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Continue after T-Orgasm?
  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    I have wondered if I can continue with the aneros after a T-Orgasm. I frequently have those (hands-free) during my sessions. I have always wondered if there is a benefit to continuing or just calling it a night.

    Any thoughts?
  • I have. I usually clean myself up first (with the aneros still in.) I may go get a drink or something to snack on, change the CD, etc. Then, I can usually go back and start again. It just depends on the amount of time you have and arousal level.
  • JGasmJGasm
    Posts: 6
    I have recently had 2 sessions that resulted in the old "superT" and was thinking the same thing. After the time it takes to get to that point and the fullness of the session prior to the "superT" I'm kinda beat.