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My Aneros Helix Just Arrived!
  • Hi all, I'm very happy because my Aneros Helix just arrived! the Probe lube, and lube applicator I ordered didn't have 1 day shipping so I will get that on the 4th of January. But I have an unopened bottle of Gun Oil H2O I haven't touched yet for my fleshlight so I will just use that later tonight. I wanted to ask though, after I've done everything to get my aneros ready, do I have to lube my butt as well? and what can I fingers, etc. Bye for now! :)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    milktruck said: I have to lube my butt as well? and what can I fingers, etc. :)

    As love_is mentioned in a prior thread, Yes! Reading back through the prior posts I think an internal lube job would be a good move.

    Inside the inner sphincter is important in your early sessions since 99% of anal newbies will be a bit tense during their first few insertions. That tension tends to 'scrape/squeegee' the lube off the Aneros. Later on, your co-ordination between anal/pelvic muscles and your hand will be automatic and you'll be using less lube than you do now. Lube injectors make this a quick operation butt you can get along without one.

    Put some of that GunOil on a finger and work it, first around the circumference of your lower/outer sphincter. Then more gun oil on a finger and upward around the inner/upper sphincter. Then more gun oil on the finger and beyond your two sphincters and into the rectum etc., etc. This has a triple benefit. 1) Essential lube. 2) It's a good learning experience about your backdoor anatomy and finally, 3) it should get your brain very interested in what will cum next.

    Individual preferences vary but you may want to scrub your hands at this point. Even though I launder my towels and washcloths after a session, my preference is to minimize how much e-coli I spread around the place.

    Then lube the Aneros, insert and enjoy.

    Alternative -- lube the Aneros with a thicker lube that won't get 'squeegeed-off' during insertion -- vegetable shortening will make do.

    You can also use an empty Fleet-enema bottle as a lube injector (danger is getting a slug of air along with the lube -- burps out later) or use your enema syringe by filling the last few inches of the hose and nozzle with some lube then run your fingers down the hose to force the lube out and into your rectum. ...hth and ENJOY ! :P
  • thanks rook for the help I appreciate it. I have a question though and sorry if I sound dumb, but I just never done any kind of play with my butt before. I was playing around earlier in the shower, like just reaching a finger down under my scrotum and pushing forward and felt my finger going in a little bit..does that mean I was going into the right place?.