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First dry orgasm.
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    I feel absolutly great this morning,yesterday i took giant steps forward.
    I began the day with some nipple stimulation,this feels really intense.
    This gives me the feeling of sperm running out of me but when i stop the session nothings there.
    So with my prostate still a bit wanting more i began a eupho session in the evening.
    That took of right from insertion,my prostate was throbbing like nothing before.
    I just found it hard to relax enough to let it go but at two times i was cumming maybe for 30 seconds.
    Not just the dry orgasms was good but the entire session felt real intense with my prostate throbbing like hell,buzzing feeling in the groin and my dick felt like it was ready to explode.
    This 3 hour session passed very quick and finally took the eupho out and went to sleep.
    At 1am i whoke up with my body telling me to relief myself so i did and it was one of the most intense handjob i gave myself in a long time.

    I kow you got to give you're prostate a rest but boy do i wanna go again.
    Could you do damage with sessions if they feel good,i mean days in a row with 1 session a day.
    Does your body tell you it's time for a rest or could you still do damage even if the sessions feel great.

    Like to hear some info on the last part from more expirienced users.
  • Valliant! FANTASTIC, man. Sounds like a great session.

    Can you hurt yourself? Do you feel any pain or discomfort after your session? That's the only thing I'd be concerned with. If all is well, then I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't enjoy your Aneros as much as you like.

    There are no rules, here, Valliant. Your enjoyment of your Aneros is entirely in your hands. I have had days where I have a great evening session, go to sleep for six hours and go again in the morning with even better results! Mornings are my BEST time, btw, when well rested and revived from sleep. Sometimes I can do this for several days in succession!

    Again, you can not "damage" yourself with your Aneros. You can get sore, and this is an indication that you need to lay off for a few days. Other than that, the sky is the limit, IMHO. :P

    Peace brother. Go for it.

  • CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy you have experienced the wonderful pleasure any man would dream of having! You did it!! Well done man!!!!!! :twisted: 8)

    Usually, I give my prostate a rest for a few days just to recover from the long hours. That doesn't mean there has been the occasional next day session. Do what you feel is best and what you're in the mood for.

    Once again, Congratulations and welcome to the Super-O Club!
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Thanks for the advice guys

    Just had another session,now with the helix.
    This was even better than the session yesterday.
    I don't feel any discomfort or pain so i will listen to my body if i want a session or not.
    I was just eager to have another session to see if the first one wasn't a one time succes,well it wasn't.
    Didn't do nipple stim prior so just the helix session today and what i felt today was even more intens than yesterday,no super O's but with the dry orgasms i'm real close,just have to let go and total relax.
    Now i'm sure i've taken a new road to total bliss,i'm so glad i didn't gave up on this.
    To new users i'd like to say,stick with it and don't give up because you don't know what you be missing out of.
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Today i rediscovered the progasm.

    After a few tries when i bought it maybe a year ago or longer i decided it was not for me,it let me feel a little to full inside.
    After my breakthrough with the last two sessions,eupho and helix,i decided to kick the dust of the progasm and give it another try.
    Man i'm glad i did,upon insertion it gave me dry orgasms for 2,5 hours,it was cycling all the session as it went away to come back again and again.
    It felt at some point my ass was orgasming aswell.
    Still no super O or full body orgasm but the feeling at some point as i was trying to get maximum relaxation went also a little down my upper legs and also a little up my belly,so still pushing forward.
    I'm so glad i went for the progasm today,i can't belief the feelings are still getting more intense,today was mindblowing.
    I think if i reach a super O i won't take it out any more :D .

    So all 3 models gave me pleasure this week,different in intensity but all good,this leaves the peridise set of 4.Don't have succes yet but haven't used them alot so time will tell.
    I will be sticking with the eupho-helix-progasm for now because i can't wait to have another session.
    After today the progasm is my new numero uno,who would have thought :wink: .
  • Now you need an MGX. I have all the models you have but the ridges on the stem of the MGX intrigued me so I ordered one. Once again, a new 'mistress' :mrgreen:
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    Maybe later but would like to know what pleasure the peridise will give me,hadn't have much feeling out of those just yet.
    Like the others eventually they will come true and give pleasure like the others do.
    Right now i'm just so glad i crossed over to an all new level of pleasure.