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What is your average session like?
  • View Poll Results: What is your average session like? Voters: 6

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    Just general pleasant feelings 6 100.00%

    P-Waves and Mini-O's 12 200.00%

    Super-O 4 66.67%

    Some or all of the above 14 233.33%

    Other (Please post a description) 3 50.00%

  • In the interest of not misleading newcomers into thinking they are going to have Super-O's in their first session or 2 and setting up false hopes and illusions I would like to know what your average session is really like.
  • All of the above! :twisted: :wink: 8)
  • I have started by feeling nothing sessions, then interesting sensations sessions, then mini-Os sessions, and then now Super-Os sessions. Now my average sessions are plenty of Super-Os (lucky me ;-)) but it took me months.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,775
    Hey Helixbill -- good question to help define the playing field for everyone.

    I know I'm not supposed to keep score (i.e. to carve notches in the bedpost) since that would be 'trying.' Seven months into journey sessions I'm at the p-wave and mini-O level on about 2/3 of my journey sessions. Usually manage two mini-Os on the successful sessions. My results are sufficiently repeatable to realize that I'm at a secure plateau on the journey. Sort of like a lookout point on a mountain road.
  • I posted other cuz I'm still not sure, even after using the progasm for two years, if I am having super O's or not. Like, I am very satisfied with orgasms that feel exactly like ejaculation for an hour or so, but not sure that is what a super is. Anyways. )
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I have been on this journey since July and am a point where on nearly all sessions, I experience both P waves and mini Os. I guess I am a bit like rook. I can be reasonably certain of having a number of mini-Os in a session, so long as I am using the Eupho (for preference) or the Helix (if I want to experiment just for a change or to have a somewhat "fuller" feeling)!
    It also depends on how long the session is. Most of mine seem to go for 2 to 3 hours; generally the longer the session, the more mini-Os there are. The other night, I had mini-Os that just went on continuously for at least three quarters of an hour (using Eupho).
    I am now also a regular user of either the 20mm or 18mm Peredise but don't really expect to get much more than a few P waves from them.
  • I have had my MGX for two years and have had two good sessions, but I don't use consistently.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi helixbill and All!!! :D :D

    Great poll! I was going to vote "Some or All of the Above", which is true. I love the slight gentle low level sessions just as much as the high powered, high flying Super-Os in their multi-fold, almost infinite, variations.

    However, I voted Other, and am posting to explain. IMHO, the options in the poll are great for the orgasmic-focused practitioner, butt, whole realms of categories in the most expansive idea of the Super-O, that we call the Calm Seas ecstasies and Spiritual Orgasms are "above and beyond" most conceptions of the Super-O.

    They really involve Aneros as the Key to unlock one's access to and understanding of one's life-force generalized energies and the earthy orgasmic energies, and infinite spiritual energies that bubble and transmute along their common spectrum or range of possibilities!!! :twisted: :D :shock:

    This is both a breakout from narrow linear conventional thinking/experience, and an astounding ecstatic ongoing energetic way of living and whole-being reintegrating with everyone and all, beyond sexuality, butt thoroughly integrating sexuality/generativity/creativity in all their dimensions within each of us all together.

    all the best of all in all of this all