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Maintaining excitement
  • RdrRdr
    Posts: 32

    I've been using the Aneros toys for over a year now, and I feel like I've reached some kind of barrier. I've been having pretty intense P-waves and feelings of spreading heat in my lower body, even without contractions, just by relaxing alone. But after a period of let's say 15 minutes, my excitement drops, and I can't seem to get it back again.

    Nipple stimulation helps for a while, but after that I can't keep my mind excited anymore, and the good feeling the Aneros provides melts away, and never really comes back.

    I own the MGX, Helix and Progasm. Have had most success with the Progasm so far.

    Any ideas on how to keep up the excitement level, and take the next step into SuperO world?

    Any input is appreciated!

    Rdr :)
  • Rdr-

    Here is a recent post on the same topic, excitement drop a short time after insertion.
    Hope this helps.

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    IMHO you cannot force excitement or pleasures - I, for a week or so, had dud sessions and I thought I lost the touch, and then wow, bang, fireworks and get catapulted out of this world.

    All I can think off the physical position you lie in has to be correct to pleasure the prostate just correctly for the super-o to develop, and this position varies from day to day.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Rdr, :)

    My experience has been that it is unpredictable and seems to depend on my state of mind. There are some days where a certain fantasy will get me all hot and bothered. And others where it does nothing. Looking at porn is the same way. Some days it's really exciting, others.... ehhh, not so much. I suspect how often you ejaculate plays into this very much. Less ejaculation tends to keep the arousal levels higher for me. So I try and abstain from it as long as possible.

    Also the thing with fantasizing during Aneros sessions that I've found. Is that like with anything else regarding these sessions, you have to experiment with different fantasies. Some days certain ones work better than others.

  • RdrRdr
    Posts: 32
    Wow, thanks for the responses!

    @ The_Bishop: Thanks for the link. Topic has some nice views on the matter!

    @ alv: Yeah, maybe I'm forcing myself to be excited a bit too much. It's pretty hard to "Just Let GO". I try to switch around with positions during a session sometimes, but this has a negative effect on my state of mind usually. Same position every time and you should hit the right position once in a while right? :lol:

    @ Love_is: I usually try to do the same. Abstain from ejaculation for as long as possible before and in between sessions. There is one problem however, and that is that I can't walk around at school all excited. Doing physiotherapy, and having a boner during those practical lessons is not very pleasant. :roll: I find it hard to visualize things while trying to focus on breathing and relaxation. Also I dont really have that many things I fantasize about..

    One other thing I've been having is sometimes during a session, at some point I 'lose focus'. Then I end up with a feeling of nice sensitivity in the region of my prostate and rectum, but no way of getting back the relaxation and mindset to gain from this feeling. This is pretty frustrating for me.

    Seems like I have to work on some things, hah. :oops:
  • RdrRdr
    Posts: 32
    Had another session today. Started off easy, deep breathing, relaxing. After a few minutes of that, some mild P-waves rolled over. After that they got more intense every wave. During those intense p-waves my anus and prostate were literally buzzing, the feeling was so awesome.

    During these waves I was still fully relaxed, no contraction whatsoever.

    Then after another few minutes the feelings went away. Perhaps I was trying too much to maintain them, I don't know. I was focussed on breathing and relaxing mostly.

    I sure hope I can get to the same level of pleasure in some next session, I hope the sensations will remain a bit longer in the future.

    Any tips of the experts here on keeping relaxed? Or should I use some light contractions during these waves to enhance them? Any advice is appreciated.

  • Glad to hear that you had some success! :D
    If you don't have expectations about the next session you will probably have better results. Just be patient and listen to your body.
  • "Perhaps I was trying too much to maintain them"

    There's that word 'trying' again. I keep telling people to quit 'trying'. If I am 'trying' them my mind is really trying to tell my body what to do and that does not work!

    Sounds like you have reached a plateau and you are 'trying' to maintain it or even go beyond it. Just enjoy it for what it is and quit telling yourself that you 'need' or 'want' more.

    Let your body tell your mind what it wants to do. Perhaps your body would like some time to get used to the plateau you are on before moving to a higher plateau.