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Good Aneros Video (Not Arctic Wolves!)
  • HI (from Europe)

    This looks like what happens to me
    But I have not often anerection
    My whole body trembles and sensations are wonderful

    I also wonder if I had "super Os" or not
    But the orgasms are great

    How long are your sessions?
    How many times a week?
  • Hello, gentlemen,

    Well, that certainly looks like a Super O to me! :D (Hang on, criticism to follow)

    You'll notice the whole body involvement during his session. At one point, he's left breathless, which can certainly be the case for me!

    Kiruna, if this is what you're experiencing,then I guess I'd say you're doing just fine!

    BUT, hang on, and I don't know how often we have to say this:

    Don't be concerned about erections!

    ABOUT THIS (and all similar) vids on X-tube:

    If there is ANYTHING you get from this forum, it's that the Aneros experience is about MMOs (multiple male orgasms) not about ejaculation! Erections while enjoying your Aneros are a bonus, not a goal. Many a grand Aneros session is had by many with an entirely flaccid member!

    IMHO, these videos, while maybe informative, and in this case illustrative, I believe of a Super O, at least for some, DOES NOT HELP guys in their quest for MMOs because it and others like it focus on ejaculation as the object of their Aneros use, and not the mind altering, growing and psychologically enriching fulfillment that comes with a true understanding of the power of the Aneros experience.

    Try, if you can, guys, to understand the change of thinking involved in the rewiring journey, and focus on expanding your horizons beyond simple, every-guy-can-do-it ejaculation mentality, and seek the mind expansion available from becoming a multi-orgasmic male.

    For some, ejaculation is enough. Most of us, I think, are beyond that, and seek the next levels of self-awareness. I certainly hope so anyway.

    Kiruna, sessions can last from as little as 10 minutes or so, to multiple sessions over multiple hours. How often is determined by no one but you and your desires, capability and physical stamina. Some guys enjoy sessions every few days, some every day, and some multiple times in a single day. YMMV.


  • "Not ArcticWolves!" Why the exclamation point? Is there something wrong with my videos?? I'm quite offended by this title.

    Yes, good video. He definitely had a super-orgasm! One thing I would like to point out is watch his face and that says it all. You see how he is concentrating and using his mental abilities to bring on everything? Like we've been trying to tell you it's a lot of "mind tricks." Once you can master your mind you'll be having the most incredible pleasure you've ever imagined.

    I for one am glad to see that you can have an erection and still experience a super-O. I always stopped my sessions when I had an erection out of fear of screwing everything up. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that ends my session with a Super-T. :) :twisted: 8)
  • Easy, AW...

    I think he's simply saying that it's not the ones you did, which were excellent, as we all have recognized.

    No offense intended, of that I'm willing to bet.

    Please don't get me wrong, either. Erections are WONDERFUL during a session, and can truly enhance one, but I'm simply saying that while they're great, they're not absolutely necessary for a Super O or any other result. I can certainly attest to that.

    Personally, I think it's you younger guys who "raise to the occasion" during a session. As men age, their abilities in that arena begin to diminish, just like the ability to shoot cum across the room!


  • Good find jp8653!
    Looks like he is doing some self-fucking with the aneros in the beginning?
  • AW, I am sure no offense was intended, I took it as just a notice that it was a video made by a different contributor.

    However, the video got me to thinking about how we may be misleading newcomers by giving them unrealistic expectations and setting them up for failure.

    After a year with several Aneros models and almost daily sessions I have not had anything near what I saw in that video. If I were brand new to Aneros and saw that video I might think that was what was going to happen for me in the first session or 2 and I would fail miserably and give up completely.

    Perhaps we should point out that this is a young, experienced user and not the 'typical' session I think most of us have.
  • When we say release expectations and anything else they have this is exactly what we are referring to. However, we all know it's very hard to forget something once you've seen or read it because then we want to experience the same thing.

    Isn't that the way human nature is? What we're trying to get them to do is completely change their way of thinking about things. In doing this the sense of being connected more with everything around them starts to develop and the inner person you once were changes you in such ways for the better of humanity. Oops, I'm getting carried away. :wink: :lol:

    Anyways, these videos and testimonials should only be used as a guide. DO NOT TRY to achieve what you see or read from testimonials or videos. You cannot have set goals when approaching a session. The WIKI and a lot of great posts buried throughout this forum have some great tips and advice. It just takes some time and effort to find the answers you're looking for. Even if you can't find that information then make a post and we'll be happy to assist you. 8)
  • Excellent, jp. This is gonna get me on the aneros again. :)
  • sorry for any offence caused, the title was intended to be a compliment rather than an insult. The great videos of aneros use and subsequent super orgasms have been mainly from arctic wolves (thank you by the way).

    it is always interesting to watch super orgasms and observe contractions and compare results. whilst still searching for my first aneros orgasm i feel i am closer to the correct balance between relaxation and contractions and enjoying many sessions on my way there.