 2nd time. I'm not sure what could be the problem, it could be my muscles aren't loosening up and I'm to tense? not sure really. I'd appreciate feedback from anyone and everyone who's reading and I'll chat with everyone soon.
  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    I think the biggest mistake people make in anal play is to tense up in anticipation of something going up there. When I first started out many years ago I had the same problem. However once you start to associate this sensation with pleasure instead of pain, these tense feelings eventually go away.

    When inserted, the Helix should move into position on it's own because of it's shape. The two ridges along the head should be craddling your prostate at this time and eventually along with contractions should start messaging it.
  • baloobaloo
    Posts: 7
    Hang in there, milktruck, cuz it's gonna be ok...

    I'm still relatively new to this, but I've done a lot of reading here over the past week and a half or so. There is a wealth of wisdom on this forum and you should take your time to read as much of it as you can.

    One thing that I've seen said here a number of times is "rewiring" yourself. We guys are hardwired to make things happen... be in control... be the master of our own destiny... if there's gonna be an orgasm happening, then dammit it'll be because WE made it happen!!!

    Yeah, that doesn't do very well on this journey...

    You really need to just give yourself up. Get yourself somewhere quiet and dark and allow yourself to just lie back and drift away. Work on deep breathing, imagining your body more relaxed with every breath. Start with your head, and imagine your whole body sinking into the mattress, sofa, etc. If you feel tempted to squeeze on that helix, don't... not yet.

    Many here say that porn can be a distraction, and I agree. Still pictures work pretty well, but the only thing that has really hit the spot is the porn inside my head. I start going over every fantasy I've ever had... every girlfriend I've fucked... the things I did to them... the things I wanted to do to them... often the nastier the thought the better.

    By this point I'll normally have what feels like the onset of a traditional orgasm, but MUCH slower and steeper building. If I can convince myself to continue to breathe and relax through that, then the smallest of squeezes sends me climbing up the walls.

    This little routine of mine, by the way, is very similar to the path that Alana leads you down on the HypnAero sessions. You can download it as a mp3, and the 20 some odd bucks you'll spend on it is well worth it. You can't help but relax as you listen to her hot sultry sexy voice.

    Yanno, after the first couple of tries with my MGX, I was skeptical. I even figured that my prostate just didn't respond to stimulation. It didn't feel bad - in fact it felt pretty good. I was content to just feel whatever good stuff came my way...

    It was once I got rid of my expectations that the fun began...

    Wander on in your journey, milktruck... no destination in mind... just enjoy the landscape