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My very first session...
  • Hi all, I am back after my very first session with my Aneros Helix and here is what happened. I did everything the instructions said..washed it and everything, layed on my side on my bed and then lubed up my rectum and then my helix. As it was going in I can felt going in, but then it just reached a point where it felt like something was blocking it and that there was more room for it to go in, so I didn't push it farther in and it also felt like the perinium tab had alot more room as I was trying to get it to press against my scrotum like the instructions said. And I did this for about an hour, I lubed the helix up a few times, re-inserted and then I keep getting that feeling like something was blocking me. Can anyone give me advice? was I doing something wrong?.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    You were probably doing nothing wrong. It may take a few sessions for your body to willingly accept this new intrusive device as you have indicated no prior anal experience. You will most likely go through a whole series of new sensations as you become more familiar with it, this is all perfectly normal to the 'rewiring' process. As has been repeatedly discussed on this Forum, most of us need to be patient with ourselves as we learn this new paradigm of thinking regarding orgasm.
  • I was about to post roughly what rumel said. I assume that within an hour's session you would've noticed if the Helix was being blocked by waste, so it's likely muscular tension. It'll pass in the future.

    I would like to congratulate you for not trying to force the massager, it's important to be aware of your physical limits before applying pressure.
  • Thanks rod, rumel. It was so hard to resist not pushing it in more..feeling that it can go deeper in cause the perinium tab wasn't pressing against my scrotum..well at least I thought it wasn't. But I feel shy/embarassed about asking this..but could it have been I was inserting my helix into the wrong area?.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)
    About the only way you could insert your Helix incorrectly is to reverse it 180 deg. from the illustrated orientation. I suspect the resistance you felt was due to tense rectal muscles clamping down on this alien intruder. This should abate as you become better aquainted with your new massager.

    If you will notice in the image above the P-tab does not reach to the scrotum, it is not supposed to. The P-tab is designed to contact the acupressure point (see sweet spot in the WIKI) of the perineum .
  • Thank you for the illustration rumel, I appreciate it very much and I can see now as though I thought I was inserting my aneros into the wrong place that I wasn't. And to rod I was reading what you wrote before and I am trying not to be nasty or vulgar when I write this, but I am going to write it as I seen last night when trying it. When you said within the hour's session I would know if the helix was being blocked by waste, well when ever I pulled my helix out to apply some more lube, I did notice there was some brown coloring on it, obviously there wasn't actual waste on the helix itself just some coloring that rubbed against the helix when I inserted it multiple times, and a few hours earlier before this I did use the bathroom to clean everything from my within me, so I don't know if that is a sign that waste was blocking the helix? I'm not sure maybe you can answer for me or someone else. And sorry again for being nasty..I wasn't trying to, just trying to explain what happened. Thanks again :)
  • No problem.

    My first model was a Helix also, but I've never used it without applying an enema first, so honestly I'm not certain whether it is possible that waste could actually block the Helix's normal position. From personal experience, an unclean rectum has manifested in discomfort rather than reduced mobility, for any matter that becomes stuck on the massager's surface during a session can grind against the intestinal lining as the massager moves. Not a direct health risk, but can cause an annoying sensation of soreness quickly. As long as the Aneros stays clean, I can use it for hours without feeling "worn out" in any way.

    If your future sessions, the safest way to test the massager's mobility is by gentle contractions, as I don't think the rectal muscles can apply dangerous force on the cavity itself, within the boundaries of normal muscle activity.
  • Alright. I can tell you this if it means anything, the time I had it inserted, and was laying there..just using my normal sphincter muscles..I could feel the aneros sliding in and out slightly from maybe that is a sign that there is no blockage? I'm not sure. But as the case for using an enema..where can I buy a fairly cheap enema kit at? as I'm not really looking to spend much money on one..I may consider buying one and trying it for my future sessions besides tonight as I will try again later this evening.
  • Muscle tension is indeed the most likely reason. Even though I've used anal toys for years now, after extended hiatus or when first inserting a new product I can feel sudden tension, especially in the deep muscles that only come in contact with the object when it's nearly inserted.

    Don't worry about the enema kit, a simple bag that comes with a rubber tube and a clamp shouldn't cost more than a couple of bucks. Just as long as you use only clean, lukewarm water and no more than the amount required to clean the immediate area that the Aneros occupies, should be safe.
  • Alright thanks for all the help. I will come back most likely tomorrow with a follow up as to how things go later tonight when I give my 2nd session a try.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 747
    For me, if there's anything in the rectum, the Aneros feels hot and gritty, and movement is not very good. I've been having that problem for the last six months or so. Not big on enema's, and the real irritating part is after cleaning out, and either just before the first insertion of lube or after inserting the lube or the Aneros, the bowels start acting up, sometimes with the compulsion to fart or even more annoying urges. I know it's psychosomatic, but it doesn't make it any less aggravating.
  • Not wanting to go off topic, but what kind of lube do you use, Badger? Seeing that you've registered to the forums over two years ago, you've probably read either here or somewhere else that at least certain water based lubes can exhibit laxative properties.
  • Hi, milktruck, good to see you on the chat this past weekend.

    All good advice my man. Just take your time, all will be well.

    Enemas: Simply go to the drug store and purchase a Fleet's Enema. It's sold in small box, and costs less than two dollars. When you get home, unscrew the insertion tube and discard the saline in the bottle. Now, refill the bottle with warm, not hot, water. Screw the top back on (be sure to remove the green protective sleeve), and insert it in your anus, and squeeze the bottle of water into your rectum. Clamp your anus shut and retain the water. Repeat this several times, using a full bottle of warm water each time. You should be able to put in three or four bottles before sitting down on the john and blowing it all out. You may want to do this twice, but use only two bottles the second time.

    Not to be crude, but you should be able to tell quickly when your rectum is clean and empty by examining the deposit in the toilet.

    Thoroughly wash the tip of the Fleet's bottle and empty the remainder of the water from the bottle as well. Put the little green cap back on. You may keep this enema bottle and reuse it many, many times to rinse out your colon before starting an Aneros session. BTW, be sure to have some Vaseline or lubricant handy to lube up the insertion tube the next time you use it. One good rinse will last many hours. I clean up at night before bed and often do a session in the morning before getting out of bed.

    Easy to do, safe, and cheap.

    Hang in there, milktruck. This may take a while, but it's worth it.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 747
    [quote=Rod of Plastic]Not wanting to go off topic, but what kind of lube do you use, Badger? Seeing that you've registered to the forums over two years ago, you've probably read either here or somewhere else that at least certain water based lubes can exhibit laxative properties.

    I use Slippery Stuff Gel most of the time, which is supposed to be at the top of the anal-friendly lube list, although right now I'm finishing up a bottle of Probe Thick Rich, which is also supposed to be very anal-friendly (which I started using around June). The problem usually starts shortly after I decide to have a session, or while I'm prepping for a session.